My Name is Roadbuster

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    My name is Roadbuster, and I’m the “greatest Autobot fighter who ever lived.” That’s what the other bots keep telling me. They think I’m a hero, but they’re wrong. Okay, I’ll admit, I am pretty hard-core. But really, I’m not the greatest Autobot soldier and I’m certainly not a hero. Maybe I’m just modest, but here are plenty of others who deserve the credit I’ve been getting. Ultra Magnus is probably the best example. We were actually built from the same chassis. While he can be a bit of a procrastinator, he still has a lot of fight in him. After all, he is the Supreme Commander of the Autobots. There’s also Master Yoketron, Primus rest his spark. He never believed in violence, but in the end, the one thing he preached against was what ultimately cost him his life. Omega Supreme sacrificed himself to save me, my fellow Autobots, and all of Cybertron. It doesn’t get anymore heroic than that. But to this day, they still think that I ended the war, I stopped Megatron, and that I’m the big hero. Unbelievable, they have the cogs to say that I saved Cybertron when in reality it was Omega Supreme who saved us by making the ultimate sacrifice. The most important thing I’ve learned from my experiences is to give credit when credit is due. But anyway, I am somewhat of a hero if you think about it. They always call me in when things get too hot. Though I hate to brag about it, I have saved Cybertron quite a few times (twenty-five, give or take). I’ve fought my way through floods of space barnacles, gunned down thousands of rock lords, and have even lived through a sharkticon feeding frenzy. A long time ago, long before any of this Longarm/Shockwave business, I exposed the Decepticon traitor Punch/Counterpunch. It turns out he had infiltrated the Elite Guard in an attempt to assassinate Alpha Trion. I’m also one the few lucky Autobots who have come faceplate to faceplate with Megatron himself and lived to tell the tale. I’ve also had the honor of fighting along side some of the best of the best of the Autobots. There’s Rodimus Prime (the chosen one), Blurr (the real fastest thing on wheels), Dai Atlas (master of P.O.M.), Inferno (the bot with the burning spark), Outback (the “fair dinkum” fighter), not to mention General Hound (the bot who takes his job way too seriously), and of course, Sentinel Prime (who no one really likes because he’s such a jerk), just to name a couple. I’ve even had the opportunity to train the first flying Autobots, Jetfire and Jetstorm. But the one Autobot I regret never meeting is Optimus Prime. I’ve heard so much about him and his team on that faraway planet. He sounds like a really nice bot. It’s a shame he never graduated from the Elite Guard Academy, but he’s certainly made up for it, from what I’ve been hearing. Every time the odds have been against him, he’s always found a way to bounce right back. But I’m guessing you already know about all his adventures on that little blue planet, don’t you? He is a true hero; he deserves whatever the future may have in store for him. I wish him all the best. When this whole thing is over, I’d really like to meet Optimus Prime. Maybe we’ll get to share stories about our battles and adventures. Wouldn’t that be something? Anyway, the next time you think about heroes, don’t think about me, think about Optimus Prime, the true hero of Cybertron. My name is Roadbuster, Master Chief Petty Officer of the Autobot Elite Guard, and I’m just a normal bot like everyone else.

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