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    Hi all, Im new here, well Ive been here for ages but this is the first time Ive posted and I'm going to post my fan fiction here
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    'More Than Meets The Eye'​


    It was just after noon in New York City, on a clear sunny day in late May, 2015. In a cozy little cafe in Central Park West, a small group of women sit and chat, although they are much more than they seem.

    "So Stella, did ye ever get tha' heat regulator thingy o' mine finished this mornin' or what?" A Scottish redheaded woman asked from across the table.

    "At this present time, Rusty, it is not yet ready," answered a young blonde Englishwoman.

    The redhead decided to order another round of food and drinks, and then makes a quick glance at a pink haired Cajun woman, as if to ask, 'do you have a problem?'

    "Again with that stuff! Urgh, give me energon any day. Ya know Rusty, if ya not be havin' that organic food processor built into yer biomode shell, ya might actually look good, but no, ya be a big, fat and ugly overgrown mechanoid cow." Her name was Casey, or CJ for short.

    Rusty looked menacingly over at CJ. "Lass, ye lucky im so starvin' righ' now, otherwise I'd be cleanin' ye Decepti-clock from here ter Delta Six an' back again, ye pint sized pink pansey." She raised her fist as if to start a fight.

    "I'd be likin' to see ya try Rusty, would ya be wantin' to show off in front of all the humans now eh?"

    Rusty realized that CJ was right, the team had standing orders not to exert themselves in front of the humans for any reason, but to remain hidden. At least that’s what their orders were from their commander, who was noticeably absent from Earth, away on business to Delta Prime.

    The blonde Englishwoman then piped up, "Ladies, if you could please keep your decorum until we get back to the base, I would be much appreciated."

    Rusty turned to her, and mockingly stated, "who died an' made ye queen of the universe lass? O' thas' right, mummy dearest left her fav'rite in charge of us wee bairns, di'n she Stella, am I righ'?"

    Another woman was seated next to Rusty, an African-American named Felicia with a Texan accent. 'Ya'll are nuts. Rusty, let it go, she can’t help it if she's the best femmebot for the job, now can she?"

    Rusty pushed away Flicka's hand, which was on her shoulder, and got up to retrieve her order. A news report on a television screen behind Rusty began a story.

    "Thank you most kindly for your generous words aunt Felicia, but I think we should be listening to this," Stella motioned for all to watch the television set, for the local news bulletin.

    "Good afternoon folks, this is Arnie Grey comin' at ya from atop northern Manhattan in our sky spy chopper cam."

    Rusty took her order and then went outside to finish it, before hearing the last of the bulletin. Flicka tried to stop her, but she was pushed away.

    "She's gettin' mighty antsy about us all havin' to hold back all the time, ah mean hidin's just not her style. One of these days she's goin' ta' break our cover," Flicka said.

    Stella nodded and returned her attention to the screen, where Arnie continued his news bulletin. "It seems those Decepticons are at it again folks." The screen showed a film of the Autobots and the Decepticons duking it out north of Central Park.

    Then another woman in the group, Vanessa, who had been drinking outside, came in as Rusty was leaving, roughly pushing past the newcomer. "See ya Rusty, have fun, where ever it is you’re going. Don’t break anything, will ya?" She said aloud.

    "Och, kiss me' tailpipe, Nessie ye headcase," Rusty said to Vanessa, as she stormed off up the street, unknowingly in the direction of the fight shown on the news.

    From the television: "The Autobots are putting up a good fight now that the Police have sarted to evacuate the area of most of us little humans," said Arnie jokingly. "This is gonna get real heavy and expensive in the damage department when they’re done," he added.

    Seeing what was happening on the TV, Vanessa remarked, "we gonna Jam it there boss lady? Those humans are gonna need our help."

    Stella agreed. "Yes, they most certainly will, but keep it down, alright? We don’t want the humans to get suspicious and we most certainly do not want any of the Cybertronians discovering who we really are. Those are our orders from the commander, is that understood?"

    All nod in agreement. "Right, Vanessa, you go outside to the alleyway and transform to your vehicle mode." Stella continued, and then hastily left. "Casey, come with me. Felicia, pay for our meal, then join us in the alley. We will pick up Rusty on the way there.”

    Out in the alley, a talking Van commented to Stella. "Boss lady, we don’t need to pick up Rusty, she's already there, seems she wandered into the fight on her own."

    "Blast, she will break our cover, I know it. Vanguard, let’s go," Stella replied.

    Casey got in the back and motioned for Felicia to get in as well, as Vanguard started up.

    "Felicia, move it now!" Stella yelled to Flicka, as she also jumped in the back of the van.


    A lone news chopper was flirting with danger so close to a mighty mechanoid melee of Autobots vs Decepticons, in the streets of New York City, northern Manhattan.
    "Are you sure we should be this close, boss? I mean, what if one a those Decep's decides to make us go bye bye? I mean I got a wife an' kids you know," asked the chopper pilot.

    "Yeah Arnie, I mean this is great footage and all but what if, you know, I wanna go home in one piece?" Arnie's cameraman had a worried look on his face. A stray blast shot past them from the foray below, as he voiced his concerns and anxiety; his cousin had been killed in a similar way.

    "Nah guys; we'll be fine, I promise," replied Arnie. The cameraman and the pilot both looked at each other and shook their heads. Then the pilot spoke up again. "Now where have I heard that before?!"

    Just then, another stray laser blast came out of nowhere, narrowly missing the chopper. "That's it, I'm outta here!" said the pilot, as he straightened out the chopper. "I'm settin' this baby down right now and we are all goin' home; let someone else film these guys fighting for once!" And with that, the pilot set towards the top of their news building, and disappeared from view.

    Meanwhile, down on the street, choas ran amok. Blaster was currently engaged in a tussle with Ramjet on the ground, after having knocked him out of the sky with his electro scrambler gun, temporarily damaging his flight components.

    "So Ramjet, not so tough, huh? You gotta dance to my sweet tunes now," commented Blaster.

    Groggy and dizzy from being shot with Blaster's gun, Ramjet slowly came back online to see who it was that had shot him from the sky, only to look up and see Blaster standing over him. He got to his feet and replied, "C'mere, you over grown beat box, so I can beat you into tempered slag."

    "Don't knock the beat till you feel the heat!" replied Blaster, as he put his gun away, only to continue with a fierce hand to hand melee.

    A few streets away, Hot Rod and the twin brothers, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker, were chasing the Stunticons in high gear.

    Meanwhile, Rusty unknowingly wandered right into the area where the Autobots were fighting, and right into the path of Wild Rider, who had just sped around the corner of a street to get away from Hot Rod, who was close on his tail, and who in turn had Motor Master on his.

    Not caring about the human in front of him, Wild Rider commented, "Oh look! A fleshling speed bump."

    He increased his speed and aimed straight for Rusty, only to be surprised as she catapulted herself over him and right into Hot Rod's path, who crashed into a fire hydrant in an attempt to avoid her. Wild Rider continued his driving, laughing like a maniac at Hot Rod's predicament. Rusty, who had now recovered her bearings, had Motor Master bear down on her before she was able to check on Hot Rod, and in a split second, she engaged her ram bolts to avoid being hit head on by the Decepticon truck. Motor Master was knocked offline from the damage, as he thought that what he had hit was just an ordinary human - when in fact, she was not normal. Dead End and Breakdown zoomed past, oblivious to their leader's predicament.

    As Drag Strip drove by, he said mockingly, "Well I guess I'm the better one of us both after all, eh fearless leader?" He continued to drive away, laughing all the while. Motor Master just sat there in the middle of the road, motionless and unable to reply to Drag Strip's retort.

    Sunstreaker and Sideswipe then pull up to see to Hot Rod, who had just recovered from the dizzyness of his crash.

    "You know, I coulda sworn there was a human in the middle of the road a moment ago, she was just there," Hot Rod said to the twins, pointing to Motor Master. "Right in the middle of the street, she jumped right over Wild Rider and I had to swerve to avoid her, but crashed... but?" Puzzled, Hot Rod rubbed his sore head.

    Sunstreaker said with a smirk, "Well, maybe you're just imagining things, seeing as how you like them so much?"

    The twins helped Hot Rod up, and then looked at the damage to Motor Master's front end. It was like he had hit a tree, and his entire front end had been caved in, to a human-sized dent.

    At that moment, Rusty had gotten her bearings back again, and had begun to get herself out of the trucks' damaged chassis. "Well, I suppose they jus' don't make them like they used te," she said jokingly, amused that she had not a scratch on her, but that her clothes were ruined and cut up. She noticed the three Autobots and said, "Oh uh, Hi!" Rusty looked up at them and smiled. "I suppose yer wonderin' how I survived tha'?" She motioned to the damaged truck. "Well, th' simple answer lad, is tha' I'm neh' a human 't all."

    The three were confused as to what she meant, until they see her transform from a human and into a tall and bulky, red and blue armoured, Autobot female.

    "Whoah!" commented Sideswipe, with a smirk on his face.

    "That's one tall femmebot," Sunstreaker added jokingly. "And here I thought humans weren't good for anything... except maybe Pretender shells!"


    Jazz, Mirage and Cliffjumper were pinned down, and with the other Autobots elsewhere, they were finding it hard to get out of their situation. They were currently under heavy fire from Thrust and Dirge, and Soundwave.
    Mirage turned to Jazz and said, "We can't hold out like this for much longer."

    "And as much as I hate to agree with you Mirage, you may be right, but our Auto-buddies'll show up."

    Soundwave had ejected Ravage, Laserbeak and Rumble, but this had left him open to attack.

    Cliffjumper nailed Soundwave with his Glass Gas gun. "Ha ha!" he exclaimed excitedly, "got one; now to get more of 'em." Cliffjumper jumped out from their cover and transformed, raced down the street and managed to knock Ravage and Rumble out of the way.

    Back down the street, Vanguard, with Felicia, Stella and Casey in tow, had arrived just in time to see Rusty transform into her robot mode as Burnout. Stella eyed off Burnout as she got out of Vanguard's front seat. Burnout explained what happened.

    "It still does not change the fact that you disobeyed direct orders and broke cover, Burnout, and..." Stella broke off, as she noticed a silver-haired figure atop a nearby roof; the woman nodded and then started to disappear. The others turned to see as well, but miss whom it was that Stella had been looking at. "New orders: cover has been broken, and now that we are in the open, we fight."

    The others are quite happy with this, and don't bother to hide their enthusiasm. "Casey, Felicia, you go and help the humans; take Quarterback and Quicksilver with you," Stella ordered, "but leave Hawkeye, Nightshade and Dog Fight with us."

    Felicia ejected the animechs from her system, and they came online as their forms materialized. "Gotcha," replied Felicia, and she and Casey raced away on the two mech horses, leaving a hawk, a large dog and cat behind.

    "Burnout, Vanguard, you're with me," said Stella.

    Sunstreaker looked at the white van with the Autobot insignia as Vanguard transformed, and wondered to himself, 'Vanguard?'

    "I'm in, boss," said Vanguard, and raced off with Burnout and Hot Rod, who also transformed and followed close behind.

    Sideswipe was just on the verge of leaving. "You coming, bro?" he asked his brother.

    Sunstreaker raised his hand as if to say, 'wait a minute,' and then asked Stella, "Well, I suppose you must be just human, since you haven't done anything yet, or do we have to carry you to the battle, hmm?"

    Stella looked up at him and smiled. Sunstreaker was baffled by this, but didn't show it. She transformed into a tall, slim, beautiful, golden-white mech.

    "Whoa bro, a mech who's better looking than even you," Sideswipe teased jokingly.

    Sunstar checked her gauntlets and then transformed, driving off to join the others.

    The twins also transformed and followed, as Sideswipe added, "There's femmebots coming outta the mechworks today!"

    Jazz sighted the arrival of his comrades, as well as the femmebots with them, and wondered who they were.

    Hot Rod said, "Look what we found lying around the place!" as he motioned to the new arrivals.

    Sunstar drove right past and set her sights on the jets, Dirge and Thrust. She rammed Ramjet while in mid-transformation to her jet mode, and then took off in pursuit of the other two.

    Blaster, relieved at a break in the fighting, turned his sights to Soundwave, who had only just recovered from Cliffjumper's Glass Gas. "Care to dance, Decepti-crumb?" he said mockingly.

    Soundwave replied, "Anytime," and then the two of them began to tear up the street with their sonic blasts.

    Cliffjumper rejoined Jazz and Mirage, wondering who the newcomers were as he eyed them with suspicion.

    Sidewsipe said, "We brought some extra help - don't know who they are or where they're from, but we brought 'em anyway."

    Burnout turned away to notice the four remaining Stunticons, who had just turned up again, and said, "Oh good, ye have punching bags in this gym."

    Felicia's three animechs went straight for Soundwave's minions; Nighshade against Ravage, Dog Fight helping Steeljaw against Rumble, and Hawkeye setting her sights on Laserbeak, though Laserbeak found it hard to keep up with, or even catch, the fast and agile mech hawk.

    The twins and Cliffjumper joined Burnout to fight the Stunticons, and to make short work of them, as did Sunstar and Vanguard with the jets. But no one had noticed the entrance of Blitzwing. He targeted the Autobot group, and proceeded to fire on every Autobot he could see, as Astrotrain, who had just retrieved Motor Master and was a little later to arrive, started loading up the other Decepticons. Both Vanguard and Burnout helped to protect everyone from the blasts; Vanguard with her super shields, and Burnout with her diamond hard chassis.

    "Just like old times, eh, Jazz?" said Vanguard.

    Jazz looked at her, finding her familiar.

    "No, it can't be... Vanguard?"

    Mirage turned to look, as Cliffjumper added, "What you mean, Trailbreaker's crazy little brother who went AWOL?"

    Vanguard nodded. Jazz looked her up and down. "It can't be you; I mean you're a.."

    "Femmebot now, yeah... had a little accident in the Delta system when I arrived there... got given a new body shell," Vanguard said with a smile. "This new form and gender suits me better, don't you think?"

    "I'll say," added Cliffjumper, "But it still doesn't let you get away with deserting your responsibilities. You're still an Autobot soldier, and you're still gonna have to face Prime about you're desertion, you know?"

    Vangaurd smiled at Cliffjumper, and gives him a friendly punch on the shoulder. "Same old Cliff,' great to see you again; I've missed you too, old friend."

    Cliffjumper sighed, and shook her hand. In doing so, Vanguard lost her concentration for a moment, and with her shield down, a blast hit Burnout in the back as she turned, and slammed into the wall right against Sideswipe, face to face. Blaster had a good laugh at her current position.

    Burnout commented to Sideswipe with a smirk, "Hope I'm not imposin,' lad."

    Sideswipe, however, could not contain his embarrassment, and Sunstreaker laughed his head off at his twin bother. "Aww shut up, 'Streaker," said Sideswipe, laughing.

    Burnout moved, and with the shields down, Sunstar took the opportunity to attack Blitzwing with all the skill and ease of a professional fighter. Blitzwing transformed into his jet mode, barely getting away after he'd been given a beating by Sunstar.

    Sideswipe commented jokingly to his brother, "Not only does she look better than you, bro,' she fights better, too!" Sunstreaker glared at him with his cold optic stare.

    With the Decepticons gone, the mechs relaxed a little. "I'm wonderin' what that lot was after?" Vanguard said. "From what I remember of them, it can't be anything good!"

    Just then, Casey and Felicia showed up, and dismounted from their horses.

    Casey stated, "Dey be after that new prototype energy converter de humans be working on 'ere." She pointed to an old building. "Dey be keeping it 'ere till tomorrow, til' dey ship it to a military facility."

    "Good old Casey; always knows everythin' before even we do," said Felicia jokingly, as she returned her animech to her storage unit.

    Casey smirked, and then continued, "I got de info from one o' dose officers back dere where we were."

    Sunstar commented, "We will have to make a report of this when we get back to base," unaware that Sunstreaker was looking at her. He looked away from her, but Vanguard saw him looking, and smiled back at him.

    She nudged Sunstar, and told her, "Well I guess 'Streaker still isn't used to other mechs being better lookin' than him." Sunstar looked at her confused.

    "Forget it Stella, you won't ever get it, will you?" With that Vanguard walked off, but not far, and continued to speak while she opened a warp gate. "Anyway boys, its been nice seein' you all again. Don't call us, we'll call you, ok?"

    Vanguard waved as the others all followed her through the gate, leaving the other Autobots feeling a little bewildered from the experience.

    "Well, I'm glad Jazz is the one who gets to write the report, 'cause I'll be a damned mech if I could find the words to describe those lush femmebots," said Sideswipe. Everyone laughed at his joke, and he continued, "Hey, I wasn't kidding!"

    Sunstreaker motioned them all to a missing comrade. "When you're all done, I suppose I should tell you that Mirage is gone?"

    To that, Jazz replied, "Aww, he musta followed 'em through that warp gate; it'd be just like him to turn up later with info for us." He paused, and then, "we better get goin' and tell Prime what happened."

    With that, they all left to return to their base at Autobot City.


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