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    Hello fellow transfans! This is Strikimus Prime here, and boy do I have an offer for you! As of now I am selling my entire Beast Wars toy collection. Here is a list of all the figures I'm selling from my collection and their prices:

    Transmetal Rhinox (loose complete, no instructions)$15.00
    Transmetal Optimus Primal (loose complete, instructions included)$20.00
    Transmetal Terrorsaur (loose complete, no instructions)$15.00
    Transmetal #2 Sonar (loose complete, no instructions)$8.00
    Transmetal Tarantulas (loose complete, no instructions) $25.00
    Transmetal #2 Cheetor (loose complete, no instructions)$20.00
    Transmetal Scavenger (loose complete, instructions included)$16.00
    Transmetal #2 Prowl (black variant, loose complete, instructions included)$30.00
    Fuzor Quickstrike (loose complete, no instructions)$17.00
    Transmetal Cheetor (loose complete, no instructions)$25.00
    Transmetal Waspinator (loose complete, no instructions)$13.00
    Transmetal #2 Optimus Minor (loose complete, no instructions)$6.00
    Transmetal Megatron (loose complete, no instructions, *arm is broken but included*)$30.00
    Transmetal #2 Cyber-Shark (loose complete, instructions included, *miss-transformed*)$10.00
    Predacon Transquito First Edition (loose complete, instructions included)$18.00
    Maximal Rhinox First Edition (loose complete, no instructions)$20.00
    Predacon Megatron First Edition (loose complete, instructions included)$24.00
    Maximal Tigatron First Edition (loose complete, no instructions)$40.00
    Predacon Blackarachnia First Edition (loose complete, no instructions)$30.00
    Predacon Terrorsaur First Edition (loose complete, no instructions)$60.00
    Predacon Inferno First Edition (loose complete, no instructions)$40.00
    Maximal Snarl First Edition (loose complete, no instructions)$14.00
    Predacon Insecticon First Edition (loose complete, no instructions)$17.00
    Maximal Airazor First Edition (loose complete, no instructions, *missing right shoulder blade*)$16.00
    Transmetal #2 Scar’em (loose complete, no instructions)$4.00
    Maximal Optimus Primal First Edition (loose complete, no instructions)$47.00
    Maximal Dinobot First Edition (loose complete, *right arm broken but included*, no instructions)$10.00
    Predacon Pincer First Edition (loose complete, no instructions)$5.00
    Predacon Manterror First Edition (loose complete, no instructions)$16.00
    Transmetal #2 Stinkbomb (loose complete, no instructions)$12.00
    Transmetal Airazor (loose complete, no instructions)$8.00
    Transmetal Rattrap (loose complete, no instructions)$23.00
    Fuzor Buzzsaw (loose complete, no instructions)$4.00
    Transmetal Rampage (loose complete, *missing one missile, instructions included)$44.00
    Transmetal #2 Megatron (loose complete but missing 1 missle, instructions included)$58.00
    Transmetal #2 Tigerhawk (loose complete, instructions included)$50.00
    Predacon First Edition Jetstorm (loose complete, no instructions)$22.00
    Maximal Rattrap First Edition (loose complete, instructions included)$60.00
    Transmetal Depth Charge (loose complete, instructions included)$33.00
    Predacon Waspinator First Edition (loose complete, no instructions)$16.00
    Predacon Tripredacus First Edition (loose complete, no instructions)$55.00

    As a side note, all my figures are 1st editions, not re-issues. Also, I have a special collector's discount for anyone who wishes to purchase my entire collection in its entirety. Buy my entire collection, and get 9% ($90) off the combined price, arriving at a total of $906 without shipping. Feel free to ask me for photos, just provide me with your e-mail address. Also, I only accept payment through paypal. This a great deal for completists who want to get a piece of transformers history. Please message me if your interested.

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