My Primes eyes dont light up anymore (1month old)

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by amir_anti_yosi, Aug 1, 2009.

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    ummm, here's the story

    quite a while back, I asked my cousins girlfriend who was coming home from the states (to the philippines) to buy me my ROTF prime (cause it was cheaper there) she bought it from 'ebay' for 45$ and brought it here (philippines).

    Now since I felt so inspired with the customizers in the radicon's area, I felt obligated to repaint my prime (since Hasbro colors are so damn boring), so now he has a better paintob (I would also want to give him TFTM hands but my skills on customizing dont go that much). Now it's about a month old, and since I was getting really buisy at stuff for school and his paintjob is almost done, I put him where I display him, and left him there (for probably less than a week).

    Now this is the frustrating part, I took him down from his display area and when I "I-am-optimus-prime" him, HIS EYES DONT LIGHT UP ANYMORE!!! OMFG WTF??!! (but his chest still lights up so that rules out low-battery)

    I never dropped him, I did no attempt to change his LEDs (quite a number did it a radicons), in short I did nothing I know would damage his head, I just added a little paint here and there.

    So, I need your advice on this. It's about a month old, I did nothing to its parts except paint it, AND THE EYES DONT LIGHT UP?!! what do I do? can this be returned to ebay? should I call hasbro for a defective product? has anyone else experienced this?

    I just cant bare to not see those eyes light up (even though they're green T_T)

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    Nope, haven't a clue on what went wrong.

    But that is a spectacular Optimus Prime. It suck his eyes don't light up.
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    Wait, you think you are in any way entitled to a refund or exchange on a robit you physically altered and is no longer able to be resold, just because the leds in the head don't work anymore?


    First, change the batteries for new ones, just because one set is working doesn't mean the batteries aren't low. If it's not that, then take him apart, check the wire connections to the head again, they're probably incomplete. If not that, check to see if the leds are faulty and if so replace them. It'll cost you less to do that than to ship it back anyways.

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