MS Igloo 2: The Gravity Front

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    Just saw the first episode of MS Igloo 2: The Gravity Front, here's a bit of synposis and first impressions.

    While MS Igloo, the first series, focuses on Zeon grunts, the sequel sees things from the other side and switches the focus entirely to the earth for the point of view of Federation grunts in the beginning of the invasion of the earth by Zeon forces, before the introduction of Federation Mobile Suits.

    In other folks, it's a bloodbath, with the Feddies outgunned, outclassed and with only numbers and area knowledge on their side.

    I have to say it was nice to see the Zaku used as a credible military threat rather than just as expendable cannon fodder for the Gundam. To defeat just one Zaku took strategy, cunning and sacrifice for the group this first episode focuses on and what's more, they had a mission to take out three.

    The CG seems slightly better than that used on the first series, though at times the characters seemed to slide into the uncanny valley a bit too much for my taste. In addition, there is a weird possible hallucination one of the ground commanders keeps having that seems a bit out of place for an otherwise serious, gritty view of the Sci-Fi war.

    All in all, if you are a U.C. Gundam fan, I highly recommend checking this out. Heck, if you just like a gritty war story with the odds stacked against the protagonists, check it out. I'll definitely be back for the second part, which promises to focuse on the Type-61 tanks that were the background of the Feddie forces before Mobile Suits.

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