My Public Apology to DC

Discussion in 'Transformers General Discussion' started by Tampalicious, Nov 20, 2011.

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  1. Tampalicious

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    Apr 8, 2009
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    Maybe 4 nights ago, I was an asshole to DCompose on youtube. I would like to apologize while also explaining the method to my madness.

    I could have just sent him a message, but I truly feel that my words to him were so out of line, that I need this to be heard. I'm not going to delete my comment on youtube, because people are entitled to their opinions.

    Anyway. Here's the video in question. I didnt even watch it, I just went by the thumbnail.
    Nail of Fail Episode 11 - YouTube

    I just read what I wrote and wow!!!

    First, let me say that I am sorry for callin DC a dork. I'm the biggest, dumbest, dorkiest , toy collectin, comic readin, Degrassi watchin 31 year old Dork. I have never dated a girl who Didnt call me a dork. Its unanimous.

    I was off 10 tallcans that night, and its a prime example why I try not to drink these days.

    However, here is what I meant by the rest of that:
    Quite simply put, I'm tired of "cool" guys like that, who I feel are simply salesmen. Yeah, they may have qrown up with this stuff, but all he wants to do is sell us things. So he gets funded by some toy group he probably works for, and convinces us "if a married cool guy like me can buy toys, so can you."
    The way 2pac is like a fad again these days, its just kinda silly to me. Were you even angry when Pac got shot that second time? I was mad as hell when I found out at lunch period that day in high school.
    Puttin on a black sweater with a gold chain doesnt make you Suge Knight or Pac.
    To be honest I was also disappointed and a little hurt that he didnt comment back when I commented on his depression video. I was very supportive, being a slightly suicidal , burning myself weirdo. I opened up a little and was ignored, so I felt like he didnt give a shit about depression at all, he just wanted to get his name out there.

    Thats where I was comin from anyway. I'm still collecting, I don't hate the world, but I ran my mouth that night and I wanted to apologize.

    Hopefully DCompose will see this. No hard feelins.
    I'm sorry for the Seacon thing. I was using the only thing I knew about you to get a dig in. I was wrong and a total asshole for that.
    Everyone here knows what a dork I am, all you need to do is search my threads and posts to see that.
    And DC has alot more goin on for him in the real world than I do, which should be respected.
    I was very hypocritical. You dont have to accept my apology , but I did need to say it. I felt horrible when I woke up, just as if we were real buds that had an argument.
    ~Tampalicious , also know to many of you by my real name Kyle
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    14. Keep Off-Site Drama Off This Site
    If it happened elsewhere then don't bring it here.
  3. Sol Fury

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    Yup, officially this. I'm pleased you want to apologise, but a public apology on here when it didn't happen here's not really necessary.
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