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    A Brain child of Soundwave and Megatron for a new breed of seeker, one that doesn't need energon to survive. Instead Lightning storm can harness the power of lightning for his energy source as well as his weaponry. Starscream has found himself in a situation where once agian he needs to prove to Megatron that he is still useful!

    Custom Transformer Master Piece LIGHTNING STORM | eBay

    This is a custom MP Seeker Lightning storm and has all the articulation of a normal MP seeker, I have done the hip kibble mod to shorten the tail fins so they no longer attach to the hip but directly to the side of the leg. This gives a better stream line look and doesn't interfere with transformation at all. The base has been customized to keep the Lightning storm theme and a poweful LED has been placed in the base for night time illumination (or to replenish his power!) Alot of time and effort went into him and I hope it shows. He was cleaned, wet sanded and prepped before paint applications after ample cure time, the clear coats were then applied. The guns have a detachable lightning burst as seen in pics above (alittle extra touch I thought he needed!)

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