Non-TF: My CUSTOM Kamen Rider Belt:Infinity 00 Driver

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    My CUSTOM Kamen Rider Belt:Infinity Driver

    The Belt Is Made To Eliminate Some Foes And Monster

    User Of The Belt: Ryou Hikada(my Own Character)

    Belt Motif: Billiard Balls in The Middle And Chinese Dragon

    Belt Feature:When You Scanned Your Hand In The Middle Its A Transformation Sequence,And When You Press A Left Red Button You Can Change Your Arms Into A Billiard Ball Cannon Arm,When You Press Right Red Button The Both Legs Is Changing Into Mechanical Grasshopper Feet,To Perform Riderkick press the both RED Button In The Middle Of The Green Ball You CAN RAIDA RICK THE ENEMY!

    Soon More Custom KAMEN RAIDA BELT!!!!In My Own Era!!!!




    Soon The Sketch Of My Kamen Rider

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