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    Here's my idea for TF4:
    Transformers: Generations
    The story is set nearly 20 years after DOTM and the Decepticons have all been defeated. The Autobots supposedly left the planet 12 years ago, but they continue to work with NEST in secret. One day, Tidal Wave, Dead End, and Slipstream attack a military research base off the coast of Mexico. NEST arrives with the Autobots and they defeat Tidal Wave, but Slipstream and Dead End escape. In the battle, Dino and Topspin are killed. With Tidal Wave's last breath, he reveals that the Decepticons have returned with their rightful leader (Liege Maximo who was the former apprentice of The Fallen before The Fallen banished him for his devotion to Unicron). The story then cuts to 2032 Houston in which Sam now is married to Carly with a son named Daniel whose nickname is Spike. Spike can best be described as a Capt. Kirk type character who is cocky yet charming. One day, he gets into a fight at school because he was basically called a chicken and the bullies didn't show any respect to Sari Sumdac (the girl he likes who lives right across from him). When he gets home, Sam lectures him about responsibility and maturity and Sam promises that he'll let it him drive his old yellow Camaro as soon as he learns to be responsible. Sari comes over to thank Spike for sticking up for her when Sam notices that she has the Key to Vector Sigma as a necklace. Sam realizes that he needs to keep an eye on her to keep her safe. Halfway through the story, Sam and Carly are kidnapped by Dead End and Breakdown on a highway. Just when the Decepticons are about to take Spike and Sari too, the yellow Camaro shows up and transforms into Bumblebee. Bumblebee fights the Decepticons on the highway and he kills Onslaught. Suddenly, Thunderblast shows up as back up and Bumblebee and the humans get away as the two Stunticons retreat. Bumblebee drives the two of them to the Autobot base underneath Denver International Airport (I chose this because it's literally hiding in plain sight). Once the Autobots introduce themselves, Optimus explains everything to Spike and Sari. Optimus also reveals that Sam was working on a project for NEST that involved researching the location of Vector Sigma. Vector Sigma contains a special Cybertronian key(crystal skull) that can revive Unicron, who lies in stasis lock just outside of our galaxy. Optimus recites the same prophecy heard in TF Prime as well. It is also revealed that Sari is a protoform and that she got along with the bots because she felt that she had a special connection to them(she didn't know about this until now) This an important plot point because the bullies always called her a nerdy human computer. Sari begins to struggle with her feelings toward humanity and Spike steps up to comfort her and show her that she is just like him even though they are different species. Bumblebee's history is also explored as it is revealed that Slipstream damaged his voice and they were once friends. Spike, Sari, and the Autobots locate Vector Sigma in the underwater pyramids of Japan and unlock it with Sari's key. The Autobots attempt to get away and hide, but the Seekers find them and the battle begins in a large Tokyo-like city. The Stunticons show up separately at first, but they merge to form Menasor quickly. The Autobots kill only half of the Seekers and they hit Menasor in a way that un-merges them and the Stunticons are killed off shortly after. Ratchet dies from trying to help a mortally wounded Leadfoot(who also dies). Liege Maximo shows up with Sam and Carly and promises to let the WitWicky family live if he gets the key. Spike does the responsible thing and distracts Liege by pledging his allegiance to him while Optimus sneaks up behind him. Optimus attacks Liege Maximo with the help of Springer, Thunderblast, Roadbuster, and Bumblebee. Liege Maximo lets Carly go, but he shoots at Sam like Megatron did in ROTF. The Autobots defeat Liege Maximo by ripping off his arm and shooting him many times, but Liege Maximo flies away with very bad injuries and flees into space. At the end of the battle, Sam dies of his wounds and Optimus says good bye to his fallen comrades. Spike promises that he'll make his father proud and help the Autobots no matter what. He and Sari also share there first kiss and Optimus gives yet another speech. After the credits, Liege Maximo flies blindly through space. A giant shadow has been cast over him and he kneels before the mighty Unicron who still lies in stasis lock.
    First of all, I thought that this would be a good way to reintroduce the established characters and also introduce some new ones. It also finishes Sam's storyline and because this takes place in the future and his role is limited, Shia Labeouf doesn't necessarily have to return. I also think that my idea for Transformers 4 could open up some story arcs for the sequels, but I also tried to make sure that this one stands on it's own as well.
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    megatron ask rumble and frezy steal 4 cARS and truck come stunticons
    autobots found some cybertrians jets come arielbots

    4th tf movie be like key to vector sigma pt 1 and pt 2
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    I'm sorry, but this seems more like it was trying to be fan-servicey than tell an actual solid story.

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