My first Titanium Transformer A.K.A. Why I hate "cut" joints

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by netkid, Aug 18, 2006.

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    So tonight I'm at KB Toys and I decide to finally buy a Titanium Transformer. I purchased a Unicron. I bring him home and after struggling to finally open the package up (with the help of an exacto knife) I manage to get him free. So there I am suddenly trying to turn the joints to get them free. "Click!" each one goes freeing them from being stuck. I manage to free them all but 1 ( His lower left arm joint -the one holding the planet ). I turn it and hear "Click" thinking "great it's finally free!" Well it turned out to be alittle more free than I would have liked. Off goes the lower left arm from the rest of himself and now I'm pissed.
    It seems almost everytime I buy a figure with "Cut" joints (the ones you turn -like wrists) they are stuck. I mean really stuck. And 90% of the time I get them all free. I can only think of 3 figures that had these types of joints that made me stop buying them:

    1. Spiderman Classics "Snap-Shot" Spiderman (upper left arm cut joint snapped right off with one turn).
    2. Spiderman Classics "Superposeable" Spiderman with "Wall-Climbing" action (lower left leg cut joint snapped right off with one turn).
    3. AVP Celtic Predator (so many joints stuck from dried paint that I stopped trying to free them).

    These three figures made me stop buying All Toybiz figures and All McFarlane figures. I just couldn't stand it anymore. Sure all the Spawn and Marvel Legends figures I bought (when everything started to be packaged in clamshells) had stuck "Cut" joints but none of them were anything as bad as the above 3^. I managed to free all the joints on the rest of my Marvel Legends/Spiderman and Spawn/Alien & Predator figures with little effort. It just really bothers me today that so many figures with turning joints seem to be stuck and need (sometimes much) effort to be freed all while having the risk of possibly breaking the figure right out of the package.
    I miss the days before all these "super-detailed" "super-articulated" figures started showing up. I remember when I could buy a figure and everything would move perfectly fine right out of the package -no struggle at all. My first experience with Titaniums is not a well one. The only one I may consider buying now is Generation One Optimus Prime and thats it. These things just feel way too cheap for a figure from hasbro.

    Has anyone else had any issues with their Titaniums?
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    I've some SW figures be a little stiff at first but never a serious problem with them or anything else.

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