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    I know that people most likely won't read this, but i want to get my thoughts down while still in my head. I just saw the 9:30 3-D showing of TF3, and here is my review. Feel free to comment. It is slightly spoiler-ish.

    The Plot:

    Most people despised the plost of ROTF. I sorta liked it, but I could tell why others hated it. I just sorta overlooked it. DOTM's plot is more thought out and contains many sub-plots. This makes the plot more like TF1 than the plot of ROTF. I loved the plot twists, even though one or two were predictable. The most shocking is Sentinel. Did NOT see that coming. I loved the explanations of how things worked and the character development. The plot gets an overall 9/10


    The acting overall was average for a TF movie. Rosie was suprisingly Ok for a first-timer and a huge step up from Megan Fox's "Meh." acting. Shia was good as usual, Tyrese and Josh were ok. Dempsey wasn't as good as he usually is, but it was alright. The one amazing aspect of the movie was the voice acting. Cullen is superb as allways. All the other robots were great, especially Leonard Nimoy as Sentinel prime. He nailed it. The voice sounded like an aging warrior. If they make a fourth, they should bring back Nimoy for a different character. Because of the voice acting, i give the acting overall a 7.5/10

    The Comedy:

    The parents are back and they actually earned a few roars of laughter from the crowd. So did Wheelie and his new sidekick brains. Sure, some of the one-liners fell flat on the floor, but Ya dunno if ya don't try. The movie was hilarious, but not always when it's supposed to, i give the comedy a 8/10.

    The CGI.

    I admit it. Even though I overlooked many ROTF flaws, the ONE THING i couldn't overlook was how many instances, the robots looked fake. Barely, and for short periods of time, but it did look fake. This problem is eliminated from this film. The robots looked real, just like the first movie. The 3-D just expanded the realisticness of the robots. Best Live action 3-D movie effect I've ever seen. The robots had perfect Human-like movement, and the lipsyncing was spot on. I give the animation a 10/10

    Other Things

    First of all, I like Shockwave. He is very intimidating. I sorta with he had more lines, even though his silence mad him more intimidating. I (being the nerd I am) noticed many Star Trek references. Most likely because of Leonard Nimoy participating in the film. First of all, Wheelie came into Sam's Apartment turning on Star Trek. He says "I've seen this one, this is the one where Spock goes Crazy" Also, Sentinel States Nimoy's Famous Spock quote "The needs of the many oughtweigh the needs of the few." (I geeked out at this moment) The action was amazing and Prime was at his most Bad A** in this film. The action scenes are epic and flow together amazingly. I also love Starscream banging his head on the ground to get something out. Overall, this other stuff gets a 9/10.

    Final Thoughts

    If you've read this far, I thank you for giving a crap about this review and appriciating the Hour I put into this Review. Dark of the moon is an action packed, thought out and visually stunning work of art. With average acting and AMAZING Voice acting, great CG, Amazing 3-D. If you haven't seen it, See it NOW. Overall, i give TF3 8.7 out of Ten.

    Feel free to comment. Thank you.

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