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    Hello TFWorld,
    **I didnt know where to post this thread, but if it needs to be moved, feel free.**

    Custom Idea:
    Im wanting to make a Movie Based Bruticus, Now i have alot of the Limbs in my head. But i keep thinking and thinking that for some weird reason this WONT work. Now Keep in mind this my 1st Combiner Custom, and i know this is really hard to pull of, but i want to get peoples ideas.. So here, my list of figs i wanted to use for Movie Combaticons:

    Onslaught:LEader 07 Optimus Prime W/ Head Swap
    Vortex: HFTD Tomahawk
    Swindle:ROTF Brawn
    Swindle #2: Deluxe Payload
    Brawl: Deluxe Brawl
    Brawl #2: F.A.B. Brawl (I Like his Tank Mode Better)
    Blastoff: Ok, Heres Where i have a problem, I was thinking ROTF Dirge Or FAB Starscream, But i m Stumped. Help

    Other than this, Its all i got. I need help, if anyone knows whats best to use for attaching the Figs 2gether, what to use All of it.

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