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    Okay, so I did it. I wrote a story based off the movie. :lol  Now, I don't know if I will keep up with this or not, but I needed to do something different. This is completely different verse, kind of throwing in my verse to blend with the movie. Don't even know if it will work or not. :lol  So, you will see that my characters make an appearance in this story as well.

    And if you haven't seen the movie, spoilers. ;) 

    Chapter 1

    With the Allspark gone, we cannot return life to our planet. And fate has yielded its reward, a new world to call, home. We live among its people now, hiding in plain sight, but watching over them in secret; waiting, protecting. I have witnessed their capacity for courage, and though we are worlds apart, like us there's more to them then meets the eye. I am Optimus Prime, and I send this message to any surviving Autobots, taking refuge among the stars. We are here. We are waiting.

    Those words echoed around Sonicblaze’s mind as he stood upon the vast, unpopulated planet unsure if he should bring his team to this planet called Earth. Part of him wanted the company of other Autobots, while the other part enjoyed the freedom he had by directing his own small unit. He gazed upon his men, four in total wishing that more had survived this journey. First Lieutenant Beltline, Second Lieutenant Naito, Weapon’s Specialist Mimic and their secret weapon, Echo. All survived intergalactic travel to find themselves standing upon a red planet not to far from this 'home' that Optimus Prime mentioned in his speech.

    Beltline put his arms on his hips, his small protoform frame dwarfed by the bots around him. “Will we be excepted, Sonicblaze?” He turned to his commander, his small face branded with several hieroglyphs that only they can understand. “All of us have been branded, except for you, Sonicblaze. Will the Autobots on Earth understand we mean no harm to them?”

    Naito wagged his head. “If I remember them correctly, they will treat us like the Decepticons.” His face too was branded with several hieroglyphs very similar to Beltline’s. “Especially with this bot on our team.”

    His hand pointed to Mimic who quickly got a scowl on his protoform face. “I didn’t know Bumblebee was so new to the idea of fighting!” He actually appeared angry at the accusation of hurting another Autobot. “Before I had time to apologize they went after that slagging cube!”

    Sonicblaze rested his hand on Mimic’s thick chest armor. “Settle down, none of us are accusing you of anything.” He turned to Naito who had crossed his arms, a smirk on his face. “As I recall, you were a Decepticon at one time. Were you not?”

    “You just had to go there, didn’t you Sonicblaze!” Naito stepped up to his commander, the metal plates that made up his face turning into a rather angry expression. “I had no choice!” He pointed to a very large, white hieroglyph on his right arm. “I was forced into service.”

    Beltline pointed to the blue planet orbiting the horizon before them. “It’s time.” He turned to Echo. “How do you feel about landing in a civilized environment?”

    Echo gave a shrug. “As long as I don’t accidentally step on any of the inhabitants, I’m fine with it.”

    Sonicblaze nodded. “Okay, men! The time has come to meet up with Prime. Now, we have no way of communicating back to his team. So, as soon as you land, everybody regroup. We have tracking beacons for a reason, bots!” He turned to Echo. “Try not to kill anything.”


    Night in Tranquility brought out many people; the young humans out to have fun with other humans of their age and then there was the other crowd, these not as pleasant as they roamed the dark streets looking for a quick fix. Ironhide preferred to stay off the well beaten path and mainly found himself roaming the countryside. He would have left the city several weeks ago if it wasn’t for Optimus Prime’s message, a broadcast to all Autobots who were orbiting the vast space looking for the Cube. Now, he was to remain close by just in case any Autobots did show up. However, it has been several Earth weeks and the team has yet to discover any of their race in hiding.

    “Ironhide, peaking up a strong signal sixty miles from here.” Prime’s deep voice came through the secure communications channel, knocking Ironhide out of his thoughts. “Several scientists are talking about five comets, all heading to Earth at roughly the same time. I believe this may be what we are looking for.”

    “Bout time we get some action.” Ironhide quickly sped off, his large tires bouncing along the rough terrain underneath him. “Have the others been notified?”

    “Yes, unfortunately Sam wants to come along.”

    “Prime, you should know by now Sam is as much part of this team as I am. He may be small and fragile, but he has a lot of heart. Besides, Bumblebee will be with him.”


    Excitement. That was one word to describe it as Sam sat in the driver seat and allowed Bumblebee to take him the crash site. Mikaela couldn’t be here with him, she was now going to college to hopefully become a mechanics engineer. He missed her dearly, but he still has yet to find that perfect college for him. After the attack in Mission City, he wanted to do something more eventful in his life, but so far hasn’t found anything that could keep his interest. Maybe he should just join the military.

    “We are almost there.” Bumblebee’s static filled voice echoed all around Sam. “Just another twenty miles to destination.”

    Sam sat up straighter in the seat as his excitement escalated to an all new level. “You think it’s other Autobots?”

    “I am unsure. Even though Prime’s message was coded, any bot could have intercepted it.”

    “Well, I hope it’s new Autobots. Personally, I don’t want to run away from a screaming death machine again.”


    Ever so slowly Sonicblaze unfolded his protoform self out from it’s protective shell then quickly climbed out of the crater. According to his sensors all of his men landed within walking distance from his crash sight. He briefly scanned the area then began to creep through the dense foliage as his cybernetic mind picked up on the language and customs of this part of the world. To his right, several items which he found were called trees moved aside and he saw the thin, small frame of Naito coming out of them.

    “That was fun. Promise me to not do that again.” Came the metallic screeches of their native language from Naito.

    “Look for a proper vehicle to scan.” He pressed a button on the side of his helmet. “Echo, Beltline and Mimic. Did you all survive the impact?”

    “Affirmative. Echo followed my spark in, he’s right next to me. As for Mimic, I believe he’s off finding a suitable scan for his size.”

    “Excellent work team. If Prime gets to you before you reach me, let him know why we are here. They need to know this planet is not safe.”


    The clearing was not natural, in fact Prime could still see the small fires that had ignited as the item made landfall. As he transformed into his robotic form, Ironhide did the same next to him. Both began to scan the crater which was roughly the size of Bumblebee for any traces of Cybertronian elements.

    Ironhide nodded. “Definitely Cybertronian. Let’s just hope it’s friendly.” He turned as Bumblebee came driving up with Sam in the driver’s seat. “It may not be safe here for the boy. We should have Bumblebee escort him to a safer location.”

    Prime shook his head. “No, he’s fine here, Ironhide.”

    “So, where’s the bots?” Sam asked as he arrived at the crash sight with Bumblebee following close behind him in robot mode. “Do you think they’re Autobots?”

    “We are not sure till we find them.” Prime bent down and placed his large hand on the singed dirt. “It’s still hot. Ironhide, Bumblebee check the perimeter. I’ll stay here with the boy. Ratchet should be here shortly.”

    Sam whistled then peered up at Optimus Prime. “I really hope they’re friends of yours…” His voice faded as heavy footsteps approached from behind. “What was that?”

    Optimus Prime knelt down and encouraged Sam with his large hand to move behind him. The trees before them moved to the side to show a very small robot with massive shoulder cannons and another robot, this one much larger than the first. His optics quickly gazed upon the tattooed hieroglyphs on the bots faces and what he saw got his guard up.

    “Sam, get behind me now!” Once he knew the human boy was safely behind him Optimus Prime took one tentative step forward. “You are Decepticons. What do you want with us?”

    “Told you they will treat us like the rust on our feet!” A thin, black robot came walking out of the trees to Prime’s left, the metallic shrieking letting Prime know that he didn’t value the human language. Just like a Decepticon would. “See, Beltline he has his guard up.”

    “Beltline…” Optimus Prime’s head snapped to the small mech standing before him and that was when he recognized the larger mech to his right. “And Echo.” He turned to the slim robot who was standing with his arms crossed in front of his chest plates. “Naito. Where is your commander, Sonicblaze and Weapons Specialist, Mimic?”

    Another mech this one silver and red appeared out of the trees, this time followed by Ironhide and Bumblebee. “Here I am, Optimus Prime.” He waved to a stocky bot coming out of the shadows, his black and silver armor shining in the moonlight. “And there is Mimic.”

    The robots that appeared before Sam was not like the Autobots he had got to know in the last several weeks. He could see the bots were heavily damaged in several areas on their metallic bodies and bore a symbol unlike the Decepticon or Autobot one. In fact it seemed to be a blend of the factions combined into one. And unlike the other Autobots, their's was prominently displayed on their left shoulder. Who were these robots?

    The silver and red robot took two steps forward then knelt to get a better look at Sam. “So, this is a human.” He leaned forward, his red optics casting an eerie glow across the boy’s face. “Such a fragile creature.”

    Sam swallowed hard then tried his best to stand up straighter. “I killed Megatron.” He actually heard the robotic equivalent of a laugh from the thinner robot. “I did. Just ask Optimus Prime. I put the Allspark inside his chest.”

    The one called Mimic shook his head. “Do you think he can handle Shockwave?”

    Sam could see Ironhide’s head snap towards the robot. “Why do you ask?”

    “Because, he’s coming here.” Sonicblaze stood back to his full height which was just a bit taller than Bumblebee. “Optimus Prime, Cybertron isn’t all dead. There is still life thriving, but the robots are made on an assembly line. Shockwave and Trialrun has found a way to bring life to robots by using basic programming. He knows about the shard, he wants to use it to make his creations fully sentient.”

    Bumblebee shook his head. “What are you saying?”

    The robot named Naito titled his head to Bumblebee. “He can talk now?”

    “Thanks to the Allspark, though its still not fully repaired.” Ratchet appeared to Sam’s left, his heavy footsteps echoing in the night air. “I see you all chose vehicle forms suited for you. Very well, we should take this someplace else.” Sam could see his optics locking onto the small robot's shoulder cannons. “Ironhide, have you seen anything like those before?”

    The small red and white robot’s head bowed. “An experiment done by Shockwave and Trialrun.” His voice almost held pain as he shook his head. “All of us have been prisoners or slaves to the Decepticons at one time.”

    “By the Allspark, what has happened to Cybertron?”

    Sam glanced up at Optimus Prime to see the robot’s eyes held sadness. “So, what do we do now?” He took a look at the new robots and easily could spot the vehicles they chose. All of them except for the tall, black robot appeared to have taken the form of sixty’s muscle cars. “Really, you guys have excellent taste.”

    “There was what you humans call a car show. Several vehicles to choose from that suited all of our needs.” He waved to the tall robot beside him. “However, there is still not a desirable vehicle for Echo. He will have to remain in his Cybertronian mode for now.”

    Echo took several steps forward and was abruptly stopped by Sonicblaze. “I’m sorry, sir. But I’m curious about the human.” The large robot knelt down and that was when Sam saw he had no eyes. Instead, he had a large metallic plate that appeared to be bolted to his head. “The heart, it’s fascinating.”

    “My…heart…” Sam squeaked out as his hand went to his chest. “Can you hear my heart?”

    “My hearing has been augmented to cover my lack of sight.” As though to show Sam, two very large, what Sam would call metallic ears swiveled on the side of his head. “I can hear for miles and so far, the coast is clear.”

    Sam noticed unlike the other robots, as Echo stepped forward he made no sound, none at all. How in the world was that even possible? He was taller than Optimus Prime and probably weighed more than the commander, so how did Echo make himself virtually quiet? His eyes glanced down at the robots feet to see the ankle joints spinning, but heard no sound.

    Sonicblaze patted Echo’s back. “He’s a sniper, the best on Cybertron. He has a series of buffers that helps him walk without any sound.” Echo straightened to his full height which towered over all the robots around him. The wings on his back flexed then straightened back into their proper location. “He’s the most advanced robot in our species.” Sonicblaze’s attention went to Optimus Prime. “How is he suppose to hide here?”

    “That’s a good question.” Prime’s heavy footsteps made the ground shake under Sam who flung out his arms to stabilize himself. “We should contact Captain Lennox. He may know of a location to hide Echo.”

    “I’m fine.” Echo’s booming voice responded. “I’m quiet and made to blend into any environment. Don’t worry about me.”

    Sam laughed then turned to Optimus Prime. “So, what’s the plan now?”

    “Everybody, change back into vehicle modes. Sonicblaze, as for your team, just remain in hiding. Don’t change unless needed.” Prime nodded then Sam could almost see a smile on his metallic face. “It’s good to have you five here, with us.” He stuck his hand out for a shake, which Sonicblaze did with a nod of his head.

    “It’s good to be here, sir.”
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    nice work cant wait to read more.
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    Nice, interesting new characters.
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    Thanks everybody for the comments. :) 

    Alienbot - The new characters are ones that I created over the past three years. Echo, you can see in my sig and Beltline in my avatar. :D 
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    Hay great story. When is there going to be more?
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    OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! I LIVES!!!!!

    Well, not really, :lol 

    Take this as a "Lost Scene" scenerio. Found this buried on my old computer's harddrive after it crashed. It's pretty long, but if you all like this piece I MIGHT work on what leads to this section. ;) 


    Once Beltline parked, Sam quickly got out so the robot can transform. The sound of shifting gears made him turn in time to see Beltline getting to his feet. Behind him the rest of his team transformed and Sam quickly could see the differences in them compared to the Autobots. Most of Sonicblaze’s team was small, only around Bumblebee’s height or even shorter in Naito’s case. And yet Sam felt an air of confidence in them.

    A honk drew Sam’s attention away and a familiar voice carried through the small field. He turned to see Captain Lennox getting out of Ironhide with a huge smile on his face.

    “Sam, thought I would never see you again!” Lennox stepped up and shook Sam’s hand. “Ironhide filled me in to what’s going on.” He took a look at Sonicblaze’s team. “Where is the fifth one?”

    Sonicblaze took a glance at the sky which made Sam and Lennox to do the same. Sam squinted till he saw a faint gleam of light. As he looked on, the light turned into a black form high in the clouds. Was that Echo?

    “What the hell is that?” As if Echo heard Lennox he banked hard, showing his full frame then began to descend. “That’s definitely not one of ours.”

    Sam watched on in wonder as Echo began to grow in size, but as he got closer, Sam soon realized the robot was smaller than Starscream. Echo hovered about fifty yards away before he transformed in flight, landing on his feet with no sound. How does he do that? Sam thought as he watched the large robot walk towards him.

    Lennox chuckled. “Geez, how big do you guys get!”

    “He’s the largest Autobot that we know of.” Explained Beltline.

    Echo was stopped by Mimic grabbing hold of his arm. “Watch it. Don’t want you stepping on our new friends.”

    Sam huffed. “I guess he’s had a few accidents?”

    Beltline went up and patted Echo’s large back. “Just a few.”

    Lennox shook his head. “How does he see?”

    “I see through echo location and sonar.” Echo knelt down as though to get a better look at Lennox. “Your heart is strong. You are very confident.” He then turned to Sam. “Why are you still nervous around me?”

    Sam cleared his throat. “I just….well…”

    “Enough with the chatting, where is Optimus Prime?” Sonicblaze placed his hands on his hips. “We need to talk to him?”

    “I’m right here.” Optimus Prime’s booming voice came from behind them. “Sonicblaze, how long do we have till their arrival?”

    Sonicblaze shook his head. “Two, maybe three Earth days.”

    Lennox stepped up to the silver robot with bright, red eyes. “How bad will things get once those two arrive?”

    Ironhide shook his head. “It’ll make Mission City look like a training exercise.”

    Optimus Prime’s heavy footsteps shook the ground under Sam’s feet. “We should began a surveillance of the skies.” He turned to Sonicblaze. “I want Echo to start a patrol tonight. He will be able to catch them once they hit orbit. As for your other men, I would like for them to set up a patrol…”

    “Nobody orders my men around.” Sonicblaze’s voice showed his anger which made Sam shy back ever so slightly.

    “When you are on this planet, Sonicblaze, you are under my command.” Optimus was clearly frustrated. “You will obey….”

    Sonicblaze actually let out a laugh which got Naito to chuckle as well. “These are my men, Prime.” He waved his giant arm at the bots behind him. “They will only listen to me.”

    Ironhide shook his head. “I know things might have changed, but Optimus Prime has a point. We need to split our power!”

    “What power!” Sonicblaze instantly put his hands up as Ironhide brought out his cannons. A sneer spread across his silver face. “Don’t like it when I put down your commander?”

    Naito along with the rest of Sonicblaze’s team brought out their weapons and aimed them at Ironhide. This in turn got Bumblebee to fire up his cannon and aim it directly at Mimic.

    “Whoa, whoa whoa!” Captain Lennox held his hands up at the robots. “Aren’t you all suppose to be on the same team!”

    “He needs to learn a lesson, this one.” Ironhide motioned at Sonicblaze with his cannons. “Can I just give him a warning shot?”


    Optimus Prime’s voice echoed all around them making every bot and human to turn his way. The leader’s chest was heaving in anger, his eyes narrow and a brighter blue than normal.

    Ratchet quickly stepped up and shook his head. “But what he speaks of is blasphemy and insubordination.”

    “Please, Ratchet. Not now.” Prime shook his head then rested his hands on the tires near his hips. "Now, would you please have Echo start surveying the skies? It’s your team, but I'd recommend having Echo to start patrol tonight. He will be able to catch them once they hit orbit" He held his hand out as Ironhide began to protest. “If anything goes wrong, you will be accountable for it.”

    “Fine. We can do that.” Sonicblaze took a step towards the black robot who was clearly a head or two taller than him. He glanced down at the human’s with almost a look of disgust. “What about them?”

    Bumblebee stepped behind Sam, his attention not wavering from Mimic. “I stay with the boy.”

    Sam glanced up at his guardian then at Captain Lennox who was studying the other Autobots rather intently. He started to feel rather uncomfortable especially when he saw Sonicblaze’s eyes glow a bright red. Weren’t Decepticons the only ones with red eyes?

    Captain Lennox cleared his throat. “Sonicblaze, I’ll go with you.”

    Sonicblaze knelt down to get a better look at the human. “Very well, but I do not tolerate weakness.” He stood back up. “You will be with Mimic.”

    Sam pointed at Sonicblaze. “Why are your eyes red?”

    A smile spread across the silver face. “Because I use to be a ‘Con.”

    “Really?” Sam’s voice cracked as he took a look at Naito. “Then, him too?” Sonicblaze slowly nodded which got Sam to audibly gulp.

    Lennox glanced at Naito then back at Sonicblaze several times wishing he had his rifle on him. How in the hell was he suppose to trust ex-Decepticons? And now knowing this little bit of information he was truly regretting joining Sonicblaze’s team.

    Ironhide shook his head. “I still don’t trust them, Prime.”

    “Do we have a choice, Ironhide?” Prime shook his head. “We need all the help we can get right now.” He turned to Sonicblaze. “Disperse your team and began a surveillance.”


    Mimic took a look around at the robots standing near him knowing soon most will end their lives to save this retched planet. Will it be worth the cost? Was the humans really worth that much trouble? He caught Sonicblaze’s optics with his own to see frustration in the red globules. Right now Mimic wanted to lash out on his commander for putting him with a frail human, but knew that could only lead to more trouble.

    He took a deep breath then knelt down to get a better view of the human under his care. Lennox didn’t waver, instead he actually leaned forward to get a better view of Mimic’s face. He blinked his optics which hid behind a blue visor very reminiscent of Jazz’s.

    “I don’t like you.” Mimic placed a hand on the ground to lean even closer to the human. “Better not get in my way.”

    Lennox held his hands up in mock surrender. “Don’t worry I won’t.”

    Mimic transformed into his Camaro form and waited for Lennox to climb inside. Once the human had the seatbelt on he sped off, leaving the others in his dust trail. What was he suppose to do with this thing in the passenger seat? He couldn’t babysit a being who couldn’t take care of himself if a battle was to happen.

    “Why do you hate me so much?” Lennox let out a curse as Mimic jumped off a good size hill. “Seriously, what is your problem?”

    “Humans are weak and fragile creatures.” The voice didn’t sound like Mimic from just a few moments before. “I am only here because of Cybertron’s future.”

    Inside Mimic’s spark he could almost feel the struggle to keep his Autobot side in control. He began to swerve as his mind focused primarily on keeping himself sane. Why was he forced to live life this way? Course he could be like his brother who succumbed to the Decepticon inside of him leaving him slightly mad. No, Sonicblaze didn’t need another one of his men to turn sides on him.

    He let out a scream of frustration then pulled over to the side of the road. Here, he opened the driver’s side door which thankfully the human got the idea and quickly climbed out. Mimic so badly wanted to transform right now, but knew in a populated area that will not happen. He detected Beltline behind him and was surprised when the smaller vehicle transformed into his more natural robotic form.

    “What are you doing!” Mimic hissed. “The humans will see you!”

    “Not this far out, they won’t. Now, transform.”

    Mimic let out a scream of anguish as he transformed into his robotic form. He hugged his chest tightly as he started to pace the road. As of late, it has become even harder for him to control the Decepticon inside of him and he feared that one day he will turn on his own team. Those fools, befriending him even after knowing that he could kill them some day.

    “What’s going on?” Lennox tried to step up to Mimic, but was held back by Beltline. “If I’m hanging out with you guys, I have a right to know what is wrong with him.”

    Beltline ignored the human’s questions and went to Mimic’s side to see the internal struggle in his friend’s optics. “Think of your brother. Do you want to end up like him? Crazed over power and domination.” Though smaller, Beltline’s voice demanded respect which showed his status within the group. “If you wanted to end up like Mirror Blade, you would have done so by now. You are stronger than him, Mimic.”

    “It’s just getting harder and harder to control the urges.” His optics shifted towards the human. “I don’t think it’s wise…”

    “Sonicblaze would not have trusted you with the human’s care unless he knew you could handle it.” Beltline smiled up at his friend. “Have faith that the Autobot inside of you will take control, that you will never become a Decepticon.”

    Mimic nodded his head. “It’s harder than you might think.” He took several deep breaths then stood up straighter. “I’m better now. Sorry, Sonicblaze.”

    “Better not happen again.” Sonicblaze transformed back into his Impala mode. “Let’s go!”


    The planet orbited below him and in a way it was quite a beautiful sight. So different from his home world with the blue water and green land masses dotting it’s surface. He has been circling this retched planet for several days now looking for the ideal location to land. Where are the Autobots? He had heard they were in a place called the United States of America. But that place was just too big for one bot to scan by himself. How the hell was he suppose to find Optimus Prime and his troops?

    “Computer, connect to internet.” Images began to soar through his cybernetic mind. “Pause it. Enhance on Mission City training exercise.” After he read through the many articles he began to laugh. “Perfect. Computer, set new coordinates. I’m about to land.”


    Being with the new Autobots was definitely something different for Lennox who had grown accustomed to Ironhide’s brash attitude towards life. It was humorous and always kept Lennox laughing. However, being with Sonicblaze’s’ team he saw a much darker side to these giant machines of war. For one, just an hour ago he saw Mimic struggling with his inner demons, so to speak. Something he only thought humans had to deal with.

    “You have been quiet for awhile now.” Mimic’s voice came through the dashboard speakers. “Listen, if you can’t deal with what you saw…”

    Lennox quickly shook his head. “No, it’s not that at all. Just didn’t realize robots dealt with shit like that.” He took a look out the window to see nothing but buildings in his view. “Call me naïve, but I just thought that was a human trait.”

    “You are naïve.” Mimic’s voice held a hint of bitterness. “Since you will be with me, I might as well tell you what is wrong.” There was a long pause before Lennox heard a mechanical sigh. “My spark is split with a Decepticon’s. My brother, he’s the same way. Unlike him, I still want to fight for good. But the urges get too strong sometimes….”

    “Wait, brother? You mean like Optimus Prime and Megatron, right?”

    “No, Mirror Blade is what you human’s call a twin. In our culture, he’s my clone.”

    Lennox was taken aback by this new bit of information. “Wow, you learn something new everyday. What does he look like?” A small holographic image appeared above the dashboard in front of Lennox. “He looks nothing like you.”

    “No, he is built for speed.” The holographic image clicked off. “I’m getting something urgent outside Mission City.”
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    So that's where they've been all this time. In the movie verse :D 

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