MP Grimlock, Arialbot Crossfire, Botcon Skybyte etc

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    Looking to sell these or trade. I tend to ship First Class with Delivery Confirmation to avoid outrageous shipping fees. I accept paypal, please do not ask me to hold stuff if you do not intend to pay. My wants will be listed Below.


    MP Grimlock TRU Exclusive- Loose/ Complete. Still nice and minty and only transformed 3 times. Was a display piece. Asking $65 plus $10 shipping within the US. -Might be on hold till Wed but feel free to offer

    Crossfire 1 set with Energon Limbs- Loose/ Unknown if complete as I havn't messed with the set in ages. Im pretty sure its all there minus the extra visor but unfortunately don't have time to check. Energon limbs are not complete and the Main limb can be considered a junker. Displays great! See pics, Asking $50 with $7 shipping. On Hold for 24hrs

    Movie 1 Walmart Fracture- Loose/Complete, Asking $12 Plus $2 shipping- On Hold

    Botcon SkyByte- Loose/Complete with Paperwork, Asking $35 Plus $3 shipping

    Energon Dark Galvatron custom- Comes with unpainted tank. Paint went on nice and clean with no visible Rubs. This is the Leader Class figure that I painted about 2 yrs ago. Just trying to make space for new stuff. Asking $20 plus $8 shipping


    RTS Wreck Gar- Pending Trade
    Junkion Blacksmith Evil Commander Headmaster
    RTS Windcharger- Pending Trade
    RTS Lugnut- Low Priority- Pending Trade

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