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    With the looming likelihood that I will be returning to the US, I am looking at lightening my collection of some things.

    First the
    completely complete figures nearly new-
    Transformers Universe Classics Inferno- includes original package and all pieces. The figure has been kept on the shelf with the box in closet. Both are in great condition. 25

    Transformers Universe Classics Octane- This figure is complete with complete packaging. 10

    G.I. Joe Pursuit of Cobra: Cobra Commander- This figure is still in packaging which is near perfect. Has been kept on shelf. This is the figure in Cobra packaging. 10

    Loose with no packaging nearly new-

    Transformers Universe Classics Vector Prime- While the packaging is long gone the figure is complete with sword, mini-con and cyber-key. 20

    Transformers Animated 2 pack Optimus Prime- This is the "battle damaged" figure that came with a similar Megatron. Figure is complete other than packaging. 8

    Transformers Animated Grimlock- Includes his sword, which I painted so that is looks like in the show. 12

    Transformers Animated Shockwave- Complete. 12

    Transformers Universe Classics Galvatron- complete. 8

    Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Skids- complete 5

    Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Mudflap- complete 5

    Marvel Universe Comic pack Thor and Enchantress- complete with comic. 8

    all comics are in good condition with very minor shelf wear

    World War Hulk tpb- this collects the WWH prologue, WWH #1-5 and the What If Planet Hulk.- great condition. 5

    Civil War tpb- this collects Civil War #1-7- great condition. 8

    Transformers Spotlight volume #1- great condition. 8

    Transformers Spotlight volume #2- great condition. 8

    Marvel Comics The Ultimates 2- great condition. 20

    Ultimate Iron Man: Armor Wars- great condition .8

    Captain Britain and MI13- signed, great condition. 8

    That is all for now but more will be added later. I am happy to ship outside the UK but obviously shipping comes in to play. I would be willing to make deals on multiple items.

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