MP Starscream, TFC Reissues, and More FS

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Rattrap, Aug 16, 2007.

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    Ok, here goes another sale. I need money really badly to settle some of my debts, so I have to sell some of my TFs sadly. I will ship to US and Canada only, with Priority with DC and Insurance. I accept Paypal only for payment. Prices do not inclued shipping. Discounts for more you buy. PM with any questions, Ill try to get some pics up later today. Whole lot for $175 shipped

    MP Starscream MIB- some paint ware, complete, very little damage to joints, 1 tip of tailfin broken off $85

    TFC Reissue Stepper MIB-basicly just opened and displayed, 1 missile removed $30

    TFC Reissue Hound MIB, stickers applied, 1 missile removed from tree $45

    Beast Wars Tripredacus(combiner)-Loose, complete, very nice condition other than 1 of the missiles being broken $35

    Cybertron King Starscream-Loose, complete, some ware on paint, some dings here and there $35

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