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Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by OMEGAPRIME1983, Oct 28, 2010.


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    Hey guys!! What's goin on, thought I would share with the wonderful world of's radicons my new site that I am working on. Now I am working on this little by little, and I have only gotten so far. This is obviously not a finished site, and I wouldn't mind some pointers and a bit of help, like how do I put my pictures on there and turn them into thumbnails that can be made larger like we do here on the boards. All and any help and crit's are welcome, but please.. be gentle.. It's my first time doing this. THANKS A LOT!! OP83 cgicustoms

    EDIT: *sigh*... never mind... I guess I need to pay to have photo galleries that I can flip through and click on pics and stuff... Looks like the site won't be done for another week or 2 at the least... *sigh*

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