MP Coronation Starscream Cape upgrade

Discussion in 'The Junk Pit' started by Slimaximus, Feb 25, 2010.

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    I was never happy with the cheap cape that came with the Coronation set for MP Starscream so am having my wife create a new cape for the set using crushed velvet cloth. Same design but the seams and borders of the cap will be stitched so they aren't flimsy and cheap looking(they cut out a piece of cheap crap material)

    My question to you all is would anyone else be interested in one, should have a prototype ready within the next week with pictures and considering the time and craft nature of it It probably going to be a $15-$25 range per cape(no shipping cost) a final number of course won't be available until the proto is finished and she makes the 1st production model for time/labor of making each cape.

    So either post here or pm if your interested and I'll get pictures up as soon as its ready.
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    FYI, I had an issue with using my Walmart MP SS with Coronation Kit as my "Star" on my christmas tree, well my tree got hit by my cat and SS fell 5 feet to the ground, breaking the crown. I hit up ebay for a replacement kit, and the new cape that came with it was stiched all around, and a better match for SS purple. So you may have been beat to the punch on this one, but my hat's off to you, because trust me prior to my new one, i was cursing the cheapness of the material.

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