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    I have a big pile of stuff I don't need or want. So I will be listing them here in this thread once I have sorted them out. {I will trade for stuff of equal value see my want list}

    First up, Three IDW comics. £1.00 GBP each or all three for £2.50 {Postage not included in prices, buy all three comics and get 50% off postage costs}

    Next ROTF Deluxe Thrust, MOC - £10 GBP {Postage not included in price}

    {prices do not include shipping unless stated}
    1:- predator stalker, excellent condition, body only. £3 GBP
    2:- G2 long haul - missing right forearm. £0.50
    3:- Transmetals 2 dinobot, right forearm seems to be locked in place, Full history of figure not known, seems to be yellowed consistently all over {may have been sold that way I don't know} - £3 GBP
    4:- Bag of Unknown things - £1.50 GBP for the bag full.

    Binaltech streak - mint in box with all paperwork present, minor paint wear, selling for a friend.
    £35 GBP - 1/2 price UK shipping costs and a 1/3 off international shipping costs on this figure.

    More stuff to come. {Dollar equivalents will be calculated using a currency converter on the day of enquiry about the item(s) in question.}

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