MP Prime Trailer, faith leader, the igear base

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by Demonss, Jul 1, 2010.

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    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a few things, not sure if anyone's got them for sale or not as my search of the for sale thread hasn't turned up much for any of these, and the ones that have shown up have sold sadly.. :( 

    I'm looking for an MP Prime trailer. it can be a transforming one or non transforming. - attained!!

    Faith Leader - Though nemesis leader is a possibility instead, and the igear base.. If you've got any of these for a reasonable price, please let me know how much and how much it would cost to ship to zipcode 20109, and maybe we can work something out!

    I do have some things I'm willing to trade for these.. I'm working on making a trade thread.. But some things of note..
    MISB ROTF Superion
    MISB ROTF Bruticus - Box is a bit banged up, I do have another box for one that I've opened that I could switch it with if it was an issue
    MISB ROTF Bludgeon

    I'll be listing more things in a trade thread soon.

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