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Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by dragooner, Sep 2, 2008.

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    Hi everyone - would love to get some longtime G1 wants off my list. I prefer complete, but may be willing to negotiate if they aren't.

    What I have:
    1) MP-01 Masterpiece Convoy (Takara) MISB C9 Box
    2) MP-03 Masterpiece Starscream (Takara) MIB
    3) MP-04 Masterpiece Convoy & Trailer Complete Version MISB C9 Box
    4) Binatech BT-15 Blue Type-R Integra Prowl MISB
    5) Hasbro Commemorative Toys R'Us exclusive G1 Reissue Optimus Prime MIB
    6) Hasbro G1 Exclusive Pepsi Optimus Prime (2007) MISB
    7) Hasbro Masterpiece 20th DVD Edition Optimus Prime MISB
    8) Alternators Dodge Ram SRT-10 Optimus Prime MISB
    9) Chinese Knock-Off G1 Optimus Prime MIB
    10) Chinese Knock-Off G1 Optimus Prime MIB

    What I want:
    1) Fortress Maximus (I know, yeah right, eh?)
    2) Scorponok
    3) Chromedome
    4) Hardhead
    5) Highbrow
    6) Brainstorm
    7) Wierdwolf
    8) Apeface
    9) Snapdragon

    Thanks for your time!!

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