my introduction to Squeeks scene fanmade idea

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    This is my imagination to a fan idea I had for the introduction to squeeks and this is how I imagine squeeks being introduced.Isabella moners character builds a project for her schools science fair hence squeaks but little does she know that her project gains a mind of its own and at the science fair he starts talking but stutters somewhat like fixit but suddenly a kids father yells out its a monster then more humans gather screaming decpticons are back ect. Squeeks is sad and depressed and with his head sighing at the ground he leaves the science fair going far away as possible from humans as he can the day goes on when Isabellas character searches for squeaks but day quickly turns to night an issabella hears someone singing a depressing song from a famous Disney movie tim burtons nbc jacks lament Oh, somewhere deep inside of these bonesAn emptiness began to growThere's something out there, far from my homeA longing that I've never knownI'm a master of fright, and a demon of lightAnd I'll scare you right out of your circuits his last quotes from the song Oh, there's an empty place in my circuits That calls out for something unknownThe fame and praise come year after yearDoes nothing for these empty tears squeeks then sees Isabella and says go away end of the scene remember this is is only my imagination and and idea
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    I like it :) 

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