MP-01, United Tracks and more

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by petes2177, May 26, 2012.

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    Looking to let go of a couple of figures. Will accept payment as a gift through PayPal. Pictures can be provided on request, just PM me!! My feedback can be found in my signature.


    MP-01- Complete with box, accessories and baggy of stuff. The stock on the Megatron gun is broken but is still secure for display. I bought it for 120, but since the stock is broken, I'll sell it for $110

    United Tracks- Loose/complete. $35

    FE Deluxe Arcee- Loose/complete. $15

    DOTM Leader Sentinel Prime- Loose/complete. $20

    DOTM Deluxe Topspin- Loose/complete. $5

    ROTF Deluxe Ratchet- Loose/complete. $5

    ROTF Deluxe Ironhide- Loose/complete. $5

    Movie 1 Premium Series Deluxe Jazz- Loose/complete. $5

    DOTM Legends Topspin, Leadfoot and Roadbuster- Loose/complete. Only selling as a lot, $8

    DOTM HA Skids- Loose/complete. Tried to do the Matt Booker backpack mod on it and messed up somewhere, so the vehicle mode isn't sleek and perfect. Robot mode is same as original. Good for display! $10

    Generations WFC Bumblebee- Loose/complete. $5

    Generations Drift Loose/complete. $5

    TFTM Deluxe Scorponok- Loose/complete. $5

    ROTF Deluxe Soundwave- Loose/complete. $5

    Buy all eight $5 deluxes for $25

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