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Discussion in 'Transformers General Discussion' started by SilverBlade, Jan 29, 2007.

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    Ah, the two disk set with all the intros and endings on it. I don't have all the titles, but I can tell you what series each track goes with.

    Disk 1:

    Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformer
    1) Transformer
    2) Peace Again

    Transformers 2010
    3) Transformer 2010
    4) What's you

    The Headmasters
    5) The Headmasters
    6) You Are a Transformer

    Super God Masterforce
    7) Theme of Super God Masterforce
    8) Burn! Transformers

    Transformer Victory
    9) Transformer V
    10) Cybertron Banzai

    Transformer Zone
    11) Theme of Transformer Z
    12) To You of the Future

    Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformer Beast Wars
    13) War War! Stop It
    14) For the Dream

    Beast Wars II
    15) Get My Future
    16) Super Voyager
    17) Uncertain, this is the end credits song though

    Beast Wars II Lioconvoy's Crisis (Movie)
    18) Space Dreamer
    19) My Shooting Star

    Disk 2:

    Beast Wars Metals (First Season)
    1) uncertain
    2) uncertain

    Beast Wars Metals Movie Theme (Bad Spark?)
    3) Hello, Toughness!

    Beast Wars Neo
    4) Love For Ever
    5) uncertain, BWNeo end credits

    Beast Wars Metals (Second Movie Theme?)
    6) uncertain
    7) uncertain

    Beast Wars Metals (Second Season)
    8) uncertain
    9) uncertain
    10) uncertain
    11) Halleluyah

    Transformers Car Robots
    12) Honoo no Overdrive
    13) Marionette

    Transformers Micron Legend
    14) Dream Again
    15) Never Ending Road
    16) Transformers ~Iron Courage~
    17) Don't Give Up!!

    Not too sure on the Beast Wars and Beast Wars Metals stuff, but the rest is right. For interest, the songs that aren't included are:

    Transformers Super Link:

    1) Transformer of the Sun
    2) Calling You

    Transformers Galaxy Force First Opening Single:

    1) Call You
    2) Itsumo

    Second Opening Single:

    1) Ignition!
    2) Growing Up!

    Between those three singles, and the song collection, you have every Japanese intro and ending except for Beast Wars Returns. The CD collection is worth getting, the original intros are all excellent, Cyber Nation Network's Beast Wars Second songs are very fun and upbeat, and the final six tracks on the second CD are some of the best TF songs ever written (Psychic Lover FTW!)

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