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    So, I've finally bitten the bullet and gotten on with the reviewing! These are a couple of different versions of a review for Legends Rodimus from Universe 2.0. - A couple are short and meant to be random/funny but, I'm not sure how it comes off haha. The last is a semi-serious review in that it follows the standard format and all that.

    These are all tests right now to see how people like the way I'm doing things/the videos themselves/and whatever else about all of it! haha. - I know the lighting is pretty terrible and the picture isn't the best but, I'm working on fixing those issues. Right now I'm just worried about how -I- come off in these videos.

    Thanks for watching and any feedback is greatly appreciated! =D

    Test Numero Uno

    Test Numero Dos

    Test Numero Tres

    Edit: I'm still working on the whole 'embedding' thing as well haha. Bare with me lol.
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