My new Transformers Series. Transformers Infinity

Discussion in 'Transformers Fan Fiction' started by TFcollecterguy, Sep 26, 2010.

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    Well I've been wanting to do this for a LONG time but I'm announcing it finally. I'm making a comic with action figures ( such as taking pictures of scenes, adding words, effects etc.) like I've been wanting to for a long time. It will be called Transformers: Infinity. I'm going to start with a short mini-series called Generations (no not ripping of the toy line) first then move on to the main series. Definite other side projects I will work on will be a mini-series called Transformers: Heroes. Then Bigger side series called Transformers: Infinite Heroes that Infinity will slowly mix with until Infinite heroes is the main series. It may not be the fanciest but I promise the writing will be really good as I've spent a year deciding on how to do this. Well, as soon as I'm done with my first comic (which the deadline is Sunday on the 10th) you shall get one every two weeks and I'll post them here. if interested subscribe the thread! Thanks! :D 

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