Moving out sale! BTs, Alts, Galaxy Force, Exclusives, & more (all minty fresh!)

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    Aug 2, 2008
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    Be confident when buying from me, I am a serious collector, I do not play with my toys.
    ALL DISPLAY purposes only! ALL great condition! I package super well too!
    Have over 100 transactions on ebay with 100% satisfication rating!!!

    Just looking to get back what I paid for them, trying to be as fair as possible with the pricing, moving very soon.

    Message me if you are interested! The pricing I listed are without shipping, I live in the United States.

    If you buy a lot we can work out package deals!

    100% Complete Galaxy Force Convoy + WingSabre
    TAKARA version w/ chrome! Must have for serious collectors, sweet combiner!
    Check out ebay, the MISB convoy & sonic bomber sells for $89.99 each!!!
    You can have both for just $129.99!

    MIB Alternators Mirage, used for display purposes only!
    Joints are tight, brand spanking new, looking for offer of $54.99

    MIB Binaltech Jazz Meister with reprolabels! Takara Japanese Die-Cast!
    I do not play with my toys, stickers were applied and that was about it!
    Looking for offer of $109.99, basically you are buying MISB + stickers

    100% Complete BT-Swindle; Japanese Die-Cast Version! Selling for $39.99

    MISB Lawson GOLDBUG Bumblebee! Very mint! looking for offer of $129.99

    MISB Binaltech #7 Smokescreen with #1 on car and shoulder cannon!
    Takara Die-Cast Japanese version,Ebay been selling it for over $130!
    I am selling for $119.99

    I got 100% complete Reprolabeled Binaltech Silverstreak, display purpose only! for just $79.99 + Shipping! The stickers were $16 by themselves! That is just 60ish for the Silverstreak Binaltech Die-Cast Metal version!

    I got Sam's Club Exclusive 3-pack BATTLE-DAMAGED Movie Prime, Starscream, and Arcee.
    I can sell it MISB for $45 + Shipping, but if you buy it loose, I can sell it with free shipping to U.S.! Just $45 shipped! Retail value of the toys itself would be over $50!

    MISB Sunstreak Alternator for $34.99

    MISB Skids Alternator for $24.99
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