My Own Transformers Animated Sequel

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    Five years after the defeat of Megatron on Earth, the Autobots have moved back to Cybertron, and have found a warm reception.

    Optimus Prime has been co-leading Rodimus Prime's team in Omega Supreme across the edge of the galaxy, stamping out the last of the Decepticons still out there; the team now so effective, even snakes like Swindle and Lockdown has been captured.

    Ratchet has gained a seat up high on the Autobot Council next to Perceptor and Alpha Trion, becoming the recovered Ultra Magnus' second-in-command.

    Bumblebee was temporarily in the Elite Guard, but was kicked out due to his arrogance and his constant jeopardizing of missions. These days, he races in the backstreets of Cybertron in another illegal racing organization.

    Bulkhead is now the head of the Cybertron Space Bridge Department, repairing and building Space Bridges within hours.

    Jazz stepped up his Cyber-Ninja training, becoming the new head of the Cyber-Ninja Dojo.

    Prowl was laid to rest within hours of their return, with a memorial ceremony fit for a Magnus.

    However, all is not well.

    Ever since their various promotions, the Autobots have grown apart and alienated from each other... even Optimus Prime, the great leader who was once so close to his crew. Bumblebee has had a major falling-out with Bulkhead and Sari, having stuck up his nose at them as they "would slow him down." Ratchet had had it with Bumblebee's "hot shot syndrome" and will not approach him. Bulkhead, with the loss of his best friend and little to no contact with Sari, has become a depressed work-a-holic.

    On Earth, Sari eventually came to run Sumdac Systems, with her father's health in decline. With the Autobots gone, Detroit's crime level went way up, leading to the firing of Captain Fanzone, who now works among the machines under Sari. Porter C. Powell eventually resurfaced and fudged an election, becoming the new Chief of Police, and, to make things worse, the de facto mayor of Detroit.

    While all this is going on, Team Charr (now under Oil Slick's command after the eventual felling of Strika by Optimus, and also taking in Thundercracker and Skywarp) has evaded capture all this time, biding their time, and soon discovering a large amount of protoforms lost by Lockdown, and are now raising a vast clone army poised to conquer Cybertron!

    It’s up to the five Autobots and Sari to save Cybertron. But before that can happen, they must first come together as a team – and as a family.

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    :popcorn  can't wait for more!

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