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    Dec 25, 2010
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    Up for sell or trade are some of my Transformers im goine to replace with classics, Takara or Third Party one's :drool:  I'm open to any reasonable offer as long as its good :crazy: 

    Loose Transformers classics Megatron voyager
    Loose Transformers classics Tankor Octane triple changer missing guns
    Loose Transformers generations Bumblebee
    Loose Transformers generations Cliffjumper
    Loose Transformers generations Soundwave
    Loose Transformers challenge at Cybertron Galvatron
    Loose Transformers allspark power Crankcase Wal-Mart exclusive


    My Want List

    Classics Skywarp Or KO virgin
    Classics Cliffjumper
    Universe Hardhead Walmart Exclusive
    Takara DA-12 Air Raid
    Takara Classics Megatron
    Takara Classics Jetfire
    United UN20 Rumble & Frenzy
    Transformers Club Heatwave or Revenge Of The Fallen Onslaught
    Revenge Of The Fallen Brawl
    Revenge Of The Fallen Vortex
    Reveal the Shield Scout Class Windcharger
    Perfect Effect PE-07 The Sun & PE-08 The Night
    Perfect Effect PE-05 Ejector & PE-06 Rewinder
    Perfect Effect PE-09 Ninja & PE-10 Kingbat

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