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    A while back I was looking at my leader displays and I decided that I wanted to retcon a continuity for them all so that they would all exist within the same universe.

    Here are the good guys.


    The ruling body of the Cybertron race in their varying forms.

    Optimus Prime (G1,PM,AM)

    Originally known as Orion Pax, he was foreman in an energy warehouse during the first Golden Age of Cybertron along with his best friend Dion and his girlfriend Ariel. It was there that he first met the Aerialbots, displaced in time, and the evil Megatron. Megatron wanted the energy that was stored in the warehouse and virtually destroyed Orion and his friends to get it. He was taken to Alpha Trion, thanks to the quick thinking of the Aerialbots, who rebuilt Orion Pax into Optimus Prime, the first of Cybertron’s defenders. Optimus was able to take Megatron by surprise and kept him occupied while the Aerialbots destroyed the warehouse, preventing him from gaining the energy he needed to conquer Cybertron.

    The first form he adopted upon awakening on Earth was that of a Freightliner cab-over semi truck. He had this body until his death at the hands of Megatron during the battle of Autobot City.

    Some time later he was resurrected using the Powermaster technology to combat the Hate Plague that threatened to throw the entire galaxy into chaos.
    His personality had been found saved on a computer disk and was taken to the Nebulan scientist Hi-Q, who, with the assistance of a rogue Quintesson scientist, created a new body for Prime based on a set of previously existing schematics. He then used himself as Prime’s Powermaster, and the great leader returned to lead his people.
    There are some detractors, even among the Autobots, who claim that this new Optimus Prime isn’t the real Optimus, just a copy. They make this claim because the Matrix wasn’t involved in his creation. However, the Autobot warrior Hot Rod, who was in possession of the Matrix and in command as Rodimus Prime at the time, claims that at the time when Powermaster Optimus Prime came on line he felt an odd disturbance in the Matrix. He postulates that this was Optimus’s spark leaving the Matrix to enter his new body.
    Others say that whether Hot Rod’s theory is true or not, the detractor’s claims become irrelevant because Optimus would have gotten his spark back as soon as he took possession of the Matrix again.
    However, to defeat the Hate Plague Optimus had to use all of the Matrix energy to snap the galaxy out of its Plague induced frenzy, completely draining it.

    He gained his next form when he was critically wounded during the Unicron Wars. Before going offline Optimus had the empty Matrix taken to the Vector Sigma chamber for safe keeping and to get recharged.
    Through some as yet unknown means Hi-Q and Optimus’s personalities had merged, so in essence Optimus Prime was now a human being. However no one would believe him/them. It was only through the intervention of the being known simply as The Last Autobot that he/they were given a new form. This new Cybertronian form, called Actionmasters for some unknown reason, was completely non-transforming but immensely powerful.
    It was in this form that he halted the destruction of Cybertron that had been triggered by the incredible amount of damage that Unicron had inflicted during his attack, and with the help of the Nebulans and the Autobot’s long time human friend and ally Spike Witwicky, he thwarted Galvatron’s latest scheme to destroy Cybertron and Earth, and brought about the second Golden Age of Cybertron.
    Afterwards, Optimus decided not to reclaim the Matrix since no one knew what its incredible power would do when mixed with new Actionmaster technology.


    During the time of Optimus Prime’s death there were many Autobot commanders who valiantly continued the struggle against the Decepticons.
    Those who follow were the greatest of these, and they still serve as valued advisors and generals under Optimus Prime to this day and are the only non-Primes to sit on the Council.

    Grimlock (G1,Alt,Cla)

    Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander by Optimus Prime, and placed in
    command of the Autobot forces while Prime was on Cybertron before Ultra Magnus’ arrival.
    Grimlock commanded well during his brief stint as Autobot commander, however he faced some harsh criticism from both Prowl and Jazz who both said that while he is an effective battlefield leader, too often he would just rush head-long into battle without formulating any sort of strategy, and he frequently failed to listen to any concerns that were voiced by anyone other than his fellow Dinobots.
    Optimus Prime values Grimlock’s input, especially where battle is concerned, but he feels that Grimlock needs to learn to be a little less bloodthirsty and a little more strategic. Deep down is his spark Grimlock knows he’s right.

    Some time later during one of the Decepticons more clandestine plans, Grimlock and all the other “primitive” Autobots (those with beast modes) were rendered completely savage and unreasonable due to the Decepticons using an alien species called the Unleashers to affect their mental processors. The Autobots had to battle their allies and almost destroy them in order to stop their rampage. Just before he went off-line Grimlock told Optimus that he would do what ever it took to get back at the Decepticons. Optimus immediately ordered Wheeljack to include Grimlock in a new experiment being conducted by the Autobots and the human automotive industry to repair and improve fallen Autobot warriors called Project: Binaltech. Wheeljack took all the innovations and improvements that had been made since the projects inception and applied them all to Grimlock making him the ultimate Binaltech warrior.
    Grimlock, of course, hated his new automotive body and constantly tormented the reconstruction team all through the process.
    Eventually the Binaltech Autobots, lead by “Masterpiece” Prime (the nickname Hot Rod gave to Optimus’ new form), were able to defeat the Decepticons and free the Unleashers from their control.

    With the threat of the Unleashers gone, the Autobots set about repairing and reviving their “primitive” comrades starting with Grimlock. He has been given a new body based on the design of his old one but with many improvements. His new T-Rex mode is no longer as heavy and bulky as the original due to the new ultimantium armour. It is virtually impervious to physical damage and absorbs all forms of energy attack.
    After his reconstruction Grimlock made some sort of sarcastic, but good natured, comment about his new body before leaving the repair bay. But on his way out he heard one of the Autobots say: “You know, it’s good to have ‘Classic’ Grimlock back.”

    Ultra Magnus

    Originally known as Dion, Ultra Magnus would not be the Autobot he is today if not for his friend Orion Pax, who would later become Optimus Prime.
    Dion was a free-wheeling road racer, more interested in fun and speed than anything else. One day, while racing through Cybertron’s sonic canyons, Dion lost control and crashed. He was so severely damaged that he could not even call for help let alone transform. He had been missing for so long that most had given him up for dead, but Orion refused to give up on his friend. Risking his own life by going into the most treacherous part of the sonic canyons, Orion eventually found Dion who was on the brink of going off-line permanently.
    During his recuperation Dion recognised the error of his ways and had himself re-formatted into a cargo truck and joined Orion working at the energy warehouse. Critically wounded during the Decepticon attack, Dion was found and taken to Alpha Trion, who used the schematics of Optimus Prime to rebuild him into Ultra Magnus. Though because he was growing short on supplies; Alpha Trion was unable to make Magnus as powerful as Optimus, so he augmented him with strength enhancing battle armour.

    Ultra Magnus became the commander of Autobot City and the warrior who Optimus Prime selected to lead the Autobots when he passed the Matrix to him on his deathbed following his battle with Megatron at Autobot City.
    Ultra Magnus is regarded with as much respect by his fellow Autobots as Optimus Prime was. He is almost as powerful and just as effective a warrior as Optimus.
    Many say that Magnus and Optimus’ origins are linked; some even speculate that they may be brothers due to the fact that under Magnus’ battle armour he is practically identical to Optimus.
    Even though his stint as leader was short he remains a respected and valued part of the Autobot hierarchy and Optimus Prime’s second in command.

    Rodimus Prime

    After Ultra Magnus fell at the hands of Galvatron, the young Autobot warrior Hot Rod recovered the Matrix and was transformed into Rodimus Prime.
    He was an adequate leader for the Autobots during the relative peace following the death of Optimus Prime and the scattering of the Decepticon army. But his effectiveness was hampered due to his reluctance to accept the burdens of command.
    After he returned the Matrix to Optimus Prime and was Hot Rod once again he decided to start taking the war much more seriously and took on some command responsibilities to better prepare himself should he ever be called upon to become Rodimus Prime again.


    Ginrai was a truck driver who was living and working on one of Earth’s colonies during the time when Rodimus Prime was in command. He had come into possession of the first Powermaster body that had been created for Optimus Prime that had been stolen and hidden on the planet by a rogue group of Decepticons lead by the Powermaster Overlord who was under the command of an ancient Decepticon entity simply known as Devil Z.
    Through unknown means, Ginrai found a pair of bracelets inside the truck that allowed him to transform and merge with it. And even though he looked and sounded like Optimus Prime, the great Autobot’s personality was not present in the body. It was, in effect, a glorified robotic suit of armour that Ginrai controlled completely.
    Leading a squad of Autobot Pretenders and some other Powermasters like himself, he defeated the Decepticons and drove them from the planet.
    Afterwards, in a process that has yet to be explained, the robotic forms of Ginrai and the other Powermasters copied and retained the personalities of the humans who operated them and became separate individuals from their human counterparts. They then followed the Decepticons into space to guard the planet from further Decepticon incursions.

    Star Sabre

    Already a great commander in the Autobot army, Star Sabre distinguished himself when he lead the Autobot forces, including Ginrai, who repelled the Decepticon’s second attempt to conquer the Earth colony lead by the malevolent and self styled Emperor, Deszarus.
    So respected a warrior is Star Sabre that he has become a very important figure among the Autobot hierarchy, and among the few to turn down the honour of becoming a Prime.


    Commander of the Micromaster forces, Countdown is one of the few Micromasters who used to be a full sized Transformer, but agreed to undergo the experimental procedure designed to reduce both size and energy consumption.
    Countdown was given the task of tracking down and combating the Decepticon expansionist forces throughout the galaxy. He has been to more worlds than he can even name, and because of this he is a fervourent supporter of the Autobots getting involved in combating evil and injustice in all it’s forms, not just the Decepticons.

    Dai Atlas

    Dai Atlas is the Autobot general who finally gained the respect and allegiance of the rebellious Micromaster legion. With their help he discovered a power source known simply as “Zone Energy” and used it to defeat the Decepticon generals who were under the command of an entity known as Dark Nova, who many believe was the non-corporeal essence of Unicron.
    So great and decisive was his victory that his voice carries tremendous weight on the Prime Council.


    After the defeat of Dark Nova and the return of Optimus Prime, somehow Megatron has returned more powerful than ever and both Autobots and Decepticons are threatened by an invasion from a second generation of Decepticons from beyond the galaxy

    Optimus Prime. (G2,Hero,Laser)

    To combat the new Megatron, Optimus Prime takes possession of the Matrix from Vector Sigma and is reformatted into a form almost identical to the one he took when he first came online on Earth long ago, only much more powerful.

    It quickly became apparent that due to their technical superiority the next generation Decepticons were a threat to both Autobot and Decepticons alike. Optimus then had himself upgraded to a more compact and energy efficient form that was more combat oriented to fight off the G2 Decepticon threat.

    Optimus Prime has taken the final step; his new form is practically a war machine. He is now equipped with shoulder mounted blasters, a hand held double barrelled canon, and a laser sword. His trailer unit now opens to reveal a battle platform armed with surface to air missiles, a laser disk launcher, and can launch long range ballistic missiles.
    Optimus doesn’t really care for this new form, but he realises that it is a necessity to finally end the G2 Decepticon menace.


    Among the many “New Cybertrons” created by the G2 Decepticons that the Autobots had discovered, they found one that was actually a colony of Cybertronians that had left Cybertron before the Great War. They called their world Gobotron, and they and their world look much like Cybertron and its inhabitants did many eons ago. They too had split into two factions much like their Cybertronian cousins had: the peaceful Guardians, and the evil Renegades.
    Knowing that Cy-Kill would seize the chance to join the Decepticons, Leader-1, the leader of the Guardians, welcomed the presence of the Autobots and he and his troops immediately merged their forces with them.
    Leader-1 now feels a much greater sense of belonging, that the Gobots are no longer alone in the universe, though it saddens him to know that his people’s progenitors are also embroiled in a civil war like his own.


    300 Vorns have passed since the end of the great Cybertronian wars and the Pax Cybertronia peace treaty has been passed. Cybertron has been given over to the care of the Autobots and Decepticons descendants, the Maximals and the Predacons. Two new factions developed at the end of the war as an offshoot of Micromaster and Pretender technology.
    The remaining Autobots withdrew to Earth and its colonies while the Decepticons went back to Charr and formed the Destron Nation.

    Optimus Primal

    While still on Cybertron during the war against the Quintessons and their mindless Vehicon drone army now known as the Machine Wars, he took the name Optimus and an alternate mode similar to that of the great Optimus Prime whom he idolized.
    Optimus was a well-respected member of the Maximal Starfleet and served with distinction on various missions as a junior officer gaining him rapid promotion through the ranks eventually getting command of his own exploratory vessel and crew, the Axalon.
    While on his first mission as captain, Optimus got an urgent communiqué from Maximal High Command that a rogue group of Predacons, whose leader called himself Megatron, stole a precious Cybertronian artefact, the Golden Disk, and he and his crew were the only ship close enough to give chase through transwarp.
    They wound up crashing on a strange alien world that had incredibly high energon levels, ejecting the majority of his crew in stasis pods in orbit. The energon levels were so high in fact that Optimus and his crew had to use the CR Chamber technology to take alternate modes that resembled the local indigenous life forms to shield them from the energon radiation.

    The first form he took on this world was that of a gigantic bat. It allowed him the advantage of flight, but its form was extremely fragile and he was severely damaged in his first pitched battle with Megatron.
    It was also Megatron, with a sense of historical irony that labelled him Optimus Primal.

    His second and much sturdier form was that of a gorilla. He could no longer fly in his alternate mode, but he could hang in a fire fight much longer.
    Through many battles he and his crew kept the Predacons from gaining control of the planet’s plentiful energon reserves. They even encountered an enigmatic alien race known as the Vok, who were using the planet for some unknown experiment. They viewed the presence of the Cybertronians as a contamination and decided to sterilize the experiment, by detonating the planet’s energon resulting in its destruction.
    Optimus flew a modified stasis pod into the heart of the planet killing machine, planning to eject before a transwarp explosion destroyed it. Unfortunately Megatron had tampered with it, preventing him from escaping. Optimus was destroyed along with the planet killer.

    The explosion of the planet killer resulted in three events; a massive radiation wave that mutated many of the Maximals into new more powerful Transmetal forms, it caused the remaining stasis pod to crash, and it revealed that they were in fact on prehistoric Earth.
    Optimus’ chief science officer Rhinox took a blank protoform and used a machine to travel to the other side of the Matrix to find Optimus’ spark. He was successful and Optimus returned to life in a new, more powerful Transmetal form.

    After learning that they were on Earth, Optimus suspected that Megatron had discovered the location of the Ark, the ancient spacecraft that first brought the Autobots and the Decepticons to Earth, and still contained them frozen in stasis lock, until they awaken in 1984.
    Megatron had decided to destroy Optimus Prime while he slept so that he could not lead the Autobots to victory, and thusly the Decepticons would rule. He very nearly succeeded. Megatron had destroyed Optimus Primes’ head.
    The Maximals managed to put Prime on life support, but he was too unstable to attempt repair, so Primal decided to take Prime’s spark, and the Matrix into his own body.
    Doing this caused the Matrix to reformat Primal’s body so that it could contain its power, changing him into (as Megatron called him) Optimal Optimus.
    Now a hybrid of Autobot and Maximal, OpOp now towered over his Maximal crewmates with the height and power of an Autobot, as well as two vehicle modes in addition to his beast mode.
    They succeeded in repairing Optimus Prime and replaced the Matrix back into him, restoring him to life.
    The Maximals spent the rest of their time on Earth guarding the Ark until they finally managed to defeat Megatron and took him back to Cybertron.

    Optimus awoke on Cybertron to find it deserted and neither he nor his crew could remember how they got there. Somehow Megatron had gotten back ahead of them and had managed to conquer the planet and steal the spark of every Cybertronian there.
    Primal, and what remained of his crew, were transformed into a strange blending of organics and technology by the Oracle, the ancient computer once known as Vector Sigma. Their new mission, given to them by Vector Sigma, was to restore the balance of organics and technology to Cybertron.
    Primal and crew were trying grow technorganic plants while Megatron and his Vehicon drone army tried to stop them.
    Eventually they were successful when during their final battle Megatron and Optimus fell into the organic core of Cybertron. The resulting explosion released all the sparks, restoring all the Cybertronians to life and covering the planet with a lush technorganic garden.
    Many think that Primal died as a result of this battle, this is not so, his body may have been destroyed but his spark has joined with Vector Sigma and he is now the voice of the Oracle, appearing to those who seek out the wisdom of Primus.


    Icebird is the leader of the Mutant faction. The Mutants were the first victims of Megatron’s transformation lock virus while it was still experimental. It did not go as planned. Instead of locking the four Fuzors into their beast modes, it altered them so they no longer had a robot mode and could now only transform between the two animals that had comprised their beast modes; in Icebird’s case these were a polar bear and a snowy owl.
    Icebird and the Mutants were deeply scarred mentally by this turn of events. They came to believe that they were the next evolution of the Transformer race, a purely organic being. They believe this so much that they refused to be returned to Cybertron.
    Now that Cybertron has been reformatted, the Mutants now occupy one of the planet’s technorganic forests. Icebird only leaves the forest reluctantly to meet with the Council.

    Primal Prime

    Created by the Matrix from a control suit once used to manipulate Optimal Optimus, Primal Prime is the Matrix incarnate. His personality is made up of pieces of past and present Primes. Once the leader of a rag tag group of Autobots, Decepticons, Maximals, and Predacons called the Wreckers, together they uncovered a plot by the Quintessons and their allies to manipulate the Oracle, influencing Optimus Primal to try to eradicate all technology from Cybertron and to replace it with purely organic life.
    Primal Prime now acts as the guardian of the Oracle ensuring that no one else will ever tamper with it again.
    As the Matrix incarnate he can communicate through it with any Matrix bearer, guiding them in times of great strife.
    He is now embroiled in a secret war against agents of Unicron who are attempting to re-energize the Chaos Bringer.

    Sometime after the Pax Cybertronia Optimus Prime decided that he never wanted to empty the Matrix of its power ever again, so he began the fragmenting of the Matrix crystal and the creation of other Primes.
    Each of these “lesser” Primes has a small fragment of the Matrix that will grow as their knowledge and experience grows. It will also be up to them who their Matrix will be passed to in the event of their deaths.
    These events all take place during Megatron 2’s conquest of Cybertron.

    Optimus Prime

    Now returned to a form more resembling his original Earth mode, for which he has an affinity, he still retains all the powers and abilities of all his previous forms, amplified a hundred fold.
    Some, such as Hot Rod and Bumblebee, now jokingly call him “Masterpiece Prime.”

    Sentinel Prime (Lio Convoy)

    The first of these new Primes is Sentinel Prime, who took his name in honour of the Prime who came before Optimus.
    After the Axalon vanished, Sentinel Prime was sent on Primal’s original mission: Go to the planet Gaea and investigate the strange energy readings.
    Once there they were ambushed by a Destron star ship under the command of the Destron, Galvatron II.
    Badly damaged, their ship crashed on the planet and they were forced to take beast modes due to the corrosive atmosphere. Sentinel took the form of a white lion.
    They discover that the energy, called “Argonmoa”, is in fact the energy that was released by the destruction of Unicron.
    In their final battle Galvatron and his troops are apparently destroyed, and Sentinel Prime and his crew vanished.
    Sentinel Prime and crew reappear much later to help Maximus Prime and Magmatron fight the Unicron possessed Galvatron. Victorious, the Cybertrons return home.

    Maximus Prime (Big Convoy)

    Maximus was by nature a “lone wolf”, often called the One Robot Army. Even after receiving his Matrix he preferred to work alone.
    The Cybertron Council decided that since he was now a Prime he needed to learn to be the leader they all sensed he could be. So he was assigned a crew of raw recruits.
    He too is sent to Gaea to ascertain the whereabouts of Sentinel Prime’s party and complete the as yet unfinished study where he and his crew must also take beast modes for protection from the atmosphere. Maximus takes the form of a woolly mammoth.
    There he encounters more Destrons lead by Magmatron, with whom he has a long standing rivalry.
    They have a series of battles over the energy with each side trying to gather more than the other.
    Finally though, they must join forces to defeat Galvatron, who claims to be Unicron resurrected.
    They are joined by Sentinel Prime and his crew who were trapped in subspace since the Argonmoa explosion.
    Magmatron apparently vanishes during the battle and Sentinel Prime and Maximus Prime defeat Unicron and return to Cybertron and begin its restoration. Unfortunately, they were ambushed by Megatron and his Vehicons upon their return.

    Prometheus Prime (Fire Convoy)

    Before becoming a Prime he had battled on countless worlds, saving countless lives. Once he was chosen to be a Prime he was given the name of the Titan, Prometheus, because of his love for all life forms and his willingness to go “above and beyond” to help them. There is also a hint of irony in his naming since the Titan Prometheus gave fire to mankind, and Prometheus Prime transforms into a fire truck.
    Prometheus Prime commands the Cybertron Dimensional Patrol, formed to keep others from attempting what Megatron II attempted when he tried to kill Optimus Prime.
    He and his Patrol followed the Destron general Gigatron through transwarp into another dimension where he and his followers were attempting to steal energy from an Earth that had never encountered Transformers before in their recorded history.
    Arriving before Gigatron, Prometheus and his troops integrated themselves into the society by posing as ordinary vehicles; some of them even had owners and “jobs”. Prometheus himself worked with that Earths Tokyo Fire Department posing as an ordinary fire truck.
    Their ruse worked and Gigatron was taken completely by surprise when he arrived and found the Cybertrons waiting for him.
    During their battles a lost expedition of Cybertrons was found by Gigatron, unfortunately Prometheus was unable to prevent him from reprogramming them into Destrons. They even found the long lost Cybertron, Fortress Maximus; the very thing that the lost expedition was searching for when they vanished.
    After defeating and imprisoning Gigatron and his troops aboard the Maximus ship, the Cybertrons returned them to Cybertron. Under interrogation some of Gigatron’s followers revealed the existence of the underground Destron movement called the True Path, of which Galvatron II, was a lead member with Megatron II, Magmatron, and Gigatron under him. They could not discover how many more Destrons belong to the True Path or who the leader of the organization is.

    Omega Prime

    The combination of Prometheus Prime and his brother Magnus, unlike the other combinations any of the other Primes undergo is a true combination; Omega Prime is whole new being created by the combination of Prometheus and Magnus.
    No one knows how this fusion is accomplished since neither Prometheus nor Magnus were designed to combine with each other.
    An effective and extremely powerful warrior, he can use any weapons and skills that his two components possess, but he also has the unique ability to shape the power of the Matrix that he carries into the physical form of the Matrix Sword; an unstoppable weapon of incredible power.
    Omega has the potential to be a great leader; unfortunately the fusion that creates him usually doesn’t last longer than it needs to since Prometheus and Magnus don’t get along very well.

    Fortress / Brave Maximus

    Long ago, Fortress Maximus fled Cybertron and went to Nebulos because he was tired of the war. Unfortunately the war followed him there. After many more decades of unceasing combat Fort Max couldn’t take it any more, he altered his appearance and had his star ship mode up-graded with the new transwarp technology and used it to seek refuge in Earth’s past. His Headmaster component, Spike had chosen to go with him since he no longer had any ties to this era because his son and wife had been killed during the course of the war. What they hadn’t counted on was that the transwarp conduit they travelled through actually took them to an alternate dimension, one where Earth had never had any contact with Cybertron. And there they lived out their days in peace. Until the day when Spike reached the end of his life and had his consciousness transferred into a robot body and re-named himself Plasma.
    Eventually the canyon where they lived caved in on them, and they decided to go off-line rather than dig themselves out. And there they remained until Prometheus Prime and the Cybertron Dimensional Patrol discovered them in 2001.
    Still only semi-conscious, they fell victim to Gigatron who drained away much of their power and used it to terrorize the world. Ultimately Prometheus Prime was able to defeat Gigatron and Fort Max finally returned to Cybertron with his Destron captives.
    They have now returned to Nebulos and have re-claimed their role as the guardians of that world. Now they call themselves Brave Maximus, and have vowed to never retreat from the war again until it is won.


    The Chaos Bringer Unicron has returned for vengeance. Having brought one of his bodies from an alternate reality he is headed for Cybertron to finally destroy his nemesis Primus and his creations.

    Armada Prime

    After serving with distinction as a commander in the Cybertron military he was critically wounded in battle. The Cybertron Council decided that they did not want to loose such an effective leader so they decided not to simply rebuild him, but to make him a Prime. Thusly Armada Prime was born.
    Given the dissolution of the Pax Cybertronia, he took the name Armada since he is in charge of the Cybertronian battle fleet.
    Heavily armoured and extremely powerful, he was a top student under Maximus Prime at the Cybertron Military Academy, and much like his teacher, is a force to behold in battle.
    Like most Cybertrons, Armada Prime would rather not fight, but is an effective warrior none the less. He is also the first in a grand experiment, the first non-combiner to receive the Combination Spark. He and a selected few within his command structure have been re-engineered to be able to combine to increase Armada Prime’s combat abilities, though they are not true combiners in the sense that they do not form a gestalt mind when combined.
    Since the renewal of hostilities due to the rise of the new Megatron and his new Decepticon army, along with the discovery of the lost third race, the Minicons, the war has reached heights not seen since the Great War.
    Armada Prime eventually had to join forces with Megatron and his Decepticons in order to defeat Unicron. Unicron was not destroyed however; he was heavily damaged and retreated through a space fold to avoid destruction. It appeared that Megatron made the ultimate sacrifice in keeping Unicron’s defences busy while the combined army could retreat and keep from getting pulled along with Unicron.

    Ultra Magnus

    While transporting the Overload weapons system, and it’s Minicon component Knockout, back to Cybertron for a systems up-grade Ultra Magnus came under attack by Decepticons and crashed on the planet of Junk.
    The Junkions found Ultra Magnus barely functional and Knockout was dead. So they decided to rebuild Magnus by using the Overload system as his new body. Since Magnus’ body was smashed beyond repair the Junkions took his spark and transferred it into the body of Knockout. It was then that an odd thing happened; when Magnus came back on-line the colour of his new Minicon body changed to match that of his old body, and when he combined with the Overload system it too changed to match the colour of his old battle armour.
    Ultra Magnus was re-born stronger and more powerful than before! He could even transform into the same massive weapon that Overload did and combine with Armada Prime. He has also partnered with three Minicons: Cosmoscope, Powerload, and Skyfire, the Stealth Space Team who combine into a blaster of incredible destructive power.
    Since the destruction of Unicron he has resumed his duties as the commander of Autobot City.

    After the apparent defeat of Unicron a brief state of peace returned to the galaxy until a Decepticon warlord calling himself Scorponok and his hoard of Terrorcon drones start attacking energon mining outposts in order to re-energize Unicron so that he can continue to cut a swath of destruction across the universe.

    Energon Prime

    Faced with increased power consumption due to the war the best energon miner in the Cybertron Energy Consortium was commissioned as Energon Prime. He and his force of warrior miners operate almost completely autonomously in search of new sources of energon. Sometimes they are so far from established lines of communication that only Primal Prime can contact him through his Matrix.
    Due to the success of the Combination Spark experiment with Armada Prime, Energon Prime was given one as well. Energon Prime can combine with his mining drones to give him increased mining and combat abilities as well be able to combine with a select few of those under his command.
    He has also granted the Combination Spark to his troops so that they can combine with each other as well to increase their combat abilities. He felt that this move was necessary since due to their mining activities they are usually in possession of large amounts of energon, making them likely targets for Decepticon attack.

    Rodimus Prime

    After many battles during the Great War, Hot Rod matured into an illustrious warrior and a distinguished leader.
    After the Pax Cybertronia was broken Optimus Prime convinced him to take a Matrix fragment and become Rodimus Prime again, in addition to being given a Combination Spark. It is speculated that the combination of the two is why his appearance differs from the last time he became Rodimus Prime.
    With his small platoon of warriors he patrols the outer territories of the galaxy, often aiding Energon Prime in his battles against Decepticon raiding parties.
    As with all of the few Great War leaders who survived that era, Rodimus is looked at with great reverence; it is even speculated that he will one day be chosen as Optimus Prime’s successor as head of the Council.
    He has recently become aware that Override, the leader of Velocitron, has issued a challenge to him. He was intrigued by this and by Override herself. He may have finally found an equal with whom to spend his time.

    Unicron is gone. His dark creation Galvatron, swelling with power, finally broke free of his influence and forced the Dark God through a dimensional rift apparently destroying himself in the process.
    Unfortunately the result of this was the creation of a gigantic black hole that not only threatens to destroy Cybertron and our galaxy, but perhaps the entire universe as well.
    Now there is a race to find the lost Planet Keys and the Omega Lock to awaken Primus and save the universe.

    Vector Prime

    Summoned by Primus, Vector Prime, one of his first creations, has travelled through space and time to aid the Cybertronians in saving the universe. Unfortunately he had the bad luck to encounter Megatron first. Somehow he had survived the destruction of Unicron and retained some of the Chaos Bringers power and physical attributes.
    Megatron duped him and stole Vector Prime’s map to the Cyber Planet Keys.
    Ashamed and betrayed, Vector Prime went to the Cybertron Council and explained who he was and what had happed.
    Reeling from the revelation that Megatron still lived, the Council understood how he could have been deceived since Vector Prime came from a time before the creation of the different factions.
    Vector Prime is teamed with Galaxy Prime and his crew to go out into the galaxy to find the Planet Keys.

    Galaxy Prime

    The most technologically advanced Prime in existence; Galaxy Prime’s mandate was to resurrect the deep space exploration wing of the Cybertron Starfleet that had lapsed due to the war. Regrettably his exploration duties must take a back seat to the directive to seek out and find the lost Cybertronian colonies that may contain the Cyber Planet Keys.
    Guided by Vector Prime’s wisdom and experience, he hopes to find the keys before the Decepticons can use their power to dominate the galaxy.


    Override channelled her frustration at being beaten by both Megatron and Hot Shot into the search for the Planet Keys. Tempered by a race for something greater than a mere trophy, she returns to Velocitron a new robot. She has upgraded her systems with components based on the technology of both Earth and Cybertron. With her body thus enhanced, she has come back to Velocitron as leader, and guardian of the Planet Key, so that she may rule with compassion and justice learned from the Autobots.
    She has since become infatuated with Rodimus Prime and has extended a challenge to him to come to Velocitron and race her. Secretly she wants him to come to her planet and stay there with her.


    Evac loves flying on Earth almost as much as he loved soaring over the epic skylines of Cybertron. He's been in hiding on Earth since guardianship of the Planet Key was passed on to him millions of years ago. He feels a keen affection for the people of Earth, whose history he has observed from its very beginnings.
    Courageous, determined and gentle, Evac avoids fighting when he can, but if forced into combat, he can be a very tough opponent. He is dedicated to the protection of other life in all its forms.


    Massive, quiet, and extremely protective of his home and its inhabitants, Metroplex is a kind, intelligent leader of his people, and guardian of Gigantian’s Planet Key. His huge size and quiet ways mask a swift intelligence capable of analyzing the most sophisticated difficulties and arriving at a course of action in seconds, though some have made the mistake of thinking him slow and stupid. He was, at one time, an eager and hideously dangerous warrior who developed his soft-spoken and carefully considered demeanour in an attempt to leave that part of himself behind. Because of this, Metroplex is slow to anger, but when he converts to combat mode he becomes one of the most fearsome opponents any transformer has ever faced.

    Optimus Prime

    Now returning to Earth after so long, Optimus has chosen to use the translink interface, developed by Wheeljack to control a new, more modern form while he and the Matrix remain on Cybertron. He still transforms into a truck, but he no longer has a trailer component, and is now armed with two powerful weapons that can be integrated into his vehicle mode for transport.

    Optimus Primal

    Having sensed the return of his nemesis, Optimus Primal’s spark has created a new body for himself on Animatros. Now a gigantic robotic gorilla he is still dedicated to stopping Megatron 2 from creating the kind of genocide that he has previously attempted. He too has found an ally on this planet in the form of Backstop, who greatly reminds him of his old friend Rhinox.
    Together they return to Cybertron, where Primal is honoured with a Matrix shard and a seat on the council. He has also gathered together al his old comrades to join him in his new quest to stop their old enemy.
  2. Shockwave 75

    Shockwave 75 Master of the Rules.

    Jul 1, 2002
    Trophy Points:
    And now the bad guys.



    When the Quintessons ruled Cybertron, they had guided the evolution of the Cybertronian into two separate races; one bred for labour, the other bred for war. The latter would evolve to become the Decepticons. After the Quintessons were driven from Cybertron a golden age of peace reigned for millions of years. Megatron; dissatisfied with the peaceful life, founded the Decepticon movement on Cybertron, and he and his followers would launch the Great War.
    Over eons of warfare Megatron became a powerful tyrant with many other Decepticon warlords under his command, all vying to take over his command; but his reputation for ruthlessness, brute strength, and military cunning kept most challengers at bay.
    Once one Earth, Megatron immediately saw the potential of this world as an almost limitless source of energy. He instantly set about plundering Earth’s resources to power his evil army and to take back to Cybertron and power the Decepticon conquest of the galaxy.
    His campaigns culminated in a sneak attack on Autobot City where he and Optimus Prime fought to the death. Both combatants fell; Optimus would later die of wounds, while Megatron would barely survive only to be thrown into deep space by his lieutenant Starscream.

    Shockwave (G1,AM,Alt)

    As Megatron’s second in command, Shockwave enforced Megatron’s commands with the logical efficiency of a machine bred for war. Cold and emotionless, Shockwave was the perfect lieutenant for Megatron who never questioned his loyalty; which is exactly how Shockwave wanted it. As Megatron’s trusted right hand, Shockwave was in the perfect position pick the ideal moment to make his move. But as luck would have it, he didn’t need to.
    When Megatron left to pursue the Ark into space he left Shockwave in sole command of the planet, of which the Decepticons held the most territory.
    Because Shockwave didn’t have the same reputation for brutality that Megatron did, many of the Decepticon warlords thought that this would be the perfect time to seize command of the army and the planet. They were sadly mistaken. Shockwave, who usually uses violence they way a surgeon uses a scalpel, is also arguably more powerful than Megatron. He easily fought off all challengers, driving most off the planet.
    He remained unchallenged for 4 million years until Megatron re-established contact with Cybertron.

    During Megatron’s long absence there was a fuel shortage on Cybertron, so a new fuel source had to be found, it came in the form of nucleon. Nucleon made the Transformers stronger, but it also caused any who used it to lose the ability to transform, eventually seizing up completely. But this was only the precursor to an evolution into a new form that came to be known as an Actionmaster. They were slightly smaller and more energy efficient, also much more powerful.
    Shockwave was one of the new Actionmasters. And he needed the extra power to fight off the escalating attacks on his seat of power. Once even Starscream tried to take command after Megatron’s “death”; Shockwave was all set to vaporize him when Galvatron showed up and did it himself.

    Currently Shockwave holds a scientific position on Earth, and thusly has adopted an alternate mode that blends in much easier, but has sacrificed none of his formidable power.
    Secretly he has been developing technologies that he plans to use to one day to retake the reins of the Decepticons.


    After Starscream’s betrayal, Megatron drifted through space until he encountered the dark god Unicron who offered him a deal: I’ll give you a new body if you destroy the Matrix. Megatron had little choice so he agreed, and Galvatron was born.
    His first act was to destroy the traitorous Starscream in an impressive display of force and retook command of the Decepticons.
    Galvatron revelled in his new power but quickly found that it came with a price: a short leash in the form of mental torture for disobedience.
    He actually succeeded in acquiring the Matrix from the then Autobot leader Ultra Magnus however he subsequently lost it to Rodimus Prime. During that battle Rodimus tossed him into deep space where he crashed on a planetoid covered in molten plasma. There he stayed, trapped in the plasma pits for a year until his lieutenant Cyclonus found him.
    Unfortunately the mental torture and the plasma bath had driven Galvatron completely insane.
    He wasn’t quite as an effective strategist after that but he was still a formidable warrior, only the strongest foes could stand up to him. And they are few.
    It is unknown what happened to Galvatron after a battle in Earth’s arctic with the Autobot Headmasters. He was blown into the ocean and vanished after a huge explosion. He is presumed dead.

    The Quintessons

    A malevolent race lead by beings simply known as the Judges, a group of five-faced dictators that control great technologies, the Quintessons were in fact once the rulers of Cybertron when the Cybertronians were still primitive. The Quintessons guided their evolution into two separate “product lines”, which were then sold as either simple labourers or as combat machines.
    Eventually their “products” rose up and over-threw them, lead by a being named A-3, who would come to be known as Alpha Trion.
    The Quintessons retreated to their artificial home world, Quintessa, and over time forgot about the rebellious little planet they had named Cybertron.
    Eons later a small group of Autobots would crash on their planet, and the Quintessons would again became aware of Cybertron and seek to re-conquer it. Trying to do so would find them temporarily in command of the Decepticons, before the return of Galvatron, and would eventually lead to the destruction of Quintessa. Afterwards they became a nomadic race separated into different groups with varying goals, but all dedicated to the re-taking of Cybertron.
    Ironically it would be one of the Quintesson Judges who would return Optimus Prime to life during the Hate Plague crisis.
    While the Quintessons often find themselves allied with the Decepticons, they are a threat to all Cybertronians in general.


    Not so much of a warlord as a master manipulator. Ratbat is in charge of all the Decepticon fuel resources on Cybertron, and as such he took it upon himself to take command in the absence of Megatron and Shockwave. None of the Decepticons even remotely likes Ratbat, but they have to do as he says or they will starve to death.
    As a commander, Ratbat has none of the charisma or power of Megatron and Shockwave that inspires the loyalty that their troops have for them, instead he has to rely on threats and intimidation to get his soldiers to follow his commands.
    Since the consolidation of the Decepticon forces Ratbat has lost much of his command authority but he is still the chief fuel officer and therefore still holds considerable power.


    One of the Decepticon warlords, Scorponok vied for Shockwave’s power in the absence of Megatron like all the others, but his long standing grudge with Autobot commander Fortress Maximus lead Scorponok to follow him into space, to the planet Nebulos where they found a civilization of human sized robots.
    In a bizarre form of arms race, both factions discovered that their own power and abilities were greatly increased when the bonded with the Nebulans. The Nebulans altered themselves to become the heads and weapons, respectively, of the larger robots.
    Scorponok was bonded to Lord Zarak, a corrupt politician who sought power above all else.
    As Headmasters (as they called themselves) the two individual personalities merged to become one mind, each acting as conscious or sub-conscious depending on if they were combined or not, but each was forever changed due to the merging. Lord Zarak has become harder, more ruthless; while Scorponok, still being a tyrant, has become more compassionate, more willing to negotiate rather than charge in guns blazing. The bonding has served to make Scorponok a more effective leader over all.
    After leading the Destron Headmasters back to Cybertron, he briefly fell under the command of Galvatron. After his disappearance Scorponok took command of the Decepticons.
    After many fierce battles he and his forces were driven from both Earth and Cybertron, and Scorponok was assumed destroyed, however no evidence of wreckage was ever found.


    Self styled “Emperor of Destruction”; after being driven off Cybertron by Shockwave, Deszarus commanded a rogue group of Decepticons in a far off sector of the galaxy. Deszarus is a cunning and effective leader, who is also very abusive and domineering. Though perhaps this behaviour is to compensate for the fact that he secretly has a soft spot for children and the young in general.
    After Devil Z and Overlord failed to conquer a colony of humans and Devil Z was destroyed, Deszarus seized command of Overlord’s remaining forces and proceeded to attempt to conquer the colony world himself.
    After fighting many pitched battles against the Autobot forces lead by Star Sabre, Deszarus was thought to be dead after Star Sabre destroyed his ultimate weapon. In spite of this many Cybertron spies claim to have seen him on Charr, most recently in an upgraded body.


    Obsessed with power, acquiring it, keeping it, and using it to tyrannize all who oppose him, he lives for the day when the Decepticons will rule the universe under his command. He is the meanest fighter to ever raid an enemy outpost. Skystalker Rockets across galaxies in his fearsome space shuttle, destroying everything in his path.
    Commander of the Decepticon Micromaster forces, Skystalker is one of the few Micromasters who used to be a full sized Transformer, but agreed to undergo the experimental procedure designed to reduce both size and energy consumption.
    Largely responsible for expanding the Decepticon Empire into the galaxy, Skystalker is a well-respected warrior and leader. Those who have treated him with contempt due to his diminutive size have not lived to regret their mistake.


    After the defeat of Dark Nova and the return of Optimus Prime, somehow Megatron has returned more powerful than ever and both Autobots and Decepticons are threatened by an invasion from a second generation of Decepticons from beyond the galaxy

    Megatron. (G2,Hero)

    After his apparent death, Galvatron resurfaces on Earth still weakened from his last battle. While trying to track down any remaining Decepticons he encounters the terrorist group known as Cobra. In exchange for Decepticon technology Cobra agrees to help Galvatron devise an experiment designed to siphon energy directly from Unicron’s ethereal essence and channel it directly into himself. The experiment is both a great success and a colossal failure. They did indeed make contact with the ethereal plane where Unicron’s consciousness resides and they did manage to start the energy siphon, which resulted in a massive power surge that had two unforeseen consequences: one was somehow causing Galvatron to reformat; the other was a massive explosion before the completion of the siphon.
    After the smoke had cleared the surviving Cobra technicians tried to communicate with Galvatron. The response was thus: “Galvatron is dead. I am MEGATRON!!”
    Somehow the experiment caused Galvatron to change back into Megatron in an all-new form. The full extent of his new power is unknown, even to himself. All he knows is that he aches to return to Cybertron to complete his conquest after he has seized the Earth and all its resources.

    It quickly became apparent that due to their technical superiority the next generation Decepticons were a threat to both Autobot and Decepticons alike. Megatron then had himself upgraded to a more compact and energy efficient form that was more combat oriented to fight off the G2 Decepticon threat. Afterwards Megatron lead the Decepticons back to Charr and seemingly vanished from the picture.


    Among the many “New Cybertrons” created by the G2 Decepticons that the Autobots had discovered, they found one that was actually a colony of Cybertronians that had left Cybertron before the Great War. They called their world Gobotron, and they and their world look much like Cybertron and its inhabitants did many eons ago. They too had split into two factions much like their Cybertronian cousins had: the peaceful Guardians, and the evil Renegades.
    After contact with the Autobots Cy-Kill delved into the history of his world and of Cybertron and discovered that the he was descended from the Cybertronians who had become the Decepticons.
    He branded himself and all his followers with the Decepticon symbol and vowed to conquer Gobotron in the name of the Decepticons, and to aid in their conquest of the galaxy.


    During a mission in space, the Guardians, who are now Autobots, literally run into a race of beings that transform into rocks and other organic materials. Their home world is embroiled in a civil war and they ask for the Autobots help.
    Through an eaves dropping device, Cy-Kill and his new Decepticons learn of this and make contact with the leader of the would-be world conquerors, Magmar. After demonstrating their superior power, Cy-Kill convinces Magmar to join the Decepticon forces in exchange for their help in conquering their world.


    300 Vorns have passed since the end of the great Cybertronian wars and the Pax Cybertronia peace treaty has been passed. Cybertron has been given over to the care of the Autobots and Decepticons descendants, the Maximals and the Predacons. Two new factions developed at the end of the war as an offshoot of Micromaster and Pretender technology.
    The remaining Autobots withdrew to Earth and its colonies while the Decepticons went back to Charr and formed the Destron Nation.
    Unsatisfied with the peace, an underground movement called The True Path has risen within the Destron Nation.

    Megatron II

    While still on Cybertron during the war against the Quintessons and their mindless Vehicon drone army now known as the Machine Wars, a Predacon aerial ace was approached by the True Path and eventually became one of their high ranking members. It was during this time that he first read the ancient text known as the Covenant of Primus, from which he took the name that he would become known by: Megatron. He felt that it was his destiny to succeed where the original Megatron had failed. And what better name to use than one that already engendered such fear.
    He quickly became irritated with what he saw as the lack of progress that the Tripredacus Council, the Predacon ruling body, and the True Path were making in elevating the Destrons to their rightful place as the rulers of the galaxy, so he and a fellow True Path member found a group of Predacons willing to take a great risk to gain great power.
    Megatron and his small band of Predacons stole the ancient Golden Disk; an artefact that they believed held the co-ordinates for a vast source of energon.

    They wound up being pursued through transwarp by a Maximal ship, and crashed on a strange alien world that had incredibly high energon levels. The energon levels were so high in fact that Megatron and his crew had to use the CR Tank technology to take alternate modes that resembled the local indigenous life forms to shield them from the energon radiation.
    The first form he took was that of an enormous crocodile. It was very strong but not very fast. He wound up being seriously damaged in his first pitched battle with Optimus Primal.

    Megatron decided to choose a new form from the planet’s fossil record, the savage Tyrannosaurus Rex. He no longer had the stealth that his crocodile form provided, but he willingly sacrificed stealth for power as his new form made him almost unstoppable.
    Much to his frustration, the Maximals continually kept him from gaining control over the massive amounts of energon that this planet held.
    Once the Vok appeared and made their intention to destroy the planet known, one of Megatron’s subordinates, Tarantulas, attempted to modify one of the Maximal stasis pods into an escape ship. Megatron anticipated this plan and took steps to take control of the ship and steer it into the Vok’s planet killer machine and destroy it with a transwarp explosion. A plan that ultimately succeeded, but with an added benefit: Optimus Primal was the pilot.

    The resulting radiation surge from the destruction of the planet killer mutated Megatron and some of his Predacons into new, more powerful, Transmetal forms.
    With his new power, and the knowledge that they were actually on prehistoric Earth, he decided to alter his plans: instead of gathering energon and going back to Cybertron to conquer and rule, he would use this opportunity to find the Ark, the ancient Autobot starship that brought the Autobots and the Decepticons to Earth, and kill Optimus Prime while he was still is stasis. Therefore, without his leadership the Autobots would lose the Great War and the Decepticons, and the Predacons would rule Cybertron and the galaxy.

    Much to his consternation his plan failed. He had succeeded in blowing Optimus Prime’s head nearly off, but the Maximals had managed to force him out of the Ark and repaired Prime. However in doing so, Optimus Primal also gained another more powerful form that Megatron dubbed Optimal Optimus by taking Prime’s spark and the Matrix into his body.
    To combat this new obstacle, Megatron devised his Transmetal 2 process. He created a device out of Vok technology that would artificially recreate the radiation that caused the first Transmetal mutations.
    After his first experimentation with the device, unknown to him, he had been bathed in its radiation but did not have the required power to initiate the Transmetal 2 process. Until he managed to re-enter the Ark to steal the original Megatron’s spark so it would give him more power the way Prime’s spark had given Primal more power. However, when he was in a weakened state after taking the original Megatron’s spark, his subordinates took him and dumped him into the lava in the surrounding volcano.
    The heat of the lava, the dose of radiation, and the added power of the second spark all conspired to transform him into a larger, more powerful form, that of a huge Transmetal 2 dragon.
    Unfortunately his added power still wasn’t enough to bring him victory. He was eventually defeated. The Maximals removed Megatron’s spark from him, strapped him to the hull of their shuttle and left for Cybertron.

    During the voyage through transwarp Megatron managed to free himself and fell out of transwarp. Somehow he managed to get back to Cybertron before the Maximals where he went underground, as he was a wanted criminal. He joined up with one of his former associates, Cryotek, and together they developed the Transformation Lock Virus, and created a new army of Vehicon drones. Megatron then betrayed Cryotek and infected him along with the rest of Cybertron with the virus. He used the virus to incapacitate the denizens of Cybertron, and then used his Vehicons to extract their sparks and place them all in containment.

    He then created an interface harness so that he could be in direct control of Cybertron and his Vehicons. Essentially becoming the main control of all Cybertron.
    During this time, and especially after the arrival of Optimus and the Maximals, Megatron became disgusted by the organic nature of his beast mode and made many attempts to purge himself of it.
    Eventually he succeeded, managing to transplant his spark into a gigantic floating mechanical head. One of his adversaries was heard to describe it as a floating tribute to Unicron, whose head once orbited Cybertron for a time after his first defeat.

    Contained within the giant head structure was a seldom-used smaller version that had insect-like legs for locomotion and its own robot mode. Most speculate that this body was rarely/never used by Megatron because either his personal plans for Cybertron and the disembodied sparks went in another direction, or simply because he no longer had access to it when the Maximals took over the huge head construct and/or it was destroyed when they crashed the head in battle.
    After many battles he and Optimus were thrown into the organic core of Cybertron, and Megatron was apparently destroyed. Though many claim to have seen his spark haunting the dark areas of Cybertron, most dismiss it as an urban legend.


    Cryotek was Megatron 2’s mentor while he was rising through the ranks of the True Path, and his collaborator during his conquest of Cybertron. But for all his aid, he was rewarded with betrayal. Megatron infected him with the virus and tried to steal his spark.
    Unknown to Megatron, Cryotek had immunized himself to the virus and used the detailed scans he took of Megatron’s body to clone one of his own that transformed into a giant ice dragon. He then allied himself with the Quintessons to manipulate the Oracle to tell Optimus Primal to eradicate all technology from Cybertron, thus making it easier for them to regain control of the planet.
    Primal Prime and his group of Wreckers eventually thwarted this plan.
    Cryotek escaped capture, and used the power he gained to become the pre-emanate underworld crime lord of Cybertron. He remains at large to this day.

    Galvatron II

    Galvatron 2’s true origins are shrouded in mystery, but as one of the generals of the True Path he seeks to bring the Destrons back to power on Cybertron. However, like all Destrons he wants to be on the throne when they do.
    After Megatron betrayed the True Path by stealing the Golden Disk and embarked on his own path to glory, Galvatron knew that he had to gain more power in case Megatron should return and try to overthrow Cybertron himself.
    He learned of Sentinel Prime’s mission to the planet Gaea and used his transwarp battle cruiser to arrive ahead of Prime and his team and ambushed the Cybertrons as soon as they came out of transwarp.
    Galvatron and his crew discovered that the Argonmoa energy was the very life blood of Unicron; released into the cosmos when his body was destroyed and immediately set about gathering as much of it as they could.
    In the final battle against Sentinel Prime, Galvatron and his troops are apparently destroyed.
    Galvatron would later re-appear possessed by Unicron and would attempt to make Cybertron his new body. He was ultimately destroyed in battle against Sentinel Prime, Magmatron, and Maximus Prime.


    Magmatron is a charismatic leader much like the original Megatron. He commands great respect among the Destron Nation. Like Megatron 2, Magmatron has every intention of running his own agenda and gaining enough power to lead the Destrons; but unlike Megatron 2, he will not risk his rank and position by openly defying the Tripredacus council. One of his attempts was to gather an army by reprogramming the remaining unformatted Maximal protoforms on Earth into Predacons when the Tripredacus council sent him after Megatron 2 to stop him. Unfortunately for Magmatron, one of the soldiers he took with him was actually a mole under the command of Sentinel Prime. He was tossed into a spacebridge portal meant for Megatron and ended up back on Cybertron.
    He took command of a ship and set out to the planet Gaea to acquire the Argonmoa energy that Galvatron 2 was after when he disappeared.
    On Gaea he encountered Maximus Prime and his troop of cadets. They had a series of battles over the Argonmoa energy, but eventually had to team up with Maximus Prime and Sentinel Prime to fight the Unicron possessed Galvatron, and stop him from turning Cybertron into his new body.
    Sadly their victory would be short lived, Megatron and his Vehicon hoard was waiting to ambush them all. Only Magmatron managed to escape, and eventually joined with the new Dinobots and helped bring about the defeat of Megatron.

    Gigatron / Devil Gigatron

    Gigatron was one of the most ruthless generals that the True Path had. He took his elite group of Destrons called the Destrongers through a dimensional rift to steal energon from an Earth that had never had any contact with Transformers in its recorded history. There he found that Prometheus Prime and his Cybertronian Dimensional Patrol were waiting for him. They had a series of battles where Gigatron and his Destrongers were generally out-matched. That was until Gigatron discovered a lost Cybertron expedition team whose mission was to find the lost Maximus brother, Fortress Maximus. He took their protoforms and reprogrammed them to serve him. He was much more successful with them serving him. Eventually they discovered Fort Max and Gigatron managed to siphon off much of his energy and became super powerful. He now called himself Devil Gigatron. He became too powerful for the Cybertrons to handle. Until Prometheus Prime and his brother Magnus merged into Omega Prime and formed the Matrix Sword and defeated him.
    Gigatron and his troops were imprisoned aboard the Maximus star ship and returned to Cybertron where they were turned over to the Predacon secret police. Their whereabouts are now unknown.


    The Chaos Bringer Unicron has returned for vengeance. Having brought one of his bodies from an alternate reality he is headed for Cybertron to finally destroy his nemesis Primus and his creations.


    The secretive head of the True Path is revealed; it is the original Megatron!
    Since the discovery of the lost third Cybertronian race, the Minicons, and learning that they can be used to augment the power of the larger Cybertronians, Megatron has altered his form to better take advantage of the Minicons.
    He has overthrown the Tripredacus Council and has once again united the Destron Nation under the Decepticon banner and has set out to capture as many Minicons as possible to use their power to help fuel Decepticon conquest of the galaxy.
    However the third rise of Unicron has upset Megatron’s plans and he has been forced to ally with Armada Prime and his Autobot forces to defeat him.
    Megatron, in an uncharacteristically altruistic move, seemingly sacrificed himself so that Armada Prime could use his Matrix to defeat Unicron.

    After the apparent defeat of Unicron a brief state of peace returned to the galaxy until a Decepticon warlord calling himself Scorponok and his hoard of Terrorcon drones start attacking energon mining outposts in order to re-energize Unicron so that he can continue to cut a swath of destruction across the universe.


    In order to re-energize himself, Unicron has pulled Cybertronian warriors from all over the Multiverse into a pocket universe he has created in order to siphon off energon from them as they do battle with each other. Razorclaw leads the Destron forces in this universe. He was the Tigerhawk in the universe that he comes from, however this Tigerhawk could not throw off the Vok influence and became an unparalleled malevolent force. Razorclaw seeks a way to release himself from Unicron’s grasp so that he can continue his quest to destroy the universe.

    Alpha Quintesson

    The progenitor of the Quintesson race, Alpha Quintesson took up residence with the burned out, de-energized hulk of Unicron. Here he hatched his scheme to rejuvenate Unicron by unleashing a hoard of Terrorcons; near mindless drones whose sole mission is to seek out energon and bring it back to Unicron. For this purpose he reformatted Scorponok to lead the Terrorcons and he in turn recruited other Decepticons to help him with the lure of ultimate power.
    However Alpha Q’s motives are not entirely malevolent. His true purpose is to re-energize Unicron so that he can restore his home world, which Unicron devoured long ago.
    Unfortunately he was not prepared for the reappearance of Megatron, who had been imprisoned within Unicron and was secretly siphoning the Energon that the Terrorcons were collecting. He promptly seized control of the Terrorcon hoard and forcibly made Scorponok a Decepticon again.
    Alpha Quintesson is not above working with the Autobots as long as it furthers his ends. In fact he seems to prefer it, as the Autobots are easier to work with since he doesn’t have to constantly worry about them trying to dispose of him to take his place.
    No one can say what will happen when and if Alpha Q gets his world back; will he be a force for good or evil?


    Scorponok has been drifting helplessly through space for ages having been abandoned by the Decepticons once he ran out of energy and was no longer useful as a mobile headquarters. The Nebulan half of the Binary bonded pair, Lord Zarak has long since died but his mind remains as a part of Scorponok’s central core. Even if he had enough energy he could never transform without his Headmaster. This is how Alpha Quintesson found him. Scorponok had drifted close to the remains of Unicron, and Alpha Q seized the opportunity to acquire a great leader for his Terrorcon army.
    Scorponok was reborn! No longer was he the hulkingly massive transformer that he once was; now he had a regular sized form with all the strength and power that he used to have. He set about his new task of gathering energon and recruiting his fellow Decepticons to help him.
    However the Zarak part of his personality remained the dominate half and he began to feel compassion and sympathy for his victims and enemies alike. To remedy this Galvatron submerged the Zarak personality and Scorponok became dominant and he went about his mission with ruthless abandon. But unknown to Galvatron, Zarak remained at the sub-conscious level, struggling to retake control of Scorponok. The effect of this is that Scorponok now has a conscience and thinks about his actions before he takes them.


    When attempting to distract Unicron so that Armada Prime could use his Matrix, Megatron was sucked into Unicron himself. His body was dead but Megatron’s mind remained conscious. He surreptitiously tapped the energon that Scorponok and the Terrorcons were bringing to Unicron and used it to create a new body. More powerful and more deadly than before, Megatron reclaimed the name of Galvatron; but unlike the last time he was Galvatron his mind has remained intact.
    Usurping control of Unicron, Scorponok, and the Terrorcons from Alpha Q, he has even managed to rally to his side the few Decepticons who had sided with the Autobots after the last Unicron War ended.
    Defeating the Autobots at almost every turn, he even attempted to tap the power of Unicron; but in doing so he left himself open to Unicron’s insidious mental manipulation and almost destroyed Cybertron.
    In spite of this he managed to throw off Unicron’s control and seemingly vanquished him permanently at the cost of his own life.

    Unicron is gone. His dark creation Galvatron, swelling with power, finally broke free of his influence and forced the Dark God through a dimensional rift apparently destroying himself in the process.
    Unfortunately the result of this was the creation of a gigantic black hole that not only threatens to destroy Cybertron and our galaxy, but perhaps the entire universe as well.
    Now there is a race to find the lost Cyber Planet Keys and the Omega Lock to awaken Primus and save the universe.

    Megatron (CYB,MM,CLA)

    Megatron has survived the destruction of Unicron and has managed to retain much of the power that he stole. The new power has altered his superstructure giving him many aspects of the Dark God. With a new body and new power he has taken to calling himself "Master" Megatron.
    After stealing the map to the Cyber Planet Keys from Vector Prime, he and his Decepticons set out to find the Keys and the Omega Lock to try and find a way to harness the power of the black hole and use it for his own dark ends.

    After being defeated Megatron returns to Charr and rids himself of the body that had failed him so miserably. Eventually, through the espionage of Soundwave and his cassette spies, Megatron obtained the schematics of Optimus Prime’s “Masterpiece” body and had one of his own constructed. Like Prime’s, it resembles the body he had while on Earth but it is much more powerful than his previous one. He now also mocks Prime by carrying replicas of the energo-sword and gun that he used to kill him during the battle of Autobot City.

    Like Prime, Megatron used the translink interface technology, stolen from the Autobots, to control two drone bodies. The first transforms into a massive battle tank, but his favourite is based on his current gun mode but upgraded with modern Cybertronian technology. It transforms into either a massive flying gun or can shrink down to be used by one of his subordinates. Either way his power is awesome.


    Scourge is the brutal and awesomely powerful ruler of Animatros, the jungle planet. He views any display of kindness, compassion or generosity as weakness, and he hates weakness. Cold, distant, and prone to violent rage against those he views as lesser creatures, he holds most of Animatros firmly in his transmetal claw.
    The arrival of the Cybertronians on Animatros has provided Scourge with the first real challenge he faced in a long time. However his inability to defeat Galaxy Prime has him stymied. Galaxy Prime embodies all the traits that Scourge considers weak, but he can’t seem to beat him. So Scourge has joined with the Decepticons in order to become more powerful. So that he can defeat all challengers, even Prime and Megatron.
    But something strange has been happening to Scourge that he can’t explain. The more contact he has with the humans that are accompanying the Autobots, the more he begins to feel the emotions he thinks weak, like kindness and compassion.
    It is clear to all but the most dense that Scourge could never be the same kind of tyrant that Megatron is, but since he still respects strength and power above all else he can never be fully trusted.

    Megatron II

    Somehow Megatron II has escaped the void and has been reborn on Animatros in the form of a robotic Tyrannosaurus. Pleased with his new form, though it may resemble one of his old beast modes it is now totally robotic. Using his cunning he plans to seek out some of the denizens of Animatros to become his new Predacon force so that he can attempt to retake Cybertron.
    He is aware that he now faces opposition from both Optimus Prime and the Autobots, and his namesake, the original Megatron and the Decepticons.
    Not wanting to test fate by challenging Scourge, and sensing Optimus Primal’s return, he and his new Predacons have fled through the spacebridge to try and steal energon from other planets and to try to sway other malcontents to follow his banner rather than his namesake’s.

    A confrontation between the two seems inevitable.
  3. Shockwave 75

    Shockwave 75 Master of the Rules.

    Jul 1, 2002
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    No one has any comments/complaints/suggestions?
  4. General Magnus

    General Magnus Da Custodes of the Emprah

    Mar 30, 2007
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    how about a reborn Armada Starscream?
  5. Shockwave 75

    Shockwave 75 Master of the Rules.

    Jul 1, 2002
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    Yeah, I could do that, but he's not a leader. Everyone else on my list is/was.

    I was to include Starscream I'd have to include Black Convoy (RID Scourge), and characters like the special teams leaders. All fine commanders in their own right, but they never lead their respective factions.
  6. Fairlady_Z

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    Sep 27, 2005
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    Rodimus vs. Override? Now that I'd like to see. Forget Arcee. I think you've just made me Rodimus/Override shipper.:) 
  7. General Magnus

    General Magnus Da Custodes of the Emprah

    Mar 30, 2007
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    i thinka armadar screameer would be aligend with the autobots. not beacuse he is good or anything is just beacuse he wants to protect Alexis from Unicron.
  8. Shockwave 75

    Shockwave 75 Master of the Rules.

    Jul 1, 2002
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    Yes, but the Armada kids are an abomination and are not a part of my continuity.
  9. General Magnus

    General Magnus Da Custodes of the Emprah

    Mar 30, 2007
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    Agreed. i once wrote a sequel fic for armada were the only present kid was Alexis ( in her 20s)

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