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    So my wife and i have our first child due in january next year and with the realisation that my days off wont be my own, which i'm over the moon with i decided when we found out i would utilise me free time productivley and reread all transformer comics and watch all the shows as i dont now if i'll be able to squeeze them all in again.

    So far i have completed the following
    • Marvel us g1 run
    • Dreamwave complete g1 run
    • Dreamwave war within complete series
    • G1 cartoon
    • Animated cartoon
    • Prime season 1
    • Headmasters cartoon

    Next up is the rest of the jap cartoons and making a start on the idw run of g1
    Keeping uk marvel run till end, same with prime season 2, waiting till i have them all to watch in one go. Its interesting, a friend gave me the entire us run in late 90's to read and i enjoyed them immensly, this time around i found it a lot harder and at points a chore.

    Looking forward to watching beast wars all the way through again although worried about whether it will hold up to how good i remember it being

    Anyone else done something like this?

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