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Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by jon5000, Jul 25, 2009.

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    Hello all...

    My concept Shrapnel was quite well received on here, so before I begin ordering the various kits/parts needed for another project, I thought I'd toy with some ideas in the design stages to see what you guys think. Your thoughts/suggestions welcome.

    I am currently working on a Kickback, however I'm a little dissapointed with a few of the parts I've managed to get hold for the design, so he'll probably take a while longer.

    Anyway, my next 'idea' was to do a movie-verse Powerglide. A character I really like, who I can very much imagine fitting in nicely as an AC-10 Warthog - an absolute beast of an aircraft, which I believe has featured in the live action films already.

    I'd probably be inclined to create this one as a diorama, maybe even stick it on Ebay if people like it enough. I want him to be quite big, so I can detail him well. I'm thinking of some kind of nose-art, reflecting his G1 personality.

    So here is a photoshop-digibash I've quickly schemed up to show you an idea of the design path I was intending - not great, I know. You'll probably recognise some of the other TF designs I've stolen from. Don't worry, he will defintely evolve though. With some of your input too, hopefully. This is what I always do initially, just an idea of how the aircraft parts can seperate. I might get an artist I know to draw me up a nice render, when the design has evolved enough.

    So yeah, before I look into parts/kits/scale etc., lemme know your thoughts/suggestions.


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