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    All want item trades must be in near mint condition. I will TRADE for anything on my want list, I will not buy right now.

    G1 Galvatron. E-Hobby version preferred but a vintage G1 copy is acceptable. Small gun isn't needed, cannon and Y piece are. Sticker wear is acceptable, chrome wear is not. I own the purple reissue version.

    G1 Cyclonus and Scourge, non-Targetmaster preferred. Must be basically mint. Stickers can be worn, I can reprolabel them. Instructions, techs and other papers not needed. These are the only Transformers I am buying, period.

    Gamecube, Wii, PSP and PS1 games/accessories feel free to send me you lists of Playstation 1, PSP, Gamecube and Wii games or accessories you wish to sell with your prices. I only take games with their original cases and instructions. I also need a manual and other papers to Alundra 2 for PS1.

    Capcom Queens Hsien-Ko, see picture below, made by Moby Dick Toys

    Sonic the Hedgehog- I am looking for Toy Island's Megabot BAF series, preferably MOSC, or loose if in excellent condition. Sonic, Tails, Shadow, Knuckles and Amy. See pic below. I will pay $40 for a MOSC set of the 5. They may have also been sold without the BAF parts. Also looking for Robotnik/Eggman from the Toy Island series(I have found Rouge so far!).

    Reissue Prowl, preferably Takara low priority item

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