My Review of the first hour of playing the PSP TF Game

Discussion in 'Video Games and Technology' started by Prowl, Jun 20, 2007.

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    I won't be like Harry Knowles and his ragtag group and tell you about my adventures to get the game, instead I'll just get down to it.

    Framerate is playable, definitely doesn't detract from the action. It's a thirdperson shooter, and I found the default control setting to be frustrating as hell, because you do get pummeled in this game.

    However, if you switch to "Retro" controls, then your face buttons become the movie buttons and your analog stick becomes your look controls (ala PC setup), and the game becomes more a pleasure to play.

    The graphics are in the middle of PSP standards. Definitely not the best, but I have seen much worst. The characters are low-poly (which probably helps with the framerate a bit). They hold together alright, and you can tell who is who, but don't expect textured mapping anywhere near it's PS2 or PS3 cousins.

    The animation is actually decent until you get to the most important part "Transforming" Some characters like prime, practically pop into their vehicle mode, while look a bit smoother when returning to Robot mode.

    The chatter between characters is actually a lot of fun, as characters like Wheeljack and other G1 names pop up, and it almost sounds like an old G1 episode playing through.

    I don't want to judge it too quickly as I have only played through an hour of it. There is a definitely a challenge as the Decepticons hardly ever miss, even if you are strafing and shooting, but with the latter control scheme, it becomes much easier to move about while trying to take out the bad guy.

    I don't dislike the game, and I will continue to play it (at least until next week, and probably beyond to unlock all the cool stuff), but it's no Socom, but it sure as heck is no Beast Wars for PS1. So at this point, I'd say a 6/10.

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