MS-01 Storm Emperor (not-Megatron)

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    Okay so once again I find myself with a third party figure that no one has properly reviewed except for some half-hearted attempts by youtubers. Not feeling like taking another round of crappy pics so it's a straight right up this time, maybe I will add pictures later.

    Robot Mode - right out of the box this is how he comes. The figure looks great and has an excellent deco. The silver looks very nice there's a ton of small details that are well highlighted and this is undeniably IDW pre-Earth Megatron. I haven't noticed any bad paint apps but I haven't taken a magnifying glass to the figure either, not that I plan to. I just know it looks good.

    The articulation is great, he moves everything that he should be able to with a decent range of motion, however there are problems with the core engineering.

    For starters he's partly die cast. I had no idea. This gives him some weight issues. While most of the joints hold up well, it leaves him a bit floppy. His feet always slide down which means you will usually need both hands to set him down, one to hold the figure and the other to straighten his feet. The tread pieces connected to his back aren't secured by anything and that is a problem. I can't get them to sit flush against the body unless he is leaning down, they always dangle backwards, just barely hanging on. The shoulder pieces also like to slip down but that's how they looked in the comics anyway so it is fine. With the guns pegged into his forearms it keeps them from slipping all the way down which is good.

    Despite some parts being lose others are perfectly tight. He can hold all his weapons without any trouble, his arms can strike a variety of poses without losing grip. His feet even do quite well as long as the ground is there to keep them in place.

    Transformation is not as complicated as it appears to be. the trick is getting the rear skirt assembly into proper shape for the tank mode but once you figure that the rest is simple. I did have some trouble pegging the arm sections together to make the turret. The one clip was just way too thick for it's matching slot. I had to take a knife to shave the clip down and to open the slot up. It doesn't snap into place but it does fit and holds pretty well. Still a shame to have to do that.

    The floppy treads are even more irritating to transform. You might as well just take them off and save them for last or they will keep dropping throughout the process. Also make sure you start with the legs as collapsing them is very tricky when you've got the front section so delicately secured. Also note that the hards are really tight when folding away. When putting him back into robot mode you will need a tool to pry the hands out with. Keep a screwdriver around. It's the same for the smaller arm-canon that pegs into the front of the skirt/bucket. There's nothing to grip to pull it out again so you will need a tool to get in there with.

    Once everything is together the tank form holds together pretty well. The turret is functional, the guns and missile launchers can rotate, and he looks so much better than the previous official attempt in the Titanium line (although I suppose that was technically Dreamwave Megatron, but meh). The only problem is in the deplorable treads. All four treads have to be pulled out but all four are prone to collapsing again just by handling the figure. You will also need a tool to deploy these treads as they are in very tight and there isn't much to grip. Interestingly enough, the rear treads are a bit easier to deploy, but don't snap into place like the front treads so they are the ones you will more frequently collapse again.

    Note that if the main turret is aiming low, it is because you don't have the front tread pieces tabbed in right. There are tiny holes on the base of the turret piece for the tiny pegs you flip out on the treads, getting the pegs into the holes is tough because it is hard to see but you will feel the pegs go in and they will help hold it up better (not perfect, but better than it is shown in many a video review)

    He looks great on the shelf, can be well posed, and scales well with Generations figures, but between some parts literally falling off and others that you need a tool just to budge, he doesn't have much playvalue. A nice piece for a collection but not something you want your kids to get a hold of.

    I got him from TFsource for a good price so it doesn't feel like I wasted my money. He's a good fit if you want a proper threatening megatron to lead your WfC and FoC generations figures. There's really nothing else out there that can fit that description as far as I know, so if that's what you're looking for, enjoy.

    Edit: Here's a pick for you. Finally got that KO Voyager class FoC Optimus. They look great together, and he looks great next to classics Megatron. Finally something to fill that whole so very nicely.


    Here's a stock photo for good measure.
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