My review of ROTF (warning spoilers!)

Discussion in 'Transformers Movie Discussion' started by MC Spanner, Jun 19, 2009.

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    Well i guess it had to happen sometime on this board,it's my review for ROTF.Well i just saw ROTF this afternoon and i can't speak enough good about it. Shanghai battle: well this bit is pure awesome,the fight scence between nest and demolisher is brilliant and then the chase scence when in the end sideswipe cut's sideway's in half and finnaly optimus kills demolisher and before he dies he says "the fallen will rise again!" sam's house: when sam and his parents are talking then his mother finds his old shoes and she starts crying and family mumbo jumbo. Ok there's some spoilers for ya'll now on to the review The good: sideswipe slicing sideways in half,the forest battle,optimus prime being brought back to life,jetpower prime destroying the fallen and the sun harvester. The bad: optimus prime dying,jetfire dying,mudflap being eaten (but only for a few seconds),the fallen dying. The funny:The college chase scence with alice,wheelie's eye being torched by mikeala,mudflap using his kung-fu grip to puch his way out of devy. well that's my two cents.:2c: 

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