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    I am a trivial person- i like trivia or novelty in things and one thing i like is music with samples. pop culture, obscure, i don't care. i just like samples.
    for example:

    this song uses a sample from "Night of the Living Dead".

    i was wondering if any of you know of any bands/DJs or whatever that are sample users (and the music is pretty good to boot.)

    samples are a good mental workout for me. like when you are talking about that movie with that guy that was in the movie with the guy that used a gun in a movie with bad guys...and it nags you that you can't say his name. i like to listen and think it over and over till i can solve it.

    it doesn't have to be just techno/dance. i have rock and other genres that use samples:
    "Civil War" by GNR is one.
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