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    Well I have created my first Transformer, I know there might some typos or wrong gramm but never mind that , I blame that on Im Swedish ;)  Anyway let me know what u think about him. Pos as NEg feedback are more then welcome. and sorry there is no pic , I cant draw TFs.


    SPEED(land) 3
    SPEED(Water) 9
    RANK 8
    SKILL 7

    ”In the deep nobody can hear your metal crack”

    Apperance Alt mode
    Deep-Sweaper’s alt mode is that of a nucleor submarine but far beyond anything the human race have ever created. He is in alt mode totally black colored with some red markings on his side. Decepticon symbols appeare on the small tower on his back and on the stearing fin. Torpedo laucnchers are in the lower front on both sides to a total fo 4 torpedos can be fired at the same time, armed with two plasma lasers on the front on the upper part of the hull, and a rear-end plasma gun for defense against back attacks.

    Apperance Robot mode
    In robot mode he is a bit taller then of his commrad Astrotrain with whom he has faught alongside with for centureies. His body color is majority in black with a mix of red and grey on his chest and the inner side of his legs . His eyes are of the brightest heavenly blue and a blast shield covers his mouth, he also has what looks like a shark fin on his head.He is equipped with fins on his arms and legs to be more manuverable in the water when he is in bot mode aswell. Armed with two plasma guns and a torpedo bazooka on his back that can be moved up to shoulder point makes him both a long range /close combat warrior.

    Down in the deep of the ocean this fearsome decepticon warrior has his home, were he resides until its time for battle or he has made a new machine that can create energon . Deep-Sweaper is a bot of great fighting skills and a great mind to compliment him. He uses his mind to come up with ways to use the Earths ocean or any other planet that has any form of oceans to produce energy for the decepticons to be used in battle. Although this is his primary assignment he is called into every big battle or high end operation on surface although he is not that happy when he has to leave his atlantic battle station. Loved by the decpticons for his ruthlesnes and despised of from the autobots this decepticon has ended many of the autobots life during his time since his creation in the sub lab in sector 56-B on the NorthEast side of Cybertron by Shockwave. He was intentionally gonna be useed for other missions on Cybertron like help Shockwave with leading the sentinels but when his alt mode changed to adapt on earth he found his true calling and almost never leaves the oceans unless Megatron calls for him. He rarely speaks unless he is the highest in command witch happens every now and then due to his long life in the decepticons and that not many other decepticons have a rank that goes past him, so far only Screamer and Shockwave does. His voice is dark and cold like the deepest of the oceans and sends fear through every circuit in his enemies, he is truly one of the last decepticons u wanna face of to in a fight.He is truly one of Megatrons favorits and the other decepticons really like it when he joins in for battle. To bad Starscream aint like him , Megatron says.

    Deep-Sweaper don’t have many weaknesses and is a really though nut to crack. He is not as movable and can be a bit slow on land and sometimes can’t always keep up if the decepticons have to move very quikly. So if you’re an autobot trying to face of with him make sure you are not in the water cause when in the water he is lethal. In alt mode his weakness lays in his stearing fin, that is vunerable to damadge and if he gets hit he cant control himself and have to be in bot mode until he is fixed but the fins on his legs and arms compensate him a bit if that happens in the water. Other then that he dosent have any bigger flaws.

    Created by Marcus aka Easterling Captain.

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