Movie SS, TC Gotta go. Free Deep Space Box.

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Maximo Prime, Jun 25, 2008.

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    TF 2007 Starscream. Loose, transformed, perfect condition. 100% complete. Make an offer, I want him to go.
    TF 2007 Thundercracker. Same exact condition - loose, TFed, 100%. I'll discount if you take em both.

    and to be clear, i mean loose as in out-of-package, not loosey-goosey :) 

    NO reasonable offer denied.

    I just got the Deep Space Starscream, and I like him so much I don't need the other two. Also up for grabs is the Deep Space Starscream box. One tiny rip somewhere on the bottom, otherwise, perfect condition. Well, the twist ties are all cut, but the box is fine. Comes with instructions. Honestly, if you want this and only this, you can have it for shipping, consider it my gift to you. I just know some people like the boxes, and I don't. Maybe something happened to your box - dog puked in it, mom threw it out, roommate let beer bottles condensate in it? Anyway, if you need a new box, you can have mine - i'm not even selling it, just pay for the shipping and it's yours.

    please PM with offers! M/O accepted, Paypal preferred.



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