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    All these auctions are for opened items that primarily sat on shelves or in boxes for years. There are a few other auctions too. Still all Transformers. The only thing never opened is the Ruination set and even though they're sealed, their cards are slightly curved. Not bent, curved. ******ed as that sounds...

    TRU MP Rodimus

    Generations Classics Universe multi lot

    Armada & Energon multi lot

    RiD Ruination set

    A bunch of PCCs

    Venom car, Ghost Rider bike and Iron Man hummer

    BiS 2 pack

    Japanese Micron Legend Shockwave

    I'm letting my dear fiance do this auction with as little input from me as possible because I've had it up to here with selling anything on eBay.

    Some may say "Ships Worldwide" but he's not shipping worldwide. If you're in North America, you're good. Anywhere else, disregard the "Ships Worldwide" thing. He couldn't fix it so I had to go through and push forward a forced ban on bidders outside of the specified regions from being allowed to bid. It still SHOWS "Ships Worldwide" but supposedly if you try to bid outside the parameters I gave on eBay, you won't be allowed to.

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