Moving sale: G1-DOTM + Shape Shifters

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    All toys loose/complete unless noted. Paypal only. I'm shipping from Canada.


    -DOTM Tritanium Heat Blade Claw Exclusive MechTech Weapon (MISB)
    -DOTM Cyberverse Legion Bumblebee (the one that came with the playset)
    -DOTM Deluxe Bumblebee (right shoulder tends to pop off)

    -RTS Deluxe G2 Optimus Prime

    -Botcon 2008 Minicon Razorclaw
    -Botcon 2008 Minicon Rampage
    -Botcon 2008 Divebomb

    -KO WST G1 Optimus Prime w/ trailer
    -KO WST Music Label iPod Ultra Magnus w/ trailer

    -KO G1 Cyclonus (loose/complete/stickers applied)

    -HFTD DLX Sidearm Sideswipe

    -Animated DLX Prowl
    -Animated DLX Samurai Prowl
    -Animated DLX Ratchet
    -Animated DLX Cybertron Mode Ratchet
    -Animated DLX Cybertron Mode Ironhide
    -Animated DLX Lockdown
    -Animated DLX Blazing Lockdown
    -Animated DLX Jazz
    -Animated DLX Swindle
    -Animated DLX Blackarachnia
    -Animated DLX Swoop
    -Animated DLX Snarl
    -Animated DLX Oil Slick
    -Animated DLX Blurr
    -Animated DLX Jetfire
    -Animated DLX Jetstorm
    -Animated DLX Waspinator
    -Animated DLX Sentinel Prime
    -Animated Takara DLX Rodimus (MOSC)
    -Animated Takara DLX Bumblebee (MOSC)
    -Animated Voyager Blitzwing
    -Animated Voyager Lugnut (non-production head)
    -Animated Voyager Wreck-Gar
    -Animated Voyager Grimlock
    -Animated Voyager Skywarp
    -Animated Voyager Sunstorm
    -Animated Voyager Blackout
    -Animated Voyager Shockwave
    -Animated Activators Grimlock
    -Animated Activators Bulkhead
    -Animated Activators Ratchet
    -Animated Activators Lockdown
    -Animated Activators Cliffjumper
    -Animated Happy Meal Lugnut
    -Animated Happy Meal Ratchet
    -Animated Happy Meal Blitzwing (France exclusive)
    -Animated Bumper Battlers Ratchet
    -Animated Bumper Battlers Bulkhead
    -Animated Bumper Battlers Jazz
    -Animated Bumper Battlers Lockdown
    -Animated Impossible Toys Sari
    -Animated Impossible Toys Sumdac
    -Animated Impossible Toys Fanzone

    -ROTF Legends Tankor
    -ROTF Legends Grindor
    -ROTF FAB Starscream
    -ROTF FAB Grindor
    -ROTF Scout Knockout
    -ROTF Scout Scattershot
    -ROTF DLX Gears
    -ROTF DLX Arcee

    -Movie 1 DLX Savage
    -Movie 1 DLX Overcast
    -Movie 1 DLX Camshaft
    -Movie 1 Legends Jazz (redeco)
    -Movie 1 Legends Desert Blackout
    -Movie 1 Legends Barricade (MOSC)
    -Movie 1 Voyager Inferno (no Minicon)
    -Movie 1 Unleashed Megatron

    -Energon DLX Kicker/Highwire
    -Energon Burger King Ironhide (UK exclusive)

    -Armada DLX Sideways

    -Kabaya BW Neo Break
    -Happy Meal BM Blackarachnia

    -SWTF Ahsoka Tano (MOSC)


    -Sabretooth (tiger)
    -Spiderman (bat)
    -Juggernaut (tank)
    -Hulk (dino)

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