Minor/Repaint: Movie Voyager Megatron Arm-Cannon - Mod

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by BetaSword, Apr 1, 2008.

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    I don't know if this was posted somewhere befor(the search-Function didn't gave me good results).

    Well, I've just thought that the Movie Voyager Megatron I've brought didn't had his Arm-Cannon on the right Side, whis was, as far as i can remember the Right Side, not the Left.

    So I thought, let's just switch it's Side.

    A Screwdriver, preferrably a small one, in order not to scratch the surroundings of the Holes, as we don't want scratches.

    Well, here's the way, I've get it going:
    1. detach the lower Arms
    (the joints holding it to the black Shoulder-Parts are a bit like Ball-Joints)
    2. now remove the Cannon-Connectors from the Lower-Arms
    (simple Pull-off-Method)
    3. now lay the Cannon on a flat surface and unscrew the lower casing
    (you should be careful not to loose any Parts)
    4. when you remove the lower Casing, you can easily remove the Cannon-Connector and reconnect it to the other side of the Cannon
    (don't mess up the direction of the Cannon-Connector, the Metal inside it's Joint is supposed to face down while the cannon still lays open on the surface.)
    5. then carefully reattach the Lower casing of the cannon and fasten the screws.
    (make sure you don't misplace any internal parts of the Missle-Launcher-Feature, you should see, how those parts fit's in there)
    6. reattach the Cannon with the Cannon-Connector to the Lower arms.
    (don't switch the Lower-Arms, flat portions of the Cannon-Connectors should face away from the elbow)
    7. reattach the Lower-Arms to the Shoulders

    - Classic Positioning of the Arm-Cannon
    - The Cannon-Connectors have the Metal-Parts facing to the Back in Robot-Mode, giving it a better Look
    - The Metal-Parts of the Cannon-Connectors were upside in Alt-Mode, thus , that mode is looking a bitlesser good.
    - You've modified your Toy meaning, that you most probably lost the Guarantee

    I'm actually not to blame, if you mess up your Toy because of trying to make the same Modifications, but I hope you'll like it that way a bit better.
    This modification is reversible, as you don't need to cut, bend or remold anything, only a bit screwing is needed.

    I know, that my Photos have a horrible Quality, I've only got a simple Handycam(Nokia6020) to take these and well, It's not that enlighted, as i took the Photos during Night.

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    This'll be an even nicer article if you can retake the pictures sometime when you can get good bright lighting :)  Thank you for submitting this though.

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