Multidimensional Transformers Game?

Discussion in 'Transformers Video Game Discussion' started by Magnum Dongus, Dec 2, 2017.

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    Sep 1, 2017
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    So recently I've been getting into the concept of a multiverse in Transformers fiction, and this gave me an idea of what could be a really cool game: a Transformers game that takes place (partially) in Axiom Nexus, and has your character go around to all the transformers universes to try and stop a threat to the whole multiverse. Perhaps it could be Megazarak from that one Viron universe, and he is trying to take over (or destroy) a whole deal of universes in the Transformers multiverse. It would serve as a really awesome way to give publicity to the concept of a multiverse to the mainstream audience, to revisit certain universes that are popular among more dedicated fans, and to be able to see multiple versions of characters interacting with each other. What would y'all think about this?

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