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Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by rkg123, Apr 15, 2008.

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    Hi all,

    This forum has worked out well for me recently so I thought I would list some stuff I have for sale/trade:

    Have for sale/trade:
    -Alternators Hound complete w/instructions
    -Cobra 25th anniversary 5 pack (Cobra commander, Destro, Storm Shadow etc)
    -Revoltech Sabre complete with box
    -Takara D22 Starscream Reissue (pristine, but incomplete - figure, large wings and blue fins only, but includes almost perfect box w/small tear and sticker sheet with instructions)

    Video Games
    Super Mario Galaxy
    Wii Play
    Ant Bully (sealed)
    Super Paper Mario

    Stuff I would like:
    -G1 headmasters - mindwipe, weirdwolf or hardhead
    -G1 decepticon clone parts: wingspan wings, and guns for wingspan/pounce
    -Revoltech Hot Rod
    -any interesting offers?

    I have some feedback here on the board and also in eBay under username 'fujimito'. If you would like to trade, please have feedback handy as well.

    I'll be adding to the list as I think of more things.
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