My ideia for a darker Armada Sequel

Discussion in 'Transformers Fan Fiction' started by General Magnus, Nov 14, 2007.

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    I´m kind of bored so bear with me. This an ideia for a sequel for Armada. It´s a concept i once wrote.

    Transformers: Legacy


    15 years after the events of Armada, everything is at peace, or so it seems. For years several transformers went insane and start worshiping Unicron out of nothing. Named "The Fallen" by the others, inicially they were incarcerated, like madmen. But what was once recorded as isolated incidents, became a plague. Out of nowere, armies of transformers swepted across Cybertron, conquering and destroying. Decepticon and Autobot alike fell to the plague. Those who didn´t, fled or were killed in battle. The most shocking news is that the leaders of the Fallen are Optimus Prime, bearing the name of "Nemesis" Prime and a reborn Galvatron.
    Alpha Trion, the last Templar of Primus orders a single Autobot, Jetfire, telling him that he must return to Earth and bring to Cybertron, Alexis, the female human that somehow is a part of a vague prophecy that told about the coming dark and the bond of a great warrior and a creature of another world.
    Jetfire flies to Earth evading a fleet of Fallen warships. He then reaches Alexis, tells her about the current situation and takes her back to Cybertron. From there , she is take to the legendary Oracle. Somehow, her necklace (made from the rock Starscream gave her 15 years ago) breaks from her and enters an energy portal (think the Oracle from BM). Then, Starscream, once killed, emerges from the portal, bearing his original colors. Alpha Trion brings a cadre of familiar warriors; Hotshot, Demolisher, Cyclonus and Hoist. Naming the group "Legacy Knights", he brings them to the last cybertronian warship that had not been captured or destroyed, the battleship "Legacy" (thus the name of the team and series). Their mission is to recover the Matrix of Leadership, in order to cure the plague (G1 homage). Unicron realizes this and sends after them his own warriors; Nemesis Screamer (a dark, twisted clone of Starscream, more similar to his G1 character, Dark Tidalwave, Galvatron and Sideways). From there the team flees Cybertron in search of the Matrix across several worlds (transformers colonies, some fell to the Fallen, others were outright destroyed and others still are free). Eventually they meet with a Decepticon Seeker named Skywarp (young brother of Starscream) who tags along.
    Out of loyalty to Galvatron, Demolisher betrays them on Junkion, leading to the world´s destruction, but not before realzing the mistake and then sacrifices himself alongside the armies of Junkion, so that Starscream, Alexis and others can flee.
    Galvatron and Tidalwave are enventually killed in the following battles. Finally possing the Matrix, they must take it back to Cybertron. However, the Fallen have gained control of the Oracle, so the Legacy Knights and what´s left of the cybertronian population have to fight their way into there. It´s their last and desperated gamble to win. Still, outnumbered and outgunned, seems that their mission is destined to fail. Starscream engages his clone in battle and kills him. But before he can realize it, Prime shoots at him. He turns to see Alexis getting the shot for him (she pilots a armor suit similar to a seeker). She dies in his arms, telling him that she knew she was fated to die, beacuse Alpha Trion told her prior to all of this began, of her true destiny in the prophecy, even then she gladly accepted because she knew that he would e brought back.
    Out of sheer rage, Starscream duels Prime in an epic battle and pierces his spark with his blade. This actualy freed Optimus Prime from Unicron´s influence. Merging itself with the Matrix, Prime "cures" all Cybertronians, and asks Starscream and the others forgiveness for his acts as Nemesis Prime. He repairs all damaged transformers and leaves, becoming one with the Matrix. Flashback foward, we see Starscream in Earth, next to a grave were it says "Alexis, brave heroin, gave her life so a world could live", he leaves a necklace, "This belongs to you." and flies off. Roll credits.


    Legacy Knights:

    Leaders of the Resistance:
    Alpah Trion

    Heralds of Unicron:
    Nemesis Prime
    Nemesis Screamer
    Dark Tidalwave
    The Fallen


    Wat do think of the concept?
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    pretty good. it seems like a great sequel. i was actually pretty hooked on Armada. I wrote a few things on it myself, (I think, or maybe it was Cybertron) but yeah it would make a great sequel.
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    that would make an awesome sequel to Armada

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