My 4th year to participate shoebox for a charity mission

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by clonemanager, Nov 9, 2007.

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    Aug 16, 2007
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    I enjoyed the transformers figures I hunted down and opened each to pose/play , I also enjoyed grabbing more when they went on sales such as from the Black Friday or the day after Christmas or even simply clearance once a while...

    This year is my 4th year to participate and I packed up 3 boxes last year... so probably the same number of boxes to go this year. And the good news for the lucky kids is that a Cybertron Sideways, a Snarl and a Classic Dirt team minicons to be packed in the shoeboxes I am donating.

    btw, we all may join... here we go for the organization website FAQ... I feel like to share how we all may share the good stuff to the children in poor countries...
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    I've debated on whether or not to do TFs. Some of these boxes are going into a warzone and I'm not sure how it reflects, someone from the US sending toys with weapons.

    Maybe I just think too much.

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