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    What do you think of this for the grouping of all the profiles of the Autobots and Decepticons? Just looking for oppinions and stuff; maybe I'll even ask fellow fans to contribute head shots and stuff for this project, if you have any questions just let me know.

    The Official Handbook to the Marvel Earth 929 Beta Universe
    As Written by Scrapper6
    The Transformers Generation One/Two Era

    Aerialbot Air Raid [A]
    Aerialbot Fireflight [A]
    Aerialbot Silverbolt [A]
    Aerialbot Skydive [A]
    Aerialbot Slingshot [A]
    Aerialbot Superion [A]
    Aerie {Eagle Eye G2} [D]
    Afterburner II [D]
    Air Burst (Cyberjet) {Air Raid G2} [A]
    Air Patrol Blaze Master (Micromaster) [A]
    Air Patrol Eagle Eye (Micromaster) [A]
    Air Patrol Sky High II (Micromaster) [A]
    Air Patrol Tread Bolt (Micromaster) [A]
    Air Strike Patrol Nightflight (Micromaster) [D]
    Air Strike Patrol Storm Cloud (Micromaster) [D]
    Air Strike Patrol Tailwind (Micromaster) [D]
    Air Strike Patrol Whisper (Micromaster) [D]
    Airwave/Air Port (Micromaster Base) [D]
    Apeface/Spasma (Headmaster Horrorcon) [D]
    Arcee [A]
    Astro Squad Barrage II (Micromaster Combiner) [A]
    Astro Squad Blast Master (Micromaster Combiner) [A]
    Astro Squad Heave (Micromaster Combiner) [A]
    Astro Squad Missile Master (Micromaster Combiner) [A]
    Astro Squad Moonrock (Micromaster Combiner) [A]
    Astro Squad Phaser (Micromaster Combiner) [A]
    Astrotrain (Triple Changer) [D]
    Axer/Off-Road Cycle (Action Master) [D]

    Backstreet (Triggerbot) [A]
    Bad Boy [D]
    Barnett, Walter [H]
    Battle Patrol Big Shot (Micromaster) [A]
    Battle Patrol Flak (Micromaster) [A]
    Battle Patrol Sidetrack (Micromaster) [A]
    Battle Patrol Sunrunner (Micromaster) [A]
    Battle Squad Direct-Hit (Micromaster Combiner) [D]
    Battle Squad Fireshot (Micromaster Combiner) [D]
    Battle Squad Half-Track (Micromaster Combiner) [D]
    Battle Squad Meltdown (Micromaster Combiner) [D]
    Battle Squad Power Punch (Micromaster Combiner) [D]
    Battle Squad Vanquish (Micromaster Combiner) [D]
    Battletrap (Duocon) [D]
    Beachcomber [A]
    Beastbox [D]
    Biggles-Jones, Dr. [H]
    Blackout/Anti-Aircraft Base (Micromaster Combiner) [D]
    Blackrock, G.B [H]
    Blaster [A]
    Blitzwing (Triple Changer) [D]
    Blockade (Auto Rollers) {Roadblock G2} [D]
    Blowout (Gobot) [A]
    Bludgeon (Pretender) [D]
    Bluestreak [A]
    Blurr [A]
    Blurr/Haywire (Targetmaster) [A]
    Bomb-Burst (Pretender) [D]
    Bonzai-Tron/Razor-Sharp (Action Master) [D]
    Brainstorm/Arcana (Headmaster) [A]
    Brawn [A]
    Broadside (Triple Changer) [A]
    Bugbite [D]
    Bugly (Pretender) [D]
    Bumblebee [A]
    Bumper [A]
    Buzzsaw [A]

    Camshaft (Omnibot) [A]
    Carnivac (Pretender) [D]
    Carr, Carissa (Stakiewickz, Ethel) [H]
    Catilla (Pretender) [A]
    Cement-Head/Cannon Transport (Micromaster Combiner) [D]
    Chainclaw (Pretender) [A]
    Charger/Firebeast (Action Master UK) [D]
    Chase (Throttlebot) [A]
    Chromedome/Stylor (Headmaster) [A]
    Chromia [A]
    Cindersaur (Firecon) [D]
    Circuit Breaker (Beller, Josie) [H]
    Clamp Down [A]
    Cliffjumper [A]
    Cloudburst (Pretender) [A]
    Cloudraker (Clone) [A]
    Cobalt Sentry Garboil [D]
    Cobalt Sentry Howlback [D]
    Cobraticon Blast Off
    Cobraticon Brawl
    Cobraticon Bruticus
    Cobraticon Onslaught
    Cobraticon Starscream
    Cobraticon Swindle
    Cobraticon Vortex
    Constructicon Bonecrusher [D]
    Constructicon Devastator [D]
    Constructicon Hook [D]
    Constructicon Long Haul [D]
    Constructicon Mixmaster [D]
    Constructicon Scavenger [D]
    Constructicon Scrapper [D]
    Construction Patrol Crumble (Micromaster) [A]
    Construction Patrol Groundpounder (Micromaster) [A]
    Constructicon Patrol Neutro (Micromaster) [A]
    Construction Patrol Takedown (Micromaster) [A]
    Constructor Squad Excavator (Micromaster Combiner) [D]
    Constructor Squad Grit (Micromaster Combiner) [D]
    Constructor Squad Hammer (Micromaster Combiner) [D]
    Constructor Squad Knockout (Micromaster Combiner) [D]
    Constructor Squad Sledge (Micromaster Combiner) [D]
    Constructor Squad Stonecruncher (Micromaster Combiner) [D]
    Cosmos [A]
    Countdown/Rocket Base (Micromaster) [A]
    Counterpunch (Double Spy) [D]
    Crankcase (Triggercon) [D]
    Crossblades (Pretender) [A]
    Cross Cut [A]
    Crosshairs/Pinpointer (Targetmaster) [A]
    Cyclonus [D]
    Cyclonus/Nightstick (Targetmaster) [D]

    Darkwing/Throttle (Powermaster) [D]
    Deep Cover [A]
    Deluge (Aqua Force) [D]
    Detritus (Junkion) [D]
    Dinobot Grimlock [A]
    Dinobot Slag [A]
    Dinobot Sludge [A]
    Dinobot Snarl [A]
    Dinobot Swoop [A]
    Dion [A]
    Dirge [D]
    Dirtbag (Auto Rollers) [D]
    Double Clutch (Gobot) [A]
    Doublecross (Monsterbot) [A]
    Double Dealer/Knok/Skar (Powermaster) [D]
    Doubleheader (Pretender) [A]
    Dogfight (Triggerbot) [A]
    Downshift (Omnibot) [A]
    Drake, Jessie (Girlfriend of Buster Witwicky) [H]
    Dreadwind/Hi-Test (Powermaster) [D]
    Drench (Aqua Force) [D]
    Dynamo (Dialonzo, Hector) [H]

    Electro (Laser Rod) [A]
    Elita-1 [A]
    Eject [A]
    Emirate Xaaron [A]
    Erector/Crane Trailer (Micromaster Transport) [A]

    Fallen, The [LM]
    Fangry/Brisko (Headmaster) [D]
    Fastlane (Clone) [A]
    Ferak [D]
    Ferak {Smokescreen G2} [D]
    Finback (Pretender) [D]
    Firecracker (Gobot) [A]
    Firestar [A]
    Fizzle (Sparkabot) [A]
    Flamefeather (Firecon) [D]
    Flattop/Aircraft Carrier (Micromaster Transport) [D]
    Flipsides [D]
    Flywheels (Duocon) [D]
    Fortress Maximus/Cerebros/Spike/Gasket/Grommet/Cog (Headmaster) [A]
    Freeway (Throttlebot) [A]
    Frenzy [D]
    Full-Barrel/Battlefield Headquarters (Micromaster Combiner) [A]

    Galvatron [D]
    Galvatron II [D]
    Gamede (Human Mercenary) [H]
    Gears [A]
    Gearhead (Gobot) [A]
    Getaway/Rev (Powermaster) [A]
    Gigatron/Alpha/Omega (Powermaster) [D]
    Glyph [A]
    Gnaw (Sharkticon) [D]
    Gobots (Aqua Force) [D]
    Goldbug (Throttlebot) [A]
    Grandslam [A]
    Grapple [A]
    Greaspit/Gas Station (Micromaster Base) [A]
    Grotusque (Monsterbot) [A]
    Groundbreaker (Pretender) [A]
    Groundshaker/Command Center (Micromaster) [A]
    Gunrunner (Pretender) [A]
    Gusher/Tanker Truck (Micromaster Combiner) [A]
    Gutcruncher/Stratotronic Cruiser (Action Master) [D]
    Guzzle (Sparkabot) [A]

    Hardhead/Duros (Headmaster) [A]
    Hauler {Road Hauler Takara} [A]
    High Beam (Gobot) [A]
    Highbrow/Gort (Headmaster) [A]
    Hoist [A]
    Hori-Bull/Kreb (Headmaster) [D]
    Hosehead/Lug (Headmaster) [A]
    Hot House/Fire Station (Micromaster Base) [A]
    Hot Rod [A]
    Hot Rod/Firebolt (Targetmaster) [A]
    Hot Rodimus (Micromaster) [A]
    Hot Rod Patrol Big Daddy (Micromaster) [A]
    Hot Rod Patrol Greaser (Micromaster) [A]
    Hot Rod Patrol Hubs (Micromaster) [A]
    Hot Rod Patrol Trip-Up (Micromaster) [A]
    Hooligan (Cyberjet) [D]
    Hook (Herald of Unicron)
    Hound [A]
    Hubcap [A]
    Huffer [A]

    Iguanus (Pretender) [D]
    Inferno [A]
    Insecticon Barrage [D]
    Insecticon Bombshell [D]
    Insecticon Chop Shop [D]
    Insecticon Kickback [D]
    Insecticon Ransack [D]
    Insecticon Salvo [D]
    Insecticon Shot Hole [D]
    Insecticon Shrapnel [D]
    Insecticon Venom [D]
    Insecticon Zaptrap [D]
    Ironhide [A]
    Ironworks/Construction Site (Micromaster Base) [A]

    Jackpot/Sights (Action Master) [A]
    Jazz [A]
    Jetfire [A]
    Jetlag (Cyberjet) {Jetfire G2} [A]
    Jetstorm (Aqua Force) [D]
    Jhiaxus [LM]
    Jolt (Laser Rod) [D]
    Joyride/Hotwire (Powermaster) [A]

    Kick-Off/Turbo Pack (Action Master) [A]
    Krok/Gatoraider (Action Master) [D]
    Kup [A]
    Kup/Recoil (Targetmaster) [A]

    Landfill/Flintlock/Silencer (Targetmaster) [A]
    Landmine (Pretender) [A]
    Laserbeak [D]
    Last Autobot, The [A]
    Leadfoot (Rotor Force) [A]
    Liege Maximo [LM]
    Line (Herald of Unicron)
    Longtooth (Pretender) [A]

    Magnificus [D]
    Mainframe/Push-Button (Action Master) [A]
    Manta Ray (Rotor Force) [A]
    Mechanic, The (Forbes, Nestor) [H]
    Megatron [D]
    Megatron {G2 Body} [D]
    Metroplex/Scamper/Slammer/Six-Gun [A]
    Metro Squad Oiler (Micromaster Combiner) [A]
    Metro Squad Powerrun (Micromaster Combiner) [A]
    Metro Squad Roadburner (Micromaster Combiner) [A]
    Metro Squad Slide (Micromaster Combiner) [A]
    Metro Squad Strikedown (Micromaster Combiner) [A]
    Metro Squad Wheelblaze (Micromaster Combiner) [A]
    Military Patrol Bombshock (Micromaster) [D]
    Military Patrol Dropshot (Micromaster) [D]
    Military Patrol Growl (Micromaster) [D]
    Military Patrol Tracer (Micromaster) [D]
    Mindwipe/Vorath (Headmaster) [D]
    Mirage [A]
    Misfire/Aimless (Targetmaster) [D]
    Monster Truck Patrol Big Hauler (Micromaster) [A]
    Monster Truck Patrol Heavy Tread (Micromaster) [A]
    Monster Truck Patrol Hydraulic (Micromaster) [A]
    Monster Truck Patrol Slowpoke (Micromaster) [A]
    Moonracer [A]
    Motormouth (Gobot) [D]

    Needlenose/Zigzag/Sunbeam (Targetmaster) [D]
    Nightbeat/Muzzle (Headmaster) [A]
    Nightbird {Fan-Made Female Decepticon Undecided Body} [D]
    Nightracer (Gobot) [D]
    Night Shade {Fan-Made Female Seeker} [D]
    Nova-Blast (Pretender) {Pretender Starscream} [D]

    “O” (Friend of Buster) [H]
    Octane (Triple Changer) [D]
    Octopunch (Pretender) [D]
    Off Road Patrol Highjump (Micromaster) [A]
    Off Road Patrol Mudslinger (Micromaster) [A]
    Off Road Patrol Powertrain (Micromaster) [A]
    Off Road Patrol Tote (Micromaster) [A]
    Omega Supreme [A]
    Optimus Prime [A]
    Optimus Prime (Powermaster Minus Hi-Q) [A]
    Orion Pax/Barrelroller (Targetmaster) {Different Character from Prime} [A]
    Overcharge (Triple Changer) [D]
    Overdrive (Omnibot) [A]
    Overflow/Battlefield Headquarters (Micromaster Combiner) [A]
    Overkill [D]
    Overload/Car Carrier (Micromaster Transport) [A]
    Override (Triggerbot) [A]
    Over-Run/Attack Copter (Action Master) [A]
    Outback [A]

    Pathfinder [A]
    Perceptor [A]
    Pincher (Pretender) [A]
    Pipeline/Tanker Transport (Micromaster Combiner) [A]
    Pipes [A]
    Pointblank/Peacemaker (Targetmaster) [A]
    Pounce (Clone) [D]
    Powerdive (Rotor Force) [D]
    Powerglide [A]
    Primus (Cybertron) [A]
    Predacon Divebomb [D]
    Predacon Headstrong [D]
    Predacon Predaking [D]
    Predacon Rampage [D]
    Predacon Razorclaw [D]
    Predacon Tantrum [D]
    Pretender Monster Birdbrain [D]
    Pretender Monster Bristleback [D]
    Pretender Monster Icepick [D]
    Pretender Monster Monstructor [D]
    Pretender Monster Scowl [D]
    Pretender Monster Slog [D]
    Pretender Monster Wildfly [D]
    Protectobot Blades [A]
    Protectobot Defensor [A]
    Protectobot First Aid [A]
    Protectobot Groove [A]
    Protectobot Hot Spot [A]
    Protectobot Streetwise [A]
    Prowl [A]
    Punch (Double Spy) [A]

    Quickmix/Boomer/Ricochet (Targetmaster) [A]
    Quickswitch (Six Changer) [A]
    Quake/Heater/Tiptop (Targetmaster) [D]

    Rad/Lionizer (Action Master) [A]
    Race Car Patrol Free Wheeler (Micromaster) [A]
    Race Car Patrol Road Handler (Micromaster) [A]
    Race Car Patrol Swindler (Micromaster) [A]
    Race Car Patrol Tailspin (Micromaster) [A]
    Race Track Patrol Barricade (Micromaster) [D]
    Race Track Patrol Ground Hog (Micromaster) [D]
    Race Track Patrol Motorhead (Micromaster) [D]
    Race Track Patrol Roller Force (Micromaster) [D]
    Railgun (Rotor Force) {Ransack G2} [D]
    Raindance [A]
    Ramjet [D]
    Ramhorn [A]
    Rapid Anti-Robot Assault Team (R.A.A.T) [O]
    Rapido [A]
    Rapture (Vesotzky, Katrina) [H]
    Ratbat [D]
    Ratchet [A]
    Ravage [D]
    Red Alert [A]
    Reflector Spectro [D]
    Reflector Spyglass [D]
    Reflector Viewfinder [D]
    Repugnus (Monsterbot) [A]
    Rescue Patrol Fixit (Micromaster) [A]
    Rescue Patrol Red Hot (Micromaster) [A]
    Rescue Patrol Seawatch (Micromaster) [A]
    Rescue Patrol Stakeout (Micromaster) [A]
    Retro/Battlefield Headquarters (Micromaster Combiner) [A]
    Rewind [A]
    Ricochet II/Nightstick (Targetmaster) [A]
    Roadblock (Pretender) [D]
    Roadbuster [A]
    Roaddive (Duocon) {Fan-Made Character Land & Sea Unit} [D]
    Roadgrabber (Pretender) [D]
    Road Pig (Laser Cycle) [D]
    Road Rage [A]
    Roadranger [A]
    Road Rocket (Laser Cycle) [A]
    Robot Master (Finkleberg, Donny) [H]
    Rodimus Prime [A]
    Rollbar (Throttlebot) [A]
    Rollout/Glitch (Action Master) [A]
    Rook [A]
    Roughstuff/Missile Carrier (Micromaster Transport) [D]
    Ruckus (Triggercon) [D]
    Rumble [D]
    Runabout (Battle Charger) [D]
    Runamuck (Battle Charger) [D]

    Saber (Laser Rod) {Sizzle G2} [D]
    Sandstorm (Triple Changer) [A]
    Seacon Nautilator [D]
    Seacon Overbite [D]
    Seacon Piranacon [D]
    Seacon Seawing [D]
    Seacon Skalor [D]
    Seacon Snap Trap [D]
    Seacon Tentakill [D]
    Searchlight (Throttlebot) [A]
    Seaspray [A]
    Scoop/Holepunch/Tracer (Targetmaster) [A]
    Scorponok/Zarak/Fasttrack (Headmaster) [D]
    Scourge [D]
    Scourge/Fracas (Targetmaster) [D]
    Scrounge [A]
    Shotbomber (Micromaster Japan) [D]
    Shockwave [D]
    Sideswipe [A]
    Sinker (Herald of Unicron)
    Siren/Quig (Headmaster) [A]
    Sixshot (Six Changer) [D]
    Sizzle (Sparkabot) [A]
    Skids [A]
    Skram [A]
    Skullcruncher/Grax (Headmaster) [D]
    Skullgrin (Pretender) [D]
    Sky Assault Patrol Chain Gun (Micromaster Combiner Japan) [D]
    Sky Assault Patrol Falcon (Micromaster Combiner Japan) [D]
    Sky Assault Patrol Flanker (Micromaster Combiner Japan) [D]
    Sky Assault Patrol Missile Run (Micromaster Combiner Japan) [D]
    Sky Assault Patrol Raker (Micromaster Combiner Japan) [D]
    Sky Assault Patrol Sixwing (Micromaster Combiner Japan) [D]
    Sky Assault Patrol Velocity (Micromaster Combiner Japan) {Sonic} [D]
    Skyfall/Top-Heavy (Action Master) [A]
    Skyhammer (Pretender) [A]
    Sky High (Pretender) [A]
    Skyhopper/Helicopter (Micromaster) [D]
    Sky Jack (Cyberjet) [D]
    Sky Lynx [A]
    Skystalker/Space Shuttle (Micromaster) [D]
    Skywarp [D]
    Slamdance [A]
    Slapdash/Lube (Powermaster) [A]
    Slicer/Assault Vehicle (Action Master UK) [A]
    Slugfest [D]
    Slugslinger/Caliburst (Targetmaster) [D]
    Smallfoot [A]
    Smokescreen [A]
    Snapdragon/Krunk (Headmaster Horrorcon) [D]
    Snarler (Pretender) [D]
    Soundblaster [D]
    Soundwave [D]
    Space Case (Cyberjet) [D]
    Spaceshot/Anti-Aircraft Base (Micromaster Combiner) [D]
    Spanner (Space Bridge) [N]
    Sparkstalker (Firecon) [D]
    Spin-Dial (Micromaster Japan) [D]
    Spinister/Hairsplitter/Singe (Targetmaster) [D]
    Splashdown (Pretender) [A]
    Sports Car Patrol Blackjack (Micromaster) [D]
    Sports Car Patrol Detour (Micromaster) [D]
    Sports Car Patrol Hyperdrive (Micromaster) [D]
    Sports Car Patrol Road Hugger (Micromaster) [D]
    Springer (Triple Changer) [A]
    Sprocket/Attack Cruiser (Action Master) [A]
    Squeezeplay/Locos (Headmaster) [D]
    Squawkbox [D]
    Squawktalk [D]
    Star Convoy [A]
    Starscream [D]
    Steeljaw [A]
    Storm Front (Cyberjet) {Strafe G2} [A]
    Stranglehold (Pretender) [D]
    Straxus [D]
    Straxus {Dreadwing G2} [D]
    Stunticon Breakdown
    Stunticon Dead End
    Stunticon Drag Strip
    Stunticon Menasor
    Stunticon Motormaster
    Stunticon Wildrider
    Submarauder (Pretender) [D]
    Sunstorm [D]
    Sunstreaker [A]
    Sureshot/Spoilsport (Targetmaster) [A]
    Surge/Missile Launcher (Micromaster Combiner) [A]
    Swerve [A]

    Tailgate [A]
    Take-Off/Screech (Action Master UK) [D]
    Tap-Out [A]
    Technobot Afterburner [A]
    Technobot Computron [A]
    Technobot Lightspeed [A]
    Technobot Nosecone [A]
    Technobot Scattorshot [A]
    Technobot Strafe [A]
    Terradive [D]
    Terrorcon Abominus [D]
    Terrorcon Blot [D]
    Terrorcon Cutthroat [D]
    Terrorcon Hun-Grrr [D]
    Terrorcon Rippersnapper [D]
    Terrorcon Sinnertwin [D]
    Terror-Tread/Cannon Transport (Micromaster Combiner) [D]
    Thrust [D]
    Thundercracker [D]
    Thunderpunch (Gruber, Lee) [H]
    Thunderwing (Pretender) [D]
    Topspin (Jumpstarter) [A]
    Tracks [A]
    Trailbreaker [A]
    Treads [D]
    Treadshot/Catgut (Action Master) [D]
    Triggerhappy/Blowpipe (Targetmaster) [D]
    Trypticon/Full-Tilt/Brunt [D]
    Turbofire [A]
    Twincast [A]
    Twin Twist (Jumpstarter) [A]

    Ultra Magnus [A]
    Urban Assault Patrol Circuit (Micromaster Combiner Japan) [D]
    Urban Assault Patrol Discharge (Micromaster Combiner Japan) [D]
    Urban Assault Patrol Glide (Micromaster Combiner Japan) [D]
    Urban Assault Patrol Neo-Wheel (Micromaster Combiner Japan) [D]
    Urban Assault Patrol Road Police (Micromaster Combiner Japan) [D]
    Urban Assault Patrol Sixturbo (Micromaster Combiner Japan) [D]
    Urban Assault Patrol Wail (Micromaster Combiner Japan) {Sireen} [D]

    Volt (Laser Rod) [A]
    Vroom (Pretender) [A]

    Warpath [A]
    Waverider (Pretender) [A]
    Wheelie [A]
    Wheeljack [A]
    Whirl [A]
    Wideload (Throttlebot) [A]
    Wierdwolf/Monzo (Headmaster) [D]
    Windbreaker [A]
    Windcharger [A]
    Windrazor [D]
    Windsweeper (Triggercon) [D]
    Wingspan (Clone) [D]
    Witwicky, Buster [H]
    Witwicky, Carly [H]
    Witwicky, Daniel [H]
    Witwicky, Spike [H]
    Witwicky, William-Irving (Sparkplug) [H]
    Wreck-Gar (Junkion) [A]

    A= Autobot D=Decepticon H= Human O= Organization S=Starscream’s Brigade U= Unicron LM= Liege Maximo’s Second Generation Era Decepticons.

    Fairly Daunting is it not?
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    My goodness; you wrote ALL that yourself?

    & good job on it!

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