Music in "The Return of Optimus Prime"

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    Does anyone know who the composer was for the music in "The Return of Optimus Prime"? There is a piece that starts playing when Dr. Morgan yells "Get away from her you killers, leave my daughter alone, the ambulance it's one of them, they're taking away my jessica" and "I hate them Gregory, I hate them all" after the roof of the lab collapses and paralyzes Jessica Morgan. This piece continues as Gregory Swafford says " Mark, we're not hopeless,we can get even with them, we can use the spores, make the robots hate and destroy each other and remember, we have their leader. We have the body of Optimus Prime, When we're done the new Optimus Prime won't be the Autobots leader, he'll be their destroyer!"
    I was wondering if anyone knew the composer and title of the musical piece playing during this segment. The reason I ask is because it is the only musical accompaniment in film/tv/ and cartoons that has ever frightened me. Thanks for your help!


    P.S. I read somewhere that Dr. Morgan's Lab is supposed to be in Silicon Valley. I think it's looks way more like Portland, Oregon based on the trees and terrain. Does anyone else agree or think it was someplace else?
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