my character: yoshikata and starscream,(armada)

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    "No, stay here!" shouted starscream , as the autobot force broke through the decepticon Headquarters defences.
    " but why?, i want to fight with you" replied yoshikata, starscream turned to her with a stern look. She moved back and sighed, "i won't".
    Starscream faced the door again and started to move out " starscream?" said yoshikata, Starscream stopped and sighed " for the last time yoshikata, NO!" he snapped and disappeared out the door,
    " i love you" she whispered while holding her spark as the door closed behind him.

    The battle raged below yoshikata's window , the autobots and decepticons fought resentlessly. Yoshikata captured starscream battling as she gazed out the window , watching his every move as his more ruthless, frightful, menacing side showed, ripping his autobot victims in pieces.
    As the numbers grew less, starscream looked back to yoshikata's window. He glanced and turned back to action. She raised her hand, pressing on the cold glass and sighed.

    the autobot forces withdrawled,
    " Decepticons we have victory against this petty raid"
    shouted Megatron, they stood watching the last autobots ran to safety, launching the last of misslies the autobots retreated.The decepticons cheered as the last missiles exploed on headquarters, all suddenly went unusually silent. The warroiors froze as a loud agony pitched scream came from inside,
    "Yoshi?" shouted starscream as he bolted for the building.

    Starscream ran to yoshikata's quarters, and stumbled on autobot intruders, seeing energon on their hands he brutally trashed them senselessly, until they died.
    "YOSHI?" he cried as he entered the sevarly damaged room. He stopped in the middle to observed it properly. The metal wall plating was torn and dented, the window was smashed , and metal shardes scattered the floor.Starscream could no longer hold his pain back and clasped to the ground in tears and remorse. He Cried " YOSHIKATA!!" once more , hoping for a reply but only silence came. He clenched his spark and cried .

    A faint cry of pain yelped, as starscream cleared the room, hearing the yoshikata's voice he gently continued to move the metal crushing her body.

    Removing the last metal shard off her, starscream froze at yoshi's appearance. On her back covered in her enegon, and was fatlly damaged. Her lower arm was deeply stabbed and her neck was also so deeply cut starscream could see the light of her spark glowing . starscream started to cry as she gazed into his optics. Yoshi placed her hand on his light-grey toned face as he knet down, and placed his head into her shoulder,"i'm sorry" he cried to her, the pressure of yoshi's hand disappeared .

    starscream confronted her, she tire to smile but her injuries prevented it.
    "Please forgive me, u should have battled out with me" starscream. whispered . Yoshikata cupped his head in her handsand slowly pulled himdown as her optics started to faint.

    Nose to nose, yoshikata wiped his face and quietly whispered " i love you".
    Starscream smiled and the two gave there first and last kiss .As her spark faded away.

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