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    Here is some random stuff FS/T:

    25th G.I. Joe (loose, were on display in an epic battle... these are doubles i have)
    All are loose, complete but no file card

    Shipwreck (2-pack)
    1st Cobra Commander
    1st Destro
    1st Stormshadow
    Crimson Guard w/ removable mask
    Cobra Officer w/ scar
    Cobra Air Trooper
    Cobra Trooper
    Conquest X-30 w/ Slip-Stream

    I will also say that I have pretty much every 25th figure and vehicle other than the 2 convention exclusives. If you desperately need someone and want to trade, let me know.

    I have a complete collection of Tick figures, including foreign only stuff

    Silver and Golden Age Comics
    I have more, but here are a couple of major ones...

    Batman 169 (1st SA Penguin)
    Invincible Iron Man 2
    My Greatest Adventure 80 (1st Doom Patrol)

    Die-Cast Cars (mostly Hot Wheels)
    Black Buick Grand Nation
    Blue Plymouth Barracuda
    Green Plymouth GTX
    Red Pontiac GTO Convertible
    Yellow Pontiac GTO Coupe
    Black Pontiac Trans Am w/ T-Tops
    Blue '69 Firebird Trans Am
    Red Camaro Concept
    Green Plymouth Road Runner
    Yellow Ford Mustang ('69 or '70)
    Blue and White Camaro Convertible ('69)
    Blue Tesla Roadster
    Blue Corvette Z06

    Lego Indiana Jones
    I have all of the Raiders of the Lost Ark sets released so far, they are built and out of package but should be complete

    Marvel Legends Normal Osborn (Green Goblin w/o Mask)

    Medicom RAH 220
    I have a ton of Masked Rider (Kamen Rider) bad guys

    COBY 2 GB MP3 Player (MIB)

    Godzilla Gang guy from Mattel

    WII Games
    Spider-Man 3
    Manhunt 2
    Marion Party 8
    Rampage: Total Destruction
    Ben 10: Protector of the Universe

    XBox360 Games
    MegaMan Anniversary Collection
    Madden '07
    Sneak King
    Lego Star Wars
    Lego Indiana Jones

    What I am looking for in trade:
    G1 Figures
    G1-Like Figures (classics, legends, robot masters, that kind of thing, re-issue, encore)

    Make me an offer on anything. I prefer trades but I will sell stuff outright.



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